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Clementine's Steak House
4631 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-5119

Reviews by the General Public

First Timer but I will Return
Reviewer: Phyllis from San Jose
I'm not a local so ate dinner with friends as we traveled from San Jose to Ventura. Dinner was fabulous! Loved the portions (two different sizes to offer). Fried chicken was delicious and the homemade salad dressings were also good. Wish I knew how they prepare the baked potatoes. So unique and terrific. Would love to have that recipe. I only get down there twice a year, but each time - I'll be stopping in.

Loved it!!!!
Reviewer: Jacquie from Santa Barbara, CA
Went there last month and I am still raving about their fried chicken!!! I am looking forward to my next visit to Clementine's just to get that chicken!...And the pies! Yumm!!! The servers were so sweet and just made us feel so at Clem's wish I could give them more then 5 stars across the board!

Pleasant experience
Reviewer: Caryl from capinteria
I live in this city. I don't dine out often. However, Clementine's is a wonderful experience. Both the food and the service are very good. I'm very happy that we chose this restaurant for dinner.

Some dishes are better than others....but service is great
Reviewer: Jack B from Carpinteria, CA
I've been going here since I was a kid. I do not order steak here. I always order the salmon, which is always completely amazing. Buttery, delicious and cooked to perfection. The twice baked potatoes are great, too as are the steamed veggies. I pass on the soups since they are not made in house and as they cool, you can tell they're just condensed stuff since water rises to the surface. Not worth the calories and the least tasty thing I've ordered here. The pies are amazing, all made in house and fresh. By the time you get to the end of the meal, you're full. But if you're judicious about how much you eat (don't order the full meals unless you want left overs or to feel sick for the next day or two) you will likely enjoy your meal. It is a bit of a bizarre time capsule dating back to 1980, with pink cloth napkins and maroon accents and plastic flowers for decor. But honestly, it's an experience and the staff and owner are incredibly friendly. I can't imagine anyone having a truly bad experience there, service wise.

Reviewer: Anthony from Lancaster, Ca.
First time dining at Clementine's steakhouse and I must say that it was fantastic! We were seated promptly and had fresh homemade bread placed upon the table immediately. While perusing the menu our waitress Cindy brought a relish dish. I had read other reviews so my mind was set on the fried chicken., my wife ordered the filet. Both meals came with soup, salad, vegetable, potato, and homemade pie. An excellent value. Everything was fabulous and we will definitely be returning anytime we are within the area.

Treated Poorly
Reviewer: Maryann from Los Angeles, Ca
My sister and I were visiting Carpeteria and had already had a huge lunch in Santa Barbara. We asked the desk clerk at our hotel if there was a place in town where we could just have coffee and cake or pie and he recommended Clementine's. We entered and asked the waiter if it was possible for us to have coffe and pie. He said he would check with the owner who was standing near. Now mind you there were only 3 tables filled with dining guests even though it was about 6:30pm. The owner shook her head and then headed toward us and said it was her busy time and NO. I showed her the outside tables and asked "Isn't is possible to have it outside since all the tables were empty?" She gave in but quite reluctantly. The waiter made up for her rudeness. He came and brought out a tablecloth and smiled and treated us with respect. I will not visit here ever again. You are in the business of service and this is how you treat diners? Next time would have been dinner but now there will be no next time. The only nice thing was the waiter. I thank him from the bottom of my heart for being kind! I also made sure to tell the hotel desk clerk not to recommend this place for coffe and whatever.

Reviewer: MOEI from Santa Barbara, CA

always excellant
Reviewer: dot latrell from cambrige new york
Had the pleasure of eating many fine meals before irene opened her restaurant. Sounds like she is still cooking[no pun inteded] If I could only figure out how to get a pie sent to me I would certainly do so. uch love to you and family. Dot latrell }butler}

1970 all over again
Reviewer: Barbara from Santa Barbara, CA
Homey, friendly and pies to die for! Wish there was more variety on the menu and a salad bar, but it's like eating at Aunt Matilda's on Sunday night. Friendliest staff ever. Everyone knows everyone in Carpinteria and they all end up at Clementines eventually!

Best pie in the world
Reviewer: Charlotte from Woodland hills, ca
Carpinteria is a lovely place to visit. This isn't the best restaurant in the world but it is great. Loads of food, nice staff. Just eat as much pie as you can and hope your children don't eat theirs so you can eat that too. I will go again as it was such a pleasant visit. Nice atmosphere. They were super nice to my children. Go hungry. They give you a lot of extras like bread, celery, peppers etc.

need to experience this place
Reviewer: Kent from Santa Barbara, CA
I stopped by on a business trip and was happy about the experience. The food is good (not great), but the experience and service are worth everything. I believe Irene (sorry if I have the name wrong) bought the place in the 1950's. She still makes the pies everyday. I hope to go back someday soon and take my wife.

my dog
Reviewer: martin from Santa Barbara, CA
We had dinner this evening in clementine.I was looking forward to a nice steak.When i saw the menu and the prices i decided to go for the chicken because 30 dollar for a steak is a bit to much.So time goes by and they serve the soup.Ok it was just ok.After that I got my salad with 2 drips of the blue cheese.Straigt after the salad the got 4 pieces of chicken ooooohhhhh my lord.the salt on this chicken way too much and the taste was not great.I saw other people even smelling their chicken too.The taste was horrible.So we finished our dinner and decided to go.She asked about the pie here or to go. ok to go. The wiped cream aahhhh it melts my teeth in my mouth soooo much sugar!!! Again not my type of restaurant , the smell in here is ahhhhh. Everything is really old dirty and out of the century. They should not have a big sign on there roof with steakhouse.A live graveyard is better. For less money, a better atmosphere and really great food (steaks)go to THE PALMS in Carpinteria.

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