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The Palms
701 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-3811

Reviews by the General Public

Enjoyed dinner at The Palms, 9/30/2018
Reviewer: John from Van Nuys CA
Had dinner there last night, September 29, 2018. I had salmon and my wife had scallops. I prepared my salmon wrapped in tin foil so it would basically broil. VERY fresh and melted in my mouth. All the food was very good. I guess their system is a bit unusual but the idea is to have a good meal which it certainly was. The place was a bit noisy for me but that can be put up with for a shorter duration such as a dinner. Highly recommend This was our first time eating here.

If you like a FRESH, you gotta check The Palms out!
Reviewer: Joyce A from Manhattan Beach CA
We recently went to The Palms for dinner - this place never disappoints us - it is a hometown restaurant that the locals hang out there and has been there for many moons. From the outstanding wait staff to the friendly atmosphere, to the wonderful food we had - it was a fun food-filled evening! We opted to have the Salad Bar that comes with baked potato with the works and / or beans with salsa along with buns. I love their salad bar - it doesn't get any better than this - yummm - homemade croutons, large black pepper, with many condiments to go with the so fresh lettuce mixture. They have a couple of other types of salad. They have a full bar for those who want to imbibe. Hope you trust our judgement and go have a wonderful evening!

Huge disappointment
Reviewer: Nelson from Ventura CA
I live in Ventura and this is the first time back in 20 years. What a disappointment. My diner consisted of two fried butterfly shrimp and four small scallops with a soggy vegetable. My wife got the lobster tail, The biggest disappointment, First, it was not fully cooked (sent back) and it was presented without the shell and chewy. Red flag right there. Any of it fresh? What is the big thing about the salad bar? Go to Toppers pizza. Now that is a salad bar. Baked potato. So what! And last, dark is out. Turn up the lights and freshen up the place The pricing was fair but the food was not. Will we be back? No way

The Palms Is Delishhh
Reviewer: Lisse from SanFernando, CA
our family drive from the San Fernando valley to enjoy Santa Barbara and the Palms restaurant. My children love to cook their meats and enjoy all the sauces n spices they can add. The salad is delishhhh and the croutons are incredible. So, for a fair price, we go often with our four kids.

reasonable food and drinks and weekend entertainment
Reviewer: Frank from carpinteria, CA
I am a local and have been coming to the palms for a long time, though not frequently. The steaks are not the best but they are average and cheap when you compare to the good steak houses in Santa Barbara 12 miles up the road. You usually will pay over 2 times the amount for a steak up there. The salad bar and bread and baked potato and chili beans are all you can eat. The beers and well drinks are $5 all the time, try that in Santa Barbara, they are $7.5 after happy Hour or more. They have Firestone Union Jack IPA on tap regularly, which is a top IPA. Also you can stay and dance to a band every weekend with no cover charge! The quality of the bands vary, but they all are chosen for dance music. Quite often they play top cover songs of 70's rock or 80's. It is a fun place to go. It may be the only place in 100 miles that you can cook your own steaks! Fun for the kids! It's true quite often it takes a while to get a drink. I don't know about locals eyeballing tourists, unless the guys are interested in a woman.

awsome place to eat
Reviewer: garrett from Santa Barbara, CA
best meat you can cook yourself

Locals don't go here
Reviewer: J.P. from Santa Barbara, CA
People, this place is the worst food establishment I know of. It really is sad that out-of-town folks think this is where Carpinterians go for a nice meal. My heart goes out for the campers. The quality of the meat is low. I just can't figure what the attraction is. If you are a small party (less than 4) on a busy night, expect to wait. Larger groups will be seated before you. Price appear reasonable, but when you figure the quality of the food, its not really a bargain at all. Really wish they would improve their food.

Customer for many years!
Reviewer: Rose from Orange County, Ca
We enjoy dinner here when camping at the beach nearby. This week we had a small issue. We brought it to the managements attention, and we are glad to say that they listened. Customers are highly valued!

Worst Service and Food of All Time
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
The staff here was rude and we did not enjoy our time. We were visiting from out of town and we were not "locals" to Carpinteria and we recieved many dirty looks from the restaurant staff and "local" patrons. The food was undercooked and we did not receive a good proportion of food for the price. We purchased the shrimp and scallop combo and recieved 2 shrimp and 3 scallops that had water dripping out of the battered bread. We gave this restuarant a try and we will not be going back. I have tried hundreds of restaurants and this one is one of the worst ones. I would not recommend this restaurant to anyone. In order for us to go back there, the restaurant would have to serve bigger proportions of food and the staff would need to change their attitudes to a more customer service approach. The food would need to be cooked longer so that it is not undercooked. The staff will need to be more welcoming to tourists and visitors, especially considering the location is down the street from one of the most visited campsites in California.

You go here for a reason
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
I have to agree with the reviewer below - the bartenders are pretty much jerks. There was one who took the time to notice us sitting at the bar, drinkless, and made us some drinks (what a concept!), and I'm thankful to him for it. He was a younger guy with dark hair. Agreed that the big blond guy is a total loss. Anyhow, you don't really go to the Palms for drinks, do you?? No, you go here because you want a reasonably-priced piece of meat that you can cook your way. And that's what we got. Good meat - not amazing meat - and good sides. Somewhat absent service, though our waitress was apologetic and friendly when she did check in. The food was great though, and was just what we came for. Nice old Palms dinner. Classic. Nothing fancy. We'll be back, with our expectations right where they belong, and I expect we'll be just as happy the next time as we were this time!

Bad Bartenders
Reviewer: Jerry from Santa Barbara, CA
The Bartenders are awful, we have a big group of campers that stay at the beach every month and dance at The Palms. The big blond bartender is always a complete jerk to everyone in our party, We all hate the poor treatment that we get from him everytime we go.

Best restaurant
Reviewer: Jennifer from Tacoma, wa
I was visiting from Washington, we don't have any place like this. The food was delicious and it was fun cooking our own food! The people were very friendly.

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