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Surf Dog
Bailard Ave, Carpinteria

Reviews by the General Public

Great slice of Americana...And great location and chef!
Reviewer: Hank from Berkeley, CA
Bill the vendor steered me to a great place to get my radiator fixed when I was 500 miles from home. Great guy. Stop by and say hello and get a hotdog.

The Man!!! The Place!!
Reviewer: Tom Clark from Carpinteria, Ca.
I've been going to Surf Dog for a long time now. Great dogs, interesting ambiance. Nothing like an L.A. stress case pulling up and demanding a dog and Bill telling them to chill it out! It is an event, spend some time and look & listen. It'll be worth it, try for Sunday afternoon when the freeway is backed up.

OK Hotdogs
Reviewer: Joe Arrimitto from Santa Barbara, CA
As far as hotdogs go these dogs are just ok. Nothing to write home about. If he had a grilled dog it would be much better and i would frequent this place more often. The man who works the cart was drinking a beer last time i went by there and gave me 2 free hotdogs (i think he was drunk) nothing beats a free hotdog.

Great dogs, friendly guy
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
This guy Bill is a real sweetheart. He takes the time to talk to you and see how your day is going even if you're not a regular. He also has the best turkey hot dogs in town for those of us who don't eat beef or pork dogs. And who can resist the lovely open air dining options (wink, wink) and the free red vines he gives out with a smile? Not me!

Best Hot Dog - we ever eat
Reviewer: Andrea from Garmisch-Partenkirchen
We were on vacantion, and I read here about the SURF DOG. So I took my husband and son to the SURF DOG. And it was really the best Hot Dog we ever eat! We tried the monster, classic, dodger dog and the hot one! mmmh yummy, expecially my son really enjoyed his 2 Dogs!

Really interesting owner
Reviewer: Janice & Howard Zysman from Walnut Creek, CA.
My husband and I ate at Surf Dog this past week. It was fablous. My skin is extremely fair and the owner offered me sun screen while we were eating our Surf Dogs. Redvines are free. He is such an interesting human being. Truckers would pull off 101 and with their motors running, come in and purchase Surf Dogs to go. It was extremely interesting and entertaining. The NYY flag belonged to his Mother. If your in the are, go see this. It's as American as it gets. Thank you. Janice & Howard Zysman

Hot Dog Cravings Satisfied!
Reviewer: Barbara from Carpinteria, CA
As a former New Yorker, I occasionally need my frankfurter fix and Surf Dog is where I get it! Mustard, sauerkraut, sauteed onions, chili . . . you name it and you get it there! With a smile, a joke and a handshake. Love this guy and love the variety of choices he makes available at his stand.

Great Food! He doesn't just sell Hot Dogs!
Reviewer: Henrietta Heart from Carpinteria, CA
Food and atmosphere is out of this world! This guy is an icon of his community. Humor to lighten your day and a patriotic intensity to put government to shame. The pictures are outdated but you get the idea. For more current artwork on this guy, just visit local Santa Barbara galleries! And this guy does more for charities and people in need than most of us wish we did. This Hot Dog hot spot will surely become one of your favorites. Just mention the Yankees and see where it gets you. My favorite dog changes weekly with all the varieties. It's ALL good! A SPECIAL PLACE!

BEST Hot Dogs around
Reviewer: Michele from Santa Barbara
I was very surprised by this wonderful find. What better place to go for a nice walk and a fast dog afterwards! I loved it! I had the Turkey w/sweet onions and a nice cold cup of pink lemonade. There is noting bad I can say about it. The food was wonderful, the service was wonderful, the atmosphere was wonderful. I'm thinking that if you do not enjoy yourself, then it is your fault.

A fun place to be
Reviewer: Hajir Sailors from Santa Barbara, CA
After frequenting the doghouse for some time now the close, or whatever happened there hit me, so in an effort to find a new local business i decided to come try out this guy who i've heard a lot about. These hot dogs, while they aren't specialty hot dogs like at the dog house are still really good hot dogs, with a good choice of condiments. It reminded me more of a hot dog stand in new york where i always got a spicy dog with sauerkraut and sweet onions. not a bad Santa Barbara Price and the guy, even if you're holding up a line, will talk to you about your hot dog, make suggestions, or show you what he has to offer. Then you can take your hot dog for a nice walk over to the seal rockery and enjoy it while watching seals sunbathe. Not a bad deal at all.

Good hot dog!
Reviewer: Gene from SB
Although it's true that it's "just" a hot dog, albeit with a great selection of condiments (onions, kraut, chili, relish and the standard mustard and ketchup), Surf Dog is a small local business I felt good about patronizing. The man running it was very friendly and took the time to show me the selection of Dodger dogs, jumbo Hebrew Nationals and (I think) Polish sausages, along with all the condiments -- DESPITE the fact that it was lunch hour and he was busy with around 10 other customers around. At $3 a dog and $1 a can of soda, yeah, it's a little pricey. But the service puts many "nice" Santa Barbara restaurants to shame, and the whole operation appeared to be very clean. Keep up the good work, Surf Dog!

GREAT Hot Dogs, Quirky Owner
Reviewer: Dario from Santa Barbara
I've been getting hot dogs here for about 6 years now. They're always great! Each dog comes with chili, sauteed onions and sauerkraut--if you want it. The owner knows how to make a great hot dog. Julia Childs would have eaten here ;) I don't understand the previous posters comparisons with the Soup Nazi. The owner has always been VERY friendly and helpful to me. I'm not one who hangs around for conversation, but I've never seen him behave in any way that I would call "intimidating".

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