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Jack's Bistro & Bagels - Carpinteria
5050 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-1558

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: LaLa from Santa Barbara, CA
I have gone to Jack's Famous Bagels a couple of times and here are some things that I have noticed, this comes from an educated and respectable authoritative person. The food quality is above and beyond. Yes, it is a bit expensive but the simple element of the food is what gives it it's eligance. The restaurant itself is well taken care of, clean and the atmosphere is welcoming. The service is good, you can tell they really do try to satisfy everyone's needs taking into consideration how many people they have to deal with in one day. Lastly, the patio is a plus it allows customers to enjoy breakfast or lunch in a peaceful and relaxing enviornment. Go and try it before you judge it***

Good Food Ok Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Great food here, both breakfast and lunch entries. Their tri tip sandwich was really good. Big portions and where else are you going to find lox on bagels? Nice atmosphere too and Ok for families. Only gripes are that maybe they have too many waiters that there does not seem to be the service needed as we had to flag people down when there were 3 to 4 employees just standing by the cash register, maybe they thought the other was manning the table? They just need to engage all the tables with some sort of plan that is one responsible waiter/ress specific. All in all a great place to try!

mediocre STEAMED bagels
Reviewer: chuck from Santa Barbara, CA
The previous writer is exactly right.....bagels need to be BOILED...not steamed, which is quicker and cheaper, but the owner could care less.

Cinnamon toast yum
Reviewer: Ron & sue from San Diego,CA
After reading the reviews we decided this place would be the best from the choices we had. Amazing! Fresh salsa , tomatoes and jam. Cinnamon toast like, well better than mom made. The hash great along with the ch fried steak. Good stopping place when traveling.

One of my favorites
Reviewer: Stuart from Santa Barbara, CA
This is now one of my favorite places in the area for lunch. Great burgers, salads and lox (2 kinds). As far as getting a real NY bagel on the west coast...fugedaboutit! Same goes for real NY pizza or pastrami. The service was great, the place very pleasant. This location feels like a real resttaurant unlike its namesake on upper State street. Also it was very uncrowded both times my wife and I went there for lunch. Worth a visit!

Mediocre bagels....but passable
Reviewer: Chuck from Brentwood
I tried JACK's recently by buying 3 differnet bagels to go. I wanted to see if they were in fact...AUTHENTIC bagels. No, they were not and like most so-called bagel stops in So Cal they are mediocre. You gotta be JEWISH to do a bagel justice, or learn from a good Jewish styled baker. For the best bagels in area one needs to go to LA to CANTERS DELI on Fairfax, or LA BAGEL on Beverly Blvd.,near the Grove. They are the closest I have found to the authentic NY City bagels that are the true and pure thing, brought to CA by European Jews who know how to make a proper and real bagel.

One of my favorite eateries in Carp
Reviewer: Allison from Carpinteria
I've lived in Carp for almost nine years and Jack's is still my favorite place to eat for breakfast or lunch. If they offered dinner, I would go for dinner.
The bagels are delicious (!) and they consistently sell out by 2 or 3pm. There are many varieties of bagels to choose from and they're baked fresh right there in the back of the restaurant!
My favorite meal is the chicken sandwich on fresh foccacia with yummy pesto mayo. The wraps are good too.
My only complaint is the service. On especially busy days I have had to go to the counter to ask for things. (In response to the "where's Alma?" question: she's at the Brewery.)

Service was awful & food was mediocre
Reviewer: H. Yoon from Los Angeles, CA
Just had brunch at Jack's thinking it's a local place. 30 minutes after placing the order, the server stood in front of the kitchen and never bothered to apologize for the delay and came by. When I looked over at our server, Delana, she yells that the food is not ready yet. Highly offensive server needs to be trained to value customers. Only when I pointed out to her that it was rude to yell that the food was not ready and she could of come by to tell us the order was coming did she give a insincere "sorry." The good was quite mediocre and didn't even have the description correct. The pasta noted parmesan cheese and had feta cheese all over it. If service and food were improved this could be a great eatery in Carpinteria. Too bad!

It's ridiculous we don't have a good bagel place in Carp!
Reviewer: Minnie from Santa Barbara, CA
Oh, Jacks, what happened?! You used to be great. Now, I hardly recognize you. This weekend, we got bagels and coffee to go and my bagel was undercooked yet again. If you've never had an undercooked bagel, let me tell you, it's not pleasant. It's rubbery, thin and chewy all at the same time. Ick. Our orders are almost constantly wrong when we eat here and the service is terrible. The service used to be the best in town. What happened?! I meet my dad here once a month for breakfast and our servers completely forget about us almost every time. Last month it took almost two hours to have breakfast. We had fun catching up,but when I went in to look for our MIA waitress and found her having her own breakfast and looking at me and looking away that was it. I complained and was told I could have a free dozen bagels next time I was in. I came in, told the girl at the register what I had been told and she shrugged and said, "Nobody told me." And that was that. So, bad food, worse service. One good spot? Peets coffee is served here. And even Jacks can't mess up Peets!

Food not bad but good service spotty at best
Reviewer: TOM HESTER from Summerland, CA
Can't say how many time we have visited Jack's in Carp to enjoy not to bad a meal only to have waiters walk past you as if you do not exist. Only time when service is above par is if you are lucky to be taken care of by a server named Faby.

Overall Great Place.
Reviewer: Anthony from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat either a breakfast or lunch here every week. The food is always good, tastes fresh, and at a reasonable price. Best bagels in the area. I like the friendly staff. The banter is great, especially after seeing your face a few times. Sometimes they get a little overwhelmed and it takes a reminder to get your check, especially if you are outside on the patio. Which happens to be my favorite place to sit, weather permitting.

Wheres Alma!!!
Reviewer: Tom from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to eat there when Alma was the server, She was the friendliest person there and the service was great. Now, the food quality sucks, there too expensive and they always give my friends the wrong order! Whats up with that! Even if the bagels are good the service sucks.

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