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East BeachTacos
226 S Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 770-2761

Reviews by the General Public

Better than Authentic
Reviewer: quatre from Santa Barbara, CA
Think this place is a great addition to town. You wouldn't think that, given that there are already 500 taquerias or something. But actually, this one has something I haven't found elsewhere, including the famous and popular places (you know their names) -- the ingredients here are first rate. Elsewhere, I have been dismayed by the quality of the fillings, especially proteins. But wait - this is a review of This taqueria. They are stretching out a bit with their offerings, and it's working. A hard-shell taco with aji is a success, as is a soft bahn mi style entry. More traditional items are very good too. So I've taken crap from locals who remain loyal to the more established places for saying this, but tough! I'd rather go here.

Finally Something That Works In That Space
Reviewer: El Guapo from Santa Barbara, CA
For years I've gone to the batting cages to hit balls and have seen so many businesses try and fail in that little restaurant spot. All I can say is that East Beach Tacos is a keeper. Some of the best tacos in all the land, right here. Had a simple Triple Play, which is any 3 tacos for $9, with a chicken, carnitas, and carne asada taco. I'm ready to go back for more. Fresh, delicious, nothing for me to nitpick here.

5-Stars from a FishTaco Addict
Reviewer: AB from Santa Barbara, CA
Live for fish tacos, and just love the ones here. (They have lots of stuff beyond the fish, chicken beef etc) The Tuna Poke is beyond amazing, and the Fish Tacs and Shrimp Tacs are also superb. Super easy walk up order, kick it at a table for under 5 minutes, grab it at the window, and grind. Superduper happy to have this Taco Joint just a few minutes away, and as it's nearly noon right now, think I will roll over and feast. Big thanks to all for the deliciousness. - AB in Santa Barbara and Sabah Borneo

So Fresh
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
It took a long time for anyone to acknowledge that we were there not sure if the taco staff also works the cages, but the tacos were so good and very fairly priced. Would definitely come again!

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