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Arigato Sushi
1225 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-6074

Reviews by the General Public

it was goodnow bad place
Reviewer: sam from Santa Barbara, CA
Im long time santa barbaran and this used to be awesome quality,great service,great amount food for dolkar, creative and pristine. It became popularand known as best. It is not even good now... poor, freshness, size, customer service.. its a arrogance that did this place in..... owner needsto correct it. not clean either. I feel like its not respectfull in hygene either...... best place is noww worst but great location

Good, yes. $100 good? Hmm...
Reviewer: Nicholle from Santa Barbara, CA
After years of hearing about "the best" sushi in town, we finally got to sneak away for a date night at Arigato this weekend. We lucked out and got a table immediately. The tables are certainly cramped. Our server was very attentive without being obnoxious, which is a delicate balance. We had the garlic-soy edamame, oyster shooters, miso, salmon nigiri and some of the special rolls. The edamame was very good, as was the miso soup (not overly salty!). The rolls: my husband had the cowboy roll and the pro roll. Both were delicious and very fresh, albeit quite small. He said the oyster shooters were fantastic, and even ordered another. I had the black and white roll and the tiger roll. The black and white roll is super bland; there is zero flavor whatsoever, so I swiped some sauce from hubby's cowboy roll to jazz it up a bit. The tiger roll is delicious but, again, very very small. When one is paying $100 for dinner for two, they better leave with full bellies. We didn't. We debated ordering more rolls but couldn't justify the cost for the portions. Yes, sushi is pricey everywhere. However, you are paying for the location and to be trendy if you go to Arigato.

Solid but over-hyped.
Reviewer: Maverick from Santa Barbara, CA
Many people will tell you that Arigato is the best sushi in town- if you think that price dictates quality and scene means service, then Arigato has those bases covered. Honestly, most of the sushi places in SB are high-priced for average cuts of fish and service, and while Arigato definitely has the reputation of being pricy, it's not extraordinarily more than any other joint in town unless you're comparing it to Something's Fishy half-price sushi - if you think they're in the same category, you should never eat sushi again. Why go to Arigato? High-points: Selection - variety of interesting rolls -yes "fusion" but there really are some different rolls you won't find anywhere else in town and they're better than the standard Americanized rice/surimi-logs that aren't drenched in mayo-based sauces. Also an appealing variety of appetizers, soups, sides, etc. Service - most servers do shmooze you to make you feel good about buying that 25$ 4oz sake. Fish quality - not just FDA-digestible, but actually palatable. Atmosphere - To be scene [sic], trendy-romantic, good first/second date. Low points: Certain dish costs - I don't think the 7 or whatever piece nigiri really qualifies as an >20$ dish especially when pieces like white-fish are listed. Fish cuts are inconsistent and some are un-traditional- most people won't care but it says something to the attention and passion to the art of sushi. In addition to that, last time I was there the server could not tell me what one of the nigiri was - I didn't either which is why I inquired.. She just BS'd and said it was a highly valued cut of yellowtail, and that the chefs were too busy.. The fish was clearly not that and the place wasn't that busy- or just tell me she'd let me know later- I'd like to know what I'm eating for 12$/piece and I would think she'd want to know just for future reference. Conclusion: Arigato is good, but go to be social not for the sushi.

horrible service, good food
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara, CA
Freaking apalled at the service. We were rushed out of the restaurant. We barely finished putting the last piece of sushi in our mouth and they were grabbing our plates. The waitress grabbed the dessert menu from me,snagged my shirt, and didn't look back to say sorry.

Horrible service, food was way overpriced for the quality
Reviewer: A. Cameron from Santa Barbara, CA
First off, it should have been a sign: we got there 20 minutes before "official" opening time. The door was open and not 1 customer was occupying any table/chair. We asked if we could sit down (borrow a couple of chairs) and we would be happy to wait. We had our baby and grandma with us. We were flabbergasted when they told us "no, you'll have to stand outside on the sidewalk foe 20 minutes". We waited, almost left and decided to five it a shot. We we were finally allowed inside, it took them another 5 mins to seat us and another 15to bring menus. The staff was more interested in horsing around with each other than acting professional. We are, we would say professional sushi eaters and we spend about $80 to $100 a piece when we go for sushi. Their selection of traditional japanese nigiri, makis and sashimi is very slim. The fish was pretty fresh, but it wasn't cut properly and VERY stringy (inexcusable). Overall attitude of the staff was whatever, we'll still be full tonight. If one day, the owner of this restaurant sees a decrease in profit, time to pay attention and wrangle-up the staff. Plenty of capable people are in need of a job.

Good not great
Reviewer: DC from Santa Barbara, CA
I suppose I had high expectations based on the awards and recognition Arigato has. The rolls were good, not great and the restaurant definitely had energy on a Friday night. The waiter took a while before approaching the table but the service was adequate. Overall, I'll have to try more sushi places in town before accepting that this is the best SB has to offer.

What is the allure to this place?
Reviewer: Alex Mook from Santa Barbara, CA
Arigato = Horribly over-priced, mediocre food. If you want real sushi, save your money and go to Little Tokyo in downtown LA. The "California-chic" style of sushi at Arigato is downright ridiculous.

AMAZing fish
Reviewer: Emily from Santa Barbara, CA
had the most amazing experience, we sat upstairs in the quiet cozy romantic loft. our server Britt was wonderful and had the best recommendations (jalapeno yellow tail, pacific rim, and alot more.). the fish was so fresh and delicious. by far best sushi in Santa Barbara after dinner my son and I enjoyed a lovely chocolate torte. loved the atmosphere, i would defiantly recommend it to EVERYONE

Top Sushi in Town, Easily Top 3 of all Restaurants in town.
Reviewer: Peter E. from Santa Barbara, CA
Along with Sakana which runs more traditional, Arigato has some fusion in it. It's easily my favorite restaurant in town. Last time we went nuts and spent over $350 for 3 of us but it was worth every penny. (lots on good Sake) Their Sushi is always of the freshest and highest quality, service is awesome and expect an A-list but still casual crowd. If there's a wait, they'll take your phone number and you can go to one of the several bars close by for a drink while you wait. I recommend the Carpaccio options, the Wakame Salad, any Yellowtail Jalapeno option, and just about everything. This is the perfect place to try new things and not stick with your standard as just about everything is amazing here and worth the extra cash compared to other local places. It's my first place that I take out-of-towners or guests when in town and they're all blown away. I've come here for probably 13 years back when they were at their old location. The other bad service reviews must have been flukes as they're always excellent, professional and very nice.

Never made it passed the poor service to try the food
Reviewer: Christian from Newport Beach
Horrible service. Walked in and was told the wait would be 45 min while there 5 empty tables and space at the sushi bar. Asked if we could get a drink while waiting. They couldn't accommodate and suggested we go somewhere else for a drink and they would call us. Stood in doorway because it was cold outside - we were told we couldn't stand there so we left. Called us 5 min later to tell us our table was ready. Seriously? Get it together.

Excellent Chef
Reviewer: Alexis Livier from San Juan Capistrano, CA
Our 1st time here. We enjoyed our chef Ramon, we allowed him to pick all of our food. Every choice Ramon made for us was delicious! I myself and my daughter eat Sushi all over San Juan Capistrano, New Port Beach, Long Beach to small towns in between. We want to take this time to give this restaurant an excellent review. Price was not bad at all if your use to paying for sushi it's about average.

dry fish
Reviewer: Lidia from Santa Barbara, CA
i didn/t like it, my dish was not good at all. salty dry fish with salad (seafood salad) cost me 20 dollars,too much for what i had there. sorry, no more, arigato sushi for me!

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