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Andersens Danish Bakery & Restaurant
1106 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-5085

Reviews by the General Public

This place is amazing!!
Reviewer: Mary from Ventura, CA
I am a bakery afficianano and Andersens is top tier and I mean among bakeries and pastry shops across the country. Their cinnamon Danish are truly amazing!! We have also had happy hour and dinner here recently and both were great -food and service. Also a good value with a reasonably priced wine list.

Don't miss this Santa Barbara landmark!
Reviewer: Julia from Santa Barbara, CA
I've lived in SB for four years now. Andersen's is easily one of the best spots in town. The pastries are to die for (try their Bailey's Brownie!), the staff is friendly and attentive, the people watching is fabulous, and the atmosphere is welcoming, but what really gets me is the Andersen family's attention to detail. Its apparent from your first visit that Andersen's serves high quality food, but only after being a regular for years do you fully understand the extent of it. From their homemade jam to their Benedict pastries to their famous blend of coffee you can see and taste the effort they put into making your experience there truly unique. Tourists - Don't leave without visiting this Santa Barbara landmark. Locals - I'll see you there again soon.

Horrible service - bad food
Reviewer: Jane from Santa Barbara, CA
Arrogant waiter and overcooked chicken. Will not be back.

Best Rueben Sandwich and Schnitzel in Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been going to Andersen's for many years now and still can't get enough of the Rueben sandwiches they have for lunch and the Schnitzel that is on the dinner menu. I even had a Schnitzel sandwich yesterday for lunch there and it was great. The location is really nice on State Street and service was friendly and fairly quick considering that there were a lot of people having lunch. Can't wait to go again.

oh my goodness!
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't believe I just found out about this place. I've been living in SB for a couple years and have been to many restaurants in the area, and let me just say that Andersen's is my new spot. I just happened to walk by and was given a sample of one of their pastries, and that was enough to draw me in. I arrived during happy hour, which can't be beaten. Every $4.50 beer or $6.00 glass of [good] wine is served with a tasty appetizer that they call a crostini. Oh my goodness! They pretty much serve everything, from steak to chicken, pastas, seafoods, salads, duck (yes, duck!). I ordered the Oven roasted pork, delicious! There were other things I had trouble choosing from that I will just have to try in the future. Service was outstanding, and very friendly. Felt at home at this place, and I'm definitely coming back here on a regular basis!

Reviewer: Cindy from Santa Barbara, CA
My friend from England was visiting and wanted to go here for High Tea. When we arrived we were given a menu along with a flyer offering High Tea on one side and Low Tea on the reverse. We decided on Low Tea and were told. "We don't do Low Tea anymore." Me: But you just gave us a flyer offering Low Tea. Server: That's an old flyer and we only do the High Tea side." Ok, so we order High Tea. Our tea was delivered within 10 minutes but had to request milk 3 times in a 15 minute period. By then the first cup of tea was cold. Two more tables of customers arriving after us were served food and we were still waiting. Fifty (yes, 50) minutes after placing our order High Tea was delivered. The food was good, but the wait staff did not qualify as 'servers'. No apology was given. Very poor to hand out a flyer you don't honor.

Arrogant Server
Reviewer: Lillian from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I stopped here for breakfast last week. He had the smoked salmon on toast and I had poached eggs with bacon, ham and pate. We seated ourselves on the patio with menus as the sign said. We got no attention or drinks until 15 minutes later when our server walked over and without a hello or even a smile asked "Are you ready to order?". We ordered drinks and our breakfast at once afraid he would never return. When he brought our coffee we inquired about the pastries. "Do you have a pastry menu?" we asked. "No." he said. We asked " Can you tell us about some of them?". "No, not really, but you can go look in the case," he said as he pointed to the case and slapped his thigh in an impatient way. ''We bring one with your breakfast anyway," he said and walked off. Hmmm, perhaps John/ Josh? was having a bad day cause he was certainly trying to give us one as well. Thankfully, John/ Josh left mid meal and we got a replacement server, Chris?, who saved the day. Both of our meals were delightful as was our second server. Perhaps your customers could use a break from arrogant, uneducated service.

One of the best places in town!
Reviewer: Corena from Santa Barbara, CA
Andersen's is one of my favorite places in Santa Barbara. Lovely atmosphere and excellent, authentic Danish entrees and desserts - all the way down to the whipped cream. Everything I eat here is amazing and the service is always efficient and kind. Whenever I have out-of-town guests I always bring them to Andersen's. I recently brought a friend who was visiting from San Francisco and she was swooning over her dessert. My parents, who are German, normally give very good restaurants a "not bad" rating. But every time they drive through SB and stop to visit Andersens, they rave about it; because of this, Andersen's apfel struedel is now famous in certain circles of Palm Desert. ;o)

great location is what keeps this place in business
Reviewer: john from Santa Barbara, CA
Very good over priced food, rude overworked server, I can't remember when the place opened but I was there the first day and it was great, I think the management needs to retire or take a long vacation. being kind to your customers is just as important as having good food.

Food for Artists' Reception
Reviewer: Judy from Santa Barbara, CA
Attended a reception for the art hearts for Friendship Center held at Renaissance last night. The food provided by your restaurant was incredibly wonderful!

Left empty handed
Reviewer: Irene C. from Santa Barbara, CA
I walked in early on a weekend morning to buy pastries. I was the only person at the counter. I could see that the woman behind the counter was making coffee or something. No greeting from her whatsoever. A server walked by and said hello. A customer came in and we started chatting a bit. By then I feel she was aware she had customers, but still no greeting. A simple "Hello" or "Hi, I'll be right with you" would've been welcomed. About 6 minutes go by and now I'm first in a line of 4 people before she turns to greet us. Finally. Instead, she helps the man behind me saying, something to the effect, he just has to pay his bill. Ok, but he also placed a cake order (tick tock). My turn? No, another man in line behind me just had to pay a bill, too. Finally she turned to the other person (#4 in line) and asked if she could help her. That's when I chimed in and said, "excuse me, but how do I go from being first in line to fourth?" The other customer actually apologized as she had seen what happened, but instead I got a flustered excuse from the employee. As she proceeded to try to help the other person, I walked out holding nothing but a wad of cash in my hand. I have no plans to return. The pastries looked really good, but I can't rate them without trying them. Luckily I was driving north and stopped in Solvang instead.

Virgin Reviewer
Reviewer: Garry from Malibu, CA
I've never done this before. But along with four friends, I stumbled into Andersens and had a fantastic lunch. Schnitzel, Reuben sandwiches, Sausage Plate....and fresh pea soup that makes those other guys look like El Pollo Loco on a bad day. Service was spot on. Fast, friendly, and not over bearing. Have already made plans to go back next week. As I said, I've never written a review before....but having read some of the other posts, I felt I had to. Andersens is just too good to miss, and too good to get a bum rap.

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