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The Spot
389 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-6311

  • Category: Burgers
  • Hours: Mon-10am-4pm, Tue-Thu 10am-6:30pm, Fri-Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-6:30pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Classic OK Burger
Reviewer: Jinelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Classic okay burger. Bun holds up and promptly served for freshly made. Nice snap to fresh lettuce. Undistinguished patty. Fries mediocre, and not worth the extra calories. Was this better than a fast food burger for the price? Probably not, but nice to support a local business, and is a nice option to have and be able to eat in the park next door.

Great spot in a little town
Reviewer: Dan from Murrieta, CA
My family and I come out every year and the first place we eat is at the Spot. Great food and great atmosphere. We always go in the morning for their breakfast burritos also. They are fantastic.

Reviewer: Beth Brown from Santa Clarita, CA
I have been camping at Carpinteria since the 80's and have never passed up a trip to the spot!! It has amazing burgers and any fixin for them that you could think of. We even stop by when we are just driving down the 101! My kids have carried on the tradition and it's always the first place we eat when we are in Carpinteria. There are alot of yummy restaurants in town but don't pass up the Spot!

I've had better, I've had worse...
Reviewer: William from Carpinteria, CA
The main thing this place has going for it is the location. Other than that, it's just OK. Typical "food service" food and french fries - the stuff that comes frozen in a box. There are better burgers around town, but if I want a really good burger I'll cook it myself.

Very good
Reviewer: Vince from Victorville, CA
I use to eat here all the time as a kid growing up in Carpinteria. It was always real good then. It's been a while since I have eaten there. I do plan on going back someday soon. I am glad that it is still there, it's a landmark.

Reviewer: Mingura, K & J from Torrance, CA
We found the spot 10 - 12 years ago while camping in Carpenteria. What a Find, we now stop there anytime we are traveling through the area going to my son's baseball games. Cheeseburger and chili fries is our calling, we even buy our dog a burger... I'm getting hungry.

A Nice Day In Our Travels
Reviewer: Michelle from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow. Those other people must have had a very unfortunate day. We found no dryness, lack of flavor, or "bun blandness". Order the chili cheese burger and a shake. Eat and be very happy.

what a let down!
Reviewer: charlotte from goleta
I was so excited to take my burger-crazed kids to The Spot. It sucked!!! First of all, I did NOT appreciate the ultra RUDE person who took our order, I actually almost cancelled our order and left! Then our underwhelming burgers came, yuck! "Where's the beef!" and they use cheap mayo, thick, wet iceberg lettuce, no flavor what-so-ever! and dry...I can't wait to go back to Jalama Burger!!! Best surf, best burger!

Reviewer: Christine Cunningham from Los Olivos CA
we have friends that own a place in Carp- and we went on our spring break to visit, and to as always, enjoy TheSpot! We ordered to go, and promptly recieved our food. Burgers, fries a BLT and shakes galore. Drove to the State Beach and ate on the sand. My BLT was delicious- considering it was 10 minutes between pick up and eatting- I was impressed! AWESOME pineapple milkshakes!

Greta "Spot"!
Reviewer: Lex from Denver, CO.
I have only eaten at this place once. It was 18-19 years ago when i was a boy but to this day its all me and my cousin remember about this small town as we were visiting family. Friendly service (considering a 10 yr. was placing the order) and all i can remember is how delicious everything was, and just a short walk to the beach! Hope to one day make it back for seconds...

The Spot lives up to the legend!
Reviewer: Dana Gabbard from Los Angeles, CA
Not fancy, but good solid food. My burger was flavorful and fresh. Fries were crispy, milkshake yummmy. I think the order only took 4-5 minutes to get ready. Condiments (ketchup, hot peppers) are right there for you to dispense yourself. They even have a TV to watch for those dining in the enclosed area. I just wish they had better chairs than cheap Thirfty Drug plastic ones. And the location is ideal--adjacent to the Amtrak platform and a Seaside Shuttle stop. Our group came from L.A. to explore bus service in Santa Barbara and ended the day with a meal at The Spot after seeing the rave reviews posted here, and it was the capper of a great day. We boarded our train home very satisfied. Highly recommended.

Everything about the burger was less than good
Reviewer: steve from Santa Barbara, CA
Frankly,- bun had little taste-not grilled hardly at all,-meat had that ground grisly-bland texture and overdone,-didn't taste hardly like meat. The cheese was in small slices, and bland...unchedder tasting...or any richness at all. Hope this was an exception on their part....the other reviews seemed so positive...that's why we tried the place. Service was fine,-but they need a fan badly in their inside sitting area...on a mild was very hot inside(outside tables were full) They were very busy....perhaps that's why the quality was lacking. It was not even in the same league as In and Out or Chubbys. At least you have one person warning you to be careful...wish we had the benefit of that before we went.

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