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Bagel Cafe
6551 Trigo Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-7114

Reviews by the General Public

Delicious bagels, poor hygiene
Reviewer: Jon from Goleta, CA
I've been here three times since moving to Goleta and each time they've handled my cash and then immediately prepared my food. I've brought this to their attention each time and they've re washed their hands and remade my order. Each time they've had to leave the room, presumably to wash their hands, and I wonder if that extra effort is the reason the employees to not do wash their hands after handling money. They desperately need to start practicing propper hygine. They need a designated register clerk who only handles money or they need to implement a glove wearing system.

okay bagels, order was wrong 4 visits in a row
Reviewer: Melissa from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been here 4 times and every time our order was wrong or was missing something. Service is great and staff are very polite and friendly. Okay bagels.

Not Recommended
Reviewer: Tyler from Santa Barbara, CA
I never write reviews about places but I had to make an exception for this place. I love bagels but every time I give this place another chance they keep doing the same thing. Way too much cream cheese and its burnt to bits. The only thing time they make a bagel correctly is when you spend $6+ on a signature bagel and don't toast it. I would take a Bruegger's bagel over Bagel Cafe any day but its too bad there isn't a Brueggers in Santa Barbara.

Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
This is hands down the BEST bagel place in santa barbara county. They make their own bagels there! They are huge and really moist and doughy, so good! and I just noticed that Lazy acres also carries their bagels... Yeah, it's not exactly cheap but it's not a chain monopoly, don't expect walmart pricing, it's a small santa barbara staple and you pay a little more for quality which I personally am ok with, I support small businesses. Wes, the guy running it, is a reallly cool guy. There's such a wide selection, and their day olds are only a dollar for 3 bagels! if you don't like the prices then go buy those and make your own bagel. The place gets incredibly packed with a line out the door, so yeah, i think everyone would appreciate it if you figured out what you wanted and ordered quickly, if the staff is short w/ you it's because youre slowing down the line.

Good bagels, lots of choices, bad pricing
Reviewer: Brian from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm surprised nobody mentioned the prices yet. This place is extremely overpriced. I mean cmon, its a bagel...seriously. I don't believe charging 5-7 bucks for a bagel can ever be justified, unless you top it with caviar. On a lighter note, the bagels dishes I've had are indeed pretty good and they seem to have a ton of choices as far as bagel dishes and bagels themselves. If this place were about $2 cheaper on average, I would be coming here a LOT more.

obsessed with bagel cafe!
Reviewer: sarah from Santa Barbara, CA
ok so it isn't spotless, but it's in COLLEGE town catering to COLLEGE students stopping in to get a breakfast bagel on the way to class, or a hangover cure on the weekend. this is not a gourmet steakhouse. they are the only bagels worth eating in santa barbara, much better than the hard, thin ones at jack's bagels, and their prices are much better too! be friendly to the staff, and they'll be friendly to you! the owner, wes, is a really cool guy talk to him if you get a chance (not on the weekends--it's packed!)

the best bagels, hands down!
Reviewer: gretel from Santa Barbara, CA
First, I love that the place keeps looking to make things EVEN better but also have great staple items like soft but crispy outside bagels! They have a meaty ness that you cannot find in SB county! They are always coming up with cool, new items, like their jalapenio spread or that wacky black garlic topping. They really listen to customer needs! I have heard that the owner, Wes Hensley, is a pushover for anything super HOT so try him out! No, I mean super spicy spices and spreads and toppings...oh duh, uh like forget it.

delicious bagels, horrible staff
Reviewer: Alissa from Santa Barbara, CA
Its pretty sad when you avoid going to certain places because the staff is so awful. They always have snide remarks for a minor substitution. Their jobs really arent that difficult its just sad the manager doesnt realize it or seem to care. The bagels however are delicious, definately the best in town!

OK Bagels, bad service, very dirty
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
Bagels are decent, with some fun topping options. Facility is not maintained at all, very dirty. The picture on this website looks incredibly different from the actual appearance which is run down covered in dirt. If this place was cleaner and had friendlier service, I'd be more inclined to eat there.

Amazing Bagels in IV
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place. When I went, it was in the middle of the day with no line. I had the super melt deluxe and it was incredible -- I think I have to go back again today. Plus the service in fantastic, the people here are the nicest and most personable! Perfect for my bagel fix!

The Best Bagels on the West Coast!
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
I love bagel Cafe'. It truly is an I.V. staple. All of the sandwiches and even basic bagels are amazing! Even their coffee is great. The service and prices are really good. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. The Bagel Cafe' is a true Gem and I love going there. If you haven't tried it you are missing out!

5 stars IF they TOASTED their bagels
Reviewer: spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
The bagels are great and this is a great little shop. The only reason they don't get 5 stars is because recently they have decided to sacrifice the quality of their bagels in exchange for moving people out the door quicker. The 'toasted' bagels are barely even heated up- they are chewy not crunchy when you get them :( -- Not only this but if you ask them to double toast it to try to get a satisfactory temperature and texture they say they will but don't do it 75% of the time. Don't sacrifice quality to rush your customers out the door.

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