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Senor Frogs
892 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-9352

Reviews by the General Public

more then competent, good prices
Reviewer: Tony from LA
Better than chains (Acapulco, etc.); moderate ambience, good service. First visit, might go back

Would not go again, so sad!
Reviewer: Sue from Santa Barbara, CA
Should have known not to eat here. 6:30 on a Saturday night and 2 other people only in the restaurant. Servers were polite. Presentation was good but the food was the worst I had ever eaten except the salsa. My daughter's was from the kid's menu and it was also awful. She made me promise never to eat there again. Didn't finish our dinner. We both didn't feel good afterwards. The beans were the worse I'd ever eaten. Chicken taco and beef taco was just bad. Big slices of cheese, big long lettuce and the beef and chicken just tasted awful. The rice was pretty good yet I wouldn't call it Spanish rice. Food bland! Took the waitress about 15 minutes to bring the check even though we were done eating before a party of 6 came in and ordered drinks. Don't go here! Yuck!!!

Reviewer: Dolores from Bakersfield Ca
Sat at the bar and service by bartender was great, the food not so great. I swear those were chili beans instead of retried beans. No good smells came from kitchen. Will not patronize this place again. This was my second visit. Still no difference from first visit.

Sucha great overall experience.
Reviewer: Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything was authentic and wonderful, from the food to the service, just wonderful!

Excellent Food and Service
Reviewer: CaliGurl from Santa Barbara, CA
This is such a special place with soft, elegant touches inside giving you the ambience that you're eating outside. The food is very clean, everything is definitely prepared fresh nothing is processed. The service was excellent and always with a smile. I will definitely come here again ...Prepare to be wowed!

Good Food/Service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The food I had was good. The servers were nice. The ambience is also nice, maybe the nicest ambience Mex in Carp? This place is not associated with the Senor Frog Chain, they apparently were across town awhile back and moved here. The presentation of the food was also nice. So if want some mexican but don't want to go to one of the other lower ambience(not necessarily worse food!) mex places in the area try this place.

okay food, nice wait staff
Reviewer: Amy Laura McLean from Santa Barbara, CA
hungry in Carpenteria. Had been to Senor Frogs in La Bufadora Ensenada and had a great time. This is NOT the same. The waitress was really nice, the food, so-so. But I was able to get an excellent mojito made from fresh mint growing right outside the door. And the pork in the chile verde was very good, the sauce sort of mass-produced/canned tasting. My husband's tacos de pescado were not very good.

Get the blonde server? Request a different server-trust me
Reviewer: Kami from Carpinteria, CA
I ordered the "froggie" style quesadillas. There are chicken beef and pork. They come with tomatoes, onion, cilantro and cheese. I know it may confuse some people some of the time, but it doesn't confuse me or my son. I cook all the time PORK AND BEEF ARE DIFFERENT! She brought me out pork so I advised her I got the beef, or as you would say in a mexican restaurant "carne asada". She insisted it was "stringed beef". It was in chunks. And it was PORK, LADY. So she brought me the beef minus the cilantro and tomatoes. Shouldn't even have tipped her the $5.

love the food, music, and atmosphere
Reviewer: a friend from Santa Barbara, CA
Great shrimp soft tacos! My husband loves the green wet burritos. Nice family owned business and we are happy to support them.

Bad Food, Bad Service, THE worst place in Carp
Reviewer: Maria Ferrone from Santa Barbara, CA
I just came back from Senor Frog (Carpinteria) and what a terrible experience. The only good thing about the food was its presentation, the beans and rice were very dry and the pork basically had no taste. The Margarita... my husband makes much better Margaritas and he is far from being Mexican. The atmosphere was depressing. Just the opposite of what Mexican culture is all about. And... they are for sure no kid friendly. I was asked by the only waitress to put the stroller (baby) away, because she had to walk around it and it was an inconvenience to her. I will never go back to this place. What a waste of location, they should give it up to another restaurant that will treat their customers better.

Senor B-L-A-N--D!
Reviewer: Tom Power from Santa Barbara, CA
Two servers met me at the door to take my 'to go' order. The one I placed the order with said it would take '15' minutes. I stepped out for 15 minutes to get wine at Von's next door...came back and the food wasn't ready but was assured it was almost ready. Another 10 minutes it was...and man, was it BLAND! Fish tacos that had a nice presentation but absolutely no taste! Black beans were dry and the chips were the 'taken from the warming drawer' variety. If you have any respect for Mexican culture (or food for that matter), Don't eat here.


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