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Due Lune Cucina

229 W. Montecito St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 884-4664

  • Category: American
  • Hours: Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-10:30pm, Brunch Sat-Sun starting at 9am
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Truly a dive!!!
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a simple bloody mary.,, yuk! My group arrived and ordered. The food was ok. I didn't care for the side salad. The Brewhouse is aged, a little old and dirty. Its bar food and bar service.

Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
If you like your server to call you "bro" while he sticks his finger in your water glass. If you like over cooked, over seasoned food at close to fine dining prices, if you like to wait a long time,long time before being acknowledged, then the Brew house is for you. But if you happen to have decent taste and prefer to be treated like a customer rather than a 'bro', then dont go to the Brewhouse. The food used to be better. Its gone south in the last few years as the level of service has sunken below 1 star (as if that was possible). Perhaps if they hired a decent manager who then trained the wait staff and the hostesses, they might get it back but for the time being there are dozens of places with better food and better beer and better everything. Its time for this place to change hands or close. Its tired, old and drab.

The BOMB Food and Beer!!
Reviewer: Shawn from Santa Barbara, CA
Lance, your bank "authorizes" a temporary automatic amount to cover in the neighborhood of 15-20% of the tip. When your actual tip clears through the bank, it gets corrected. That being said, your 12% was a cheap tip and people like you should stay home and cook. I actually hope but wouldn't bet that in this case the server got and extra $3 and your cheap ass got screwed! Brewhouse and there servers RULES and their West Beach IPA with a burger with bacon and bbq sauce and chipotle mayo is the BOOOOOOMB diggity bomb ba bomb da bomb bomb!!!!

Keep your receipt
Reviewer: Lance from Santa Barbara, CA
I always leave cash tips at all restaurants (I won't pay APR on a tip). My server apparently decided my 12% wasn't enough for her and rounded my card charge up an extra $3.11. I have my copies. My accts people say we'll just "eat" the difference and not charge the discrepancy to my client.

Again and again
Reviewer: sara from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was great but the food is even better. We also love that we can bring our lab and there is a menu for her.

We Love the Brewhouse.
Reviewer: Bubble from Huntington Beach, CA
Last week My husband & I were driving from Orange County to San Francisco and stoped in Santa Barbara for lunch. I was going to drive up State St, missed it & we accidently ended up at The Brewhouse. The homemade beer we had was delicious! The lunch we both had was just as good. I mean this place isn't fancy, but we thought it was a great and comfortable and friendly place and would make the drive from Huntington beach just to enjoy The Brewhouse again! I would advise the folks with the negative reply to please give it another try. Good day yall.

great great food and atmosphere
Reviewer: Mae from Los Angeles, CA
I drive up from LA ever so often and I always go to the Brewhouse, almost every visit. One particular evening, the LAkers game was on. We were enjoying another great dinner, however we were completely interrupted throughout our entire dinner by these two women who were screaming and hollering during the game. It was so unpleasant and uncomfortable. And THEN my girlfriend at my table who lives in SB (same friend who introduced me to the Brewhouse in the beginning) told me that one of the women was actually an owner of the restaurant. I thought the women were so unbearable and completely rude. I couldn't believe a business owner would be so unaware of her customers who were spending money at her restaurant. My only relief was that the Lakers finally started losing and the two women shut up. Other than that, everything else was great, like always. Next time I'll make sure the Lakers aren't playing.

Sad to say... I am left in a bad mood, starving!
Reviewer: Meeshell from Santa Barbara, CA
Our server had a bad attitude from the beginning. I asked if I could have my tuna melt with the tuna cold like a grilled cheese but with tuna put in cold because I can't eat hot tuna or hot mayonaise and of course the tuna was steaming hot and I could not eat it. I got a salad on the side and thought that maybe the chef/cook accidentally poured too much salt into the salad when mixing it, but when my boyfriend's side of fries arrived with blue cheese dressing on the side it was clear it was the dressing that had all of the salt. Actual granules! I am a chef - with 24 years experience, Cordon Bleu graduate, worked all over the world, I know something was very wrong with the dressing. The server would just quickly drop things off w/his dirty look & bad energy, never asking us if we needed anything or if it was ok, etc. I wanted hot sauce at least but he never came by and I saw him pass by so many times never looking our way and it was not at all crowded!! At the end it took him soooo long to come to our table when we were clearly done & give us our check and I had the printed out Axxess Daily Deal coupon with us on the table. He then picked it up and said, "I'll try to call them but they never answer their phone!!" insinuating that he would not honor our coupon. He came back and said, "Sorry, you are missing the last number on the coupon" I had to borrow someone's iphone, fill out a form online, show it to him, now he really had attitude and I was starving because I could not eat my sandwich or my salty salad and he refilled our Arnold Palmers with warm bitter straight iced tea. He finally wrote down the "new code" presented, smirked and mumbled something and came back with our balance. I felt bad, smiled and gave him a generous tip, but he was rude, mean and the food was terrible too! Sad too! The first time I went there 2 years ago when I first moved here I had a much better experience for dinner. I also happened to notice the one other male server there was super friendly and the older woman server was looking to be working pretty hard and a little stressed. Needless to say we will never go back! What a waste of money and time on such a beautiful day!!

Not good for watching football
Reviewer: mike from Santa Barbara, CA
We watched Monday Night Football here last night. They have about six TVís and one is not HD, so it shows everything 5 seconds before all the others. How annoying it is to hear the result of the play (based on cheers or boos from across the room) before getting to see it. Thus, I would say avoid this place if youíre into spectator sports. Otherwise, I found the service excellent (friendly and attentive), the beer very good, but the food mediocre (we had burgers, wings) and a bit pricey even for sb standards.

Could do better!
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
I love love LOVE the beer here, but the food is dire. There are a few solid things on the menu, but I always feel cheated when I see the bill. You pay $11 for a small grilled artichoke eaten by the side of the road in Hoboville, more for basic pasta and salad meals. Salmon salad is good, but heavy on the dressing and the fish isn't anything fancy. When you compare the cost of the food to the level of care that has gone into preparing it, someone is making money without caring about quality here, and that sucks. Will still go back for the beer, but this isn't on my list of places to dine!

Sunday Brunch, Yes!
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
As the last days of Fiesta were winding down I had the privilege of kicking it with the boys. We decided to hit up the Brewhouse, which is already a popular spot to hang out after a crazy Saturday night. We were seated immediately at a spacious booth (I have a booth fetish) which was conveniently located right next to the buffet. Outside I noticed their special menu board had a Habenero Pisner brew so my boyfriend ordered a pint of that...freaking delicious. I love the smooth spicy kick you get as it goes down. We all ordered the buffet, I'm usually a buffet skeptic but this one was cheap ($13.95) w/o drinks ($22.95 w/bottomless mimosas) and has a huge selection. Made to order omelettes/eggs benedict, chicken wings (score, bomb spicy sauce), polenta cakes (really!), sausage, bacon, monte cristos (!!!), pancakes, french toast, fresh fruit salad, fresh fruit..I'm sure I'm missing something but that's more than enough for your money's worth. I had a mushroom omlette that was huge. My boyfriend and his friend must have shared 3+ bottles of champagne between the two of them. Kevin, our server, was amazing - pretty much our new best friend. He kept the drinks flowing, checked up on us frequently and as we made conversation about spicy foods/drinks he ordered the cruel spiced prawn for him and my boyfriend to try out. Cruel prawn = huge shrimp with a hefty serving of their house habanero paste on top. It was HILARIOUS to watch them eat this and my boyfriends play by play sufferings afterwards. We got it on video and hopefully can get uploaded online for all to enjoy. I liked the privacy of our booth, outside seating is definitely nice, but the booth was legit for this occasion. We all had a great time - entertaining, relaxing, food was beyond satisfaction, restaurant had good vibes and with all that combined made our time there memorable.

good food, horrible service
Reviewer: DanNo from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been going to the Brewhouse for years since their opening for the unique and wonderfully tasty dishes. The beef stronganoff is AMAZING with perfectly caramelized onions. Their wide selection of foreign beers are also quite flavourful. However, I've noticed a trend in the past 5-years of worsening service and increasingly rude staff. This last time there will be my last. We asked for table for 3 for dinner and noticed I was the only one on the list. The hostess even wrote down my phone# and said they would call if we wanted to go to the Neighborhood Bar next door to have drinks while we waited. She mentioned it would be 20-minutes. Fine, we waited out on the sidewalk for a smoke and notice two other parties of 3 that walked in and was seated ahead of us. Hmm, maybe they had reservations. We went next door for a drink and noticed 40-minutes later, no call. In fact, we just went somewhere else for dinner and they never, ever called about our table. So... we'll just never ever go to Brewhouse again and will tell everyone we know about the bad service at this restaurant.

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