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Taqueria Rincon Alteno
4414 Via Real, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-7764

Reviews by the General Public

used to be good
Reviewer: Aug from Santa Barbara, CA
used to like this place but went there today at 4pm place was a pigsty disgustingly dirty the whole place needs to be really cleaned.. didnt really notice til after i ordered..that was a mistake the food was just as bad and cold..told the guy at the counter and he didnt care...wont be going back Ever!!((

The Taquerai of my dreams
Reviewer: Steve from Arlington, VA
Ate here for lunch, then had to return for dinner. Tacos of carnitas. tripas, al pastor, and cabeza, each better than the next. Out of this world. Try any of those as a nachos platter as well. Charred baby onions and peppers on the counter too. Can't get better than this.

Love the Burritos.!
Reviewer: Ana from Carpinteria,CA
I love the burritos there especially the "Chorizo con Papas" they are the best! With a Mexican Pepsi Chips nd Salsa.!! I Recomend This Place ;) ...Oh and service is Great! :)

Favorite Taqueria
Reviewer: Ian Williams from Salt Lake City, Utah
I lived in Santa Barbara for a while and would frequent this shop on a very regular basis. The Burritos were well worth the drive. I speak spanish so there was no problem with the service, but communication in english didn't seem to be a problem. I have stopped in over the last 10 years as buisness or pleasure brings me through the area and the flavor and quality has not changed. I recomend the Carne Asada Burrito, blue salsa, shoot! I recommend it all. I haven't been dissapointed there yet.

good cheap breakfast burritos!
Reviewer: Bryan from Carpinteria, Ca
This place is right by my house. I love their breakfast burritos. They're 4.00$ even which includes eggs, potato and cheese. They have really good homemade chips and salsa to take for free! The service is okay. I don't think I've ever seen them smile though. But good food!

yum yum
Reviewer: vickie from Capinteria, CA
gas your car up, get a slurpee and head over here for yummy food the carnitas are so and the service improves.

Comida Muy Buena
Reviewer: Rebekah from Carpinteria
The food here is so good. I love the veggie burrito or chicken burrito. They have a great self-serve salsa bar and lots of great drinks: beers, carrot juice, aguas frescas, and jarritos. The place itself is what you would call a "hole-in-the-wall" but that is the beauty of's the taste of the food that counts, not the decor! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! I will be back soon.

Reviewer: Eddie Morris from Santa Barbara, CA
The Taco Balls are to die for... especially with a side of the blue salsa... Service was average. Worth a try!

best tortas in all of mexico

Small hole in the wall.Best food in town.

Taqueria Rincon
Reviewer: Big Pimpin from Isla Vista
I don´t know about Rincon Alteno, but you have to try Taqueria Rincon in Isla Vista, CA (Near UCSB). It is MUY BUENO. You have to get the HORCHATA and try their CHIRIZO Y HUEVOS Y QUESO Y CREMA Burrito. Also their other burritos are really good too. Try the Chicken Burrito. The prices are really good too.... BIG GLASS Of HORCHATA is 1.50 flat with tax. The burritos are 5 flat. It is great food and deserves a try. P.S. F*** FREEBIRDS

Reviewer: Jeanette Harrison from Giessen, Germany
If you love Mexicano food, and that is what you are looking for then Rincon is the place to go. It can not get any better.

Gotta Try It

My family and I had lunch here for the 1st time and would definitely return. (Just make certain you can find an alternate bathroom. Their´s was not in working order.) I grew up on Mexican food and know what its suppose to taste like --- this is worth a stop. No frills, but tasty food and helpful staff.

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