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Padaro Beach Grill
3765 Santa Claus Ln, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-9800

Reviews by the General Public

Padaro Beach Grill
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: I've been to this spot for over a decade and the new restaurant Padaro Beach Grill which replaced the old is well renovated and the landscape is comfortable and lush with plenty of outdoor seating with picnic tables, umbrellas, palm trees and a large sandbox for kids, as well as a lovely pond. We sat outside in the area marked 'adults only' for those that want to have a more relaxing conversation/experience; well appreciated amongst the kids running about. Service: You order inside and seat yourself. You are given a buzzer which goes off when your food is ready. One time we went the food was quick, another time the order came in stages. Granted, the place was packed. Food/drink: We've ordered a variety of choices off the menu: fish tacos, nachos, tri-tip, salad, burgers. Overall the food is very tasty. Best awards go to the fish tacos and grilled chicken salad. Beware the ice cream (Roti's) is 3.75 for little more than a dixie cup serving. Summary: I love this spot. The food is great, atmosphere lovely and a great place for dining solo, a few friends or a larger group.

Beautiful view, good food
Reviewer: Sofia & Henry Alvarado from Ventura, CA
This was our first time here but we willl def be returning. Great food at a good price. Service is fast, efficient, polite and helpful.Patio area is huge, plenty of space for the kids to run around. Sand pit for kids to play in. Plenty of space to sit off to a quiet corner as well. Beach is right across the way so you get a beautiful view while you eat. Only con would be lots of seagulls trying to attack your food or being really loud. other than that this place is great.

Great place for kids and good food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
A place to take the kids as they can run around the picnic table grass area plus you can see a great view of SB if you walk close to the beach side(you can't go down to the beach from the back though as a train would smash you). The food was great, I tried the Beach Club on recommendation and it was one of the best club sandwiches I have ever had. They have kids menus also. Highly recommended as a place to try esp if you have little kids that need to run around. Parking can be difficult on weekends/holidays. For more serene adult time try the Garden Market close by if want to get away from kids.

OK, but disappointed
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
I almost have to be a carbon copy of Derek, the VERY FIRST revue. I KNOW what "The Habit" is capable of and this was NOT up to my expectations. My "maui burger" was overdone a bit, a large portion of meat, but no flavor, and the sauce had NO special taste. I was almost searching for catsup to drown it. My friend's salad came with NO dressing. Since noone had asked, it was assumed that the dressing would be tossed on during prep. NO!, and it meant a trip back to get some. The counter staff (there is NO table service) was VERY courteous and anxious to help. They double to bus tables when they have time. Still, a great place to enjoy a nice day, but the food is only OK at best, and lacking flavor

Great ambience, skimping on ingredients
Reviewer: Derek from Santa Barbara, CA
This place has done spectacular things with the location. It is the best outdoor eating setup on the South Coast. My problem was with the food.

I ordered the Maui Burger which was about $1 more than the basic burger. What it was supposed to include was pineapple and teryaki sauce. Usually burger places give you a pineapple ring and a slathering of teryaki when you order a Hawaiian themed burger - not at Padaro. My burger came with about a half a table spoon of pineapple mush, you could hardly see it and you most definitely could not taste it. I could not see or taste teryaki at all. I then rubbed my finger on the inside of the bun and licked my finger and there was a *hint* of teryaki sauce. They definitely did not forget it but, like the pineapple, they definitely gave you such minimal amounts you could not taste it. As a basic burger it was fine, but I paid a $1 extra for something that they skimp so much on you cannot taste it.

The salad had a similar skimp-on-the-ingredients problem. My date ordered the shrimp & avocado salad which was $9 (about $4 more than the basic salad). What you got was a large plate of salad, with 3 tiny pieces of shrimp, and two small slices of avocado. I would have laughed at how much they skimped on the shrimp & avo but I paid $4 extra for it and that's not funny. The lady at the cash register never asked us about salad dressing and the person who handed me my order never included any. I had to walk back from my far away table to ask for salad dressing.

Problems in the Kitchen - Consistently Cold Food
Reviewer: SL from Santa Barbara, CA
I was really excited for Padaro to reopen especially in the hands of the Habit founders as it's such a great setting. The Habit has consistently good food so I'm not sure what the problem is here. Every meal at the new Padaro with the exception of one the food has been inexcusably cold. I'm not sure what the problem is, I wonder if the staff is just not on it with paging you as soon as your food is ready or what. From the calamari to the quesdillas, burgers, fries, rings, all appear to have been sitting around the kitchen for far far too long. Who wants to eat soggy cold calamari? Burgers have been hit or miss, a few times they have had a strong acrid taste which is not desirable at all. Also they appear to be using some sort of brioche bun that really doesn't hold up well at all with a juicy burger. The cold food thing I'm sure could be easily fixed by better manager oversight so I hope they are listening as we really enjoy the setting and hope someday the food can match.

Great Food, Lacking Service
Reviewer: Katherine from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was amazing, great burgers, varied kids meals, and good selection of food and wine. But when it came to the service, it did not suffice. I fortunately had a great cashier, I believe her name was Gabrielle, who greeted me with a huge, genuine smile, efficiently took my order and got everything correct, even suggesting some menu items (that were really fantastic) and some possible saving points, but my girlfriend and her family were not quite as lucky. She said her cashier was dismissive and blunt, barely scraping by as polite. Please keep up with the great food but improve your customer service to match my experience and my server!

Two thumbs up-Great fun with kids and great food
Reviewer: Charlotte from Santa Barbara, CA
I took my grandchildren and their friends there for lunch. My grandchildren are picky eaters. We all found food we liked and I thought my burger was superb. (Better than tne Habit) When we were finished, I asked the children if it was a thumbs up or down. They all replied with a two thumbs up! I did too! I plan to take my family there when we have a beach day at the end of September at our family reunion. It is a great place for mixed ages. I thought the prices were reasonable. The children also liked the fact their lunches came in a boat.

Fabulous! Enjoyed everything about Padaro Beach Grill
Reviewer: Hadley from Santa Barbara, CA
One afternoon last week my cousin and I went to the Padaro Beach Grill for lunch. We shared the Sweet Potato Fries and had two of the best burgers either of us had ever had! The fries were delicious too! We were greeted warmly by the order takers who were extremely efficient, and although it was lunch time and very busy, our order was ready in under 10 minutes. It was served hot, not cold like some reviews have suggested. The atmosphere is fabulous, and there were at least 4 toddlers running around having a great time! All I can say about the bad reviews is take them with a grain of salt. You never know what sets some people off. If you want a really enjoyable experience, try the Padaro Beach Grill on a gorgeous day~can't be beat!

really great!!!!
Reviewer: Cristian Pineda from Lompoc, CA
I liked the view and breeze of the beach. The food was amazing same goes with the service. Best nachos i have had the last 15 1/2 years. The best thing was the location! I'll be back soon to Padaro Beach Grill woooo hoooo!!!!!!!!

Best burger around!
Reviewer: Traci from Santa Barbara, CA
I am so happy the "new" Padaro Grill has such excellent food! I used to go there with my family on the weekends, niece and nephew loved the place and although the setting was nice the food was rather mediocre. I had a Prime Burger last Friday and have to say it was truly the best burger I have had in years and I plan on having many more!

Reviewer: Jack Blackstone from Santa Barbara, CA
UNWELCOMING AND NOT LOCAL FRIENDLY. Like others have posted the environment has changed completely. It just feels unwelcoming and not relaxing like the old place. The landscape redo is nice and I am glad the sandbox is there but it really doesn't feel kid friendly. Our summers have typically been about surfing at Santa Claus and then eating here with the kids and enjoying a cold beer and decent food. We were excited about the reopening but I am not sure we will return. When were there a local professional surfer we know had borrowed some paddle boards from A-Frame Surf Shop and was on the beach in front of the restaurant trying to teach his girlfriend how to paddle surf. His girlfriend was rather small and was having trouble carrying that large board so he brought the board up to fence outside the restaurant instead of having to trudge it all the way back and forth and was going to come in on the restaurant side and simply pick up the board and return it to A-Frame. The owner refused to allow him to do this. I can see not wanting this to be a habit but it was not busy and the owner simply could have told him he would allow it this time but to please not do it again. Instead, he had to make two trips to carry his board and his girlfriend's. THIS IS NOT LOCAL FRIENDLY. I forgot the owners were from the Habit and was commenting to my wife that the owners probably were not local but they are and the way treated the surfer and the way they seem to be policing everything is a complete turn off. The food itself was just okay. The prices seem cheaper but when you add fries and a drink it really is actually pretty expensive. My kids used to love the pizza at the old Padaro. A tip to the owners (if you care). In order to survive at that location you cannot just rely on summer business and need to appeal to locals and so far you are not doing it. In the off months, most of us will not drive to your restaurant unless you substantially improve the food and chill out...

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