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Mesa Burger
315 Meigs Rd, Santa Barbara
Phone: 805-963-7493

Reviews by the General Public

Great All Around, Just Too Expensive, 7/21/2017
Reviewer: El Guapo from Santa Barbara, CA
Never had a bad meal here, fries are some of the best in town, love the fish sandwich, I think some of their burger combos try too hard to be too fancy, but this is one of the few places in town the whole family loves. Service is great, everyone is friendly and on top of everything. Pricing needs to come down though, for a family of four, say 3 burgers & 1 fish sandwich, if everyone gets water to drink you're still pushing $50. Dad wants a beer? Now you're up to $60. Just ridiculous. We love it so we'll go regardless of the cost, but maybe once a month instead of 2-3 times a month.

Not sure what the fuss is, 7/18/2017
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the Ledbetter burger ($12) - pineapple, avocado smash teriyaki burger and it was pretty tasteless which gave off no beef flavor whatsoever, and the roll was basically gummy and ultimately soggy. Fries were stale and chewy. There are plenty of other burgers in this town that are a lot better and far better priced. Not sure why the buzz about this place and does the celebrity chef know what happened a few months later after the highly touted opening? Surrounding are pleasant, parking was hard to find, staff was efficient, though the wait for the burger itself was not worth the end product. There is a such a thing as a great burger, but this is not the place to find one.

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