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Subway - Carpinteria
1009 Casitas Pass Rd, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-0373

Reviews by the General Public

Sad "greeting;" low on veggies
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I used to like Subway, and loved the fact that there was one just down the street from where I live, but boy, has the one in Carp spoiled this for me! Upon entry, you are met by the saddest attempt at a "greeting" I think possible; a slurred, emotionless, under-the-breath "Welcometosubway..." that makes me want to walk right out the door. After you get in line it's nothing but attitude... like the workers there hate their jobs, and your an annoyance to be gotten rid of ASAP! Everything you say has to be repeated 2 or 3 times, and as often as not each step of the order is mistaken, and needs correcting, with this definitely stemming from a language barrier. Any veggies ordered will get you the most meager servings imaginable, and if you ask for a scrap more, the women working give you a foul sneer and place another leaf or two of spinach, or an extra sliver of onion. To top it off, the prices always seem to change for the foot longs! At least in Carp, the Subway has gone so far downhill. If this place doesn't adjust their attitudes, act consistant with their service, preparation and cost, it's time to look for another lunch stop...

Good Place
Reviewer: AJ from Santa Barbara, CA
Stopped by the store today, and saw a new staff member, Marisol. Food was good and her service was exceptional..

BAD attitude & BAD customer service!
Reviewer: Jenna Weber from Ventura, CA
asked for double meat & double cheese - was willing to pay extra LIKE I DO AT EVERY OTHER SUBWAY ANYWHERE - rude woman completely refused as she "couldn't close the sandwich otherwise!" I think that is MY issue that I can deal with quite easily! WHO is running this place? With all the unemployed people here you would think they would be a bit kinder to their customers! Won't eat there again when I have SO many other places that WANT my service/money!

Lot's of Bad Attitude.
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
I thought all the Subways were the same; good food, pleasant service. I avoid Carp Subway now because twice the 3 Latina chicks behind the counter have given me nothing but a hard time - want a veggie sandwich? You get a little lettuce on your bread and they look at you like you're insane for asking for some VEGETABLES on it. I've heard the same thing from 2 other women who have been there. If you're a white woman, don't bother walking in. It's apparently a male-only Subway. Oh, and when I paid today, she didn't ring it in.

Food Ok, extremely fast service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Bread not very crisp. Workers were extremely quick in getting a long line down at lunchtime.

Daily stop!
Reviewer: Jennifer Medina from Carpinteria
My oldest child has claimed Subway as his favorite food in the world! We stop here every day M-F for a turkey sub. The staff is wonderful and they know our order by heart. Always a kind greeting. The place can get packed and they handle it with grace. The turkey on wheat with vegies no mayo is only 315 calories! Great deal, too!

good food and Service
Reviewer: Kaveh Shafaati from Hannover, Germany
i was only 1 time , at 10:00 PM. Good food. Good service Good price

every voice on the subway.......
Reviewer: tom from new york,new york
every voice on the subway, has it's own train....i have great memories of your place, especially the people who work there..the food is consistently good...i used to go with my friend from town, Peter..he was funny and a good kid and we both liked George Carlin..tell him I said hi! and not to overdo the good sandwiches....

Good and value priced sandwich
Reviewer: Jimmy from Carpinteria,CA
I love the 2.49 sandwich special, especially the BMT on Thursday.

good tuna sandwiches
Reviewer: Larry Nimmer from Carpinteria, CA
I like the foot long tuna sandwiches

It´s not that bad.
Reviewer: JoJo
We order subs for our family there all the time, and the food is actually not bad. Sometimes when they are busy you have to wait a little, but that´s why we call ahead now. The Steak and Cheese, and the Chicken Teriaki are excellent. Worth a try.

I Just Thought of Something....
Reviewer: Chill from Blimpie
....are those goofy glove they wear to protect us from what is on their hands, or to protect them from what we are going to be eating?

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