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Lucky Llama Coffee
5100 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-8811

Reviews by the General Public

Best coffee
Reviewer: Hannah from Los Angeles, CA
This is the best coffee I've ever had, right next to The Grotto in Cave Creek, AZ. Happen to pass by while on a trip beach hopping down the west coast. Loved the environment, people, and everything on the menu. Best cute little coffee shop to go to with friends.

Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
For the two complaining about cleanliness. I actually asked them their score and they have score 100 on the health inspections multiple times. Seems perfectly fine to me. But hey, you can still be grumps if you'd like to :)

Agree about the cleanliness
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree about the cleanliness of this shop. To me, the coffee is nothing special, and even though I prefer it over Starbucks, it is certainly not anything to write home about. My concern was with the lack of cleanliness, that the previous reviewer spoke to. This shop has not been open long enough to warrant built up dirt. I have also witnessed several disheveled employees behind the counter. It seems to be more of a "home grown" coffee shop that hires friends and family to run the place. While it is nice in theory, they may want to hire more suitable employees to serve food and beverages. My biggest question of all is "where are the health inspectors?" It would put my mind at ease to see a grade in the window.

Great coffee, probably the best in Carp, a bit grubby tho
Reviewer: Angeline from Carpinteria, CA
First off, this place is always packed, so I know they're doing something right. The coffee is, hands-down the best in Carp. Beats the usual suspects of Starbucks and CBTL by a mile. It is reminiscent of Peet's, not too bitter or acidic, just smooth good coffee. That translates from just a nice cup of black coffee to all the coffee-based drinks they offer that I've tried. Their baked goods are pretty decent, too. They taste fresh and like someone actually made them by hand, not like they were processed in a machine and sent up from some huge kitchen in LA. Now having said all that, the place would be better if it were cleaned up regularly. There's a lot of grime around and not just from one day of work. I've been in three days in a row and seen the same splashes of coffee or tea on the communal table you use to add cream and get straws, etc. That's kinda gross. I also have an issue with the personal cleanliness of a couple of the baristas. One dude had black under his fingernails, which was really off-putting. I really don't want someone who isn't clean handling even the outside of my coffee cup. Otherwise, the service is very friendly and they do make the drinks fast AND accurately, which is much appreciated.

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