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Delgado's Mexican Food
4401 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-4822

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Tue-Sat 11am-9pm, Sun 7:30am-9pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Great place
Reviewer: Scott from Santa Barbara, CA
The chili verde was awesome and will be back for more next time Im in the area.

Food just not there for the price
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
It was fairly expensive for what you got. They've been there since '65 I believe, maybe by making sure to charge high prices for comparable food that you could get at Rudy's cheaper. The waitress was nice but a little inattentive(and overworked?). All in all just an Ok experience for me. Try Senor Frogs or Rudys.

First place we go.
Reviewer: Sandi Prather from Carpinteria, CA
When my kids are away at college the first place they are missing is Delgados and it is the first place we take them. The food is great and the staff are all wonderful.

blows San Diego Mexican food out of the world
Reviewer: Morgan from San Diego, CA
My boyfriend and I stopped on our way back home to San Diego on our road trip. We weren't expecting what we got. We're Mexican food snobs being from San Diego and we can say for sure that San Diego doesn't have Mexican food that comes close to how delicious delgados is. The only reason service didn't get five stars is because we weren't greeted when we came in and there weren't signs saying seat yourself. The food gets five stars. I had the relleno michoacano and my boyfriend created his own combo plate with a delicious beef taco. If were ever up in Santa Barbara county again we will definitely stop again.

so amazing!
Reviewer: samual from Santa Barbara, CA
we stopped in purely because they were busy, a busy place must be good! We were promptly greeted and told it would be a ten minute wait then they offerd us a drink at the bar while waiting for our tabel. we were seeted befor the ten minutes and everything was great! the waitress recomnded a few items and we loved them! over all great, we will be back many times

Can't believe people give this place high ratings!
Reviewer: Cee from Santa Barbara, CA
I don't understand how people can give this place high ratings for their food. They must not eat at many Mexican restaurants. I really wanted to like this place because there are a lot of Mexican restaurants in Carpinteria, but I have yet to find one that is good. I have been to Delgads's several times and every time I keep thinking that last time was just a fluke, but I keep getting comfirmation that the food is just not good. I have had their shrimp fajitas and their shrimps were tiny and was soaked in a flavorless and almost greasy sauce. I have had their pork dish and it's dry. Their asada is chewy. Each time I leave without finishing my plate and can't give this place any more tries.

The place for good Mexican food
Reviewer: Vincent Russo from Simi Valley
Every time I pass through Carpinteria I have to stop at Delgados, even if i'm not hungry, because I just can't pass up the great food and service.

Reviewer: Pat McRoch from Bushwickbill, TX
I like food. Delgados has food. So therefore I like Delgados.

Great Food, but a Language Barrier
Reviewer: Cameron from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to Delgado's in a party of three on a Friday night and the place was busy... and for good reason. The food was delicious and the portions were quite generous. The servers were friendly and attentive. The only problem was the people who tried to take our drink order had limited English-speaking abilities, so unless the item was on the menu, they couldn't understand our order. Namely, we tried to order a Long Island Iced Tea, and we needed to flag down a waitress to place the order for us. All in all, it was a positive experience, and I would definitely return.

Chile Verde
Reviewer: Hideo Oshima from Tochigi, Japan
Bill and Susan, who live in Carp, introduced me to this place. I had Chille Verde and Soft Tacos. I liked them very much. I am from Japan. I cannot forget the taste. I liked the music, too. Thank you.

Yummiest Mexican Food!
Reviewer: Mary Ferns from Mar Vista, CA
My husband & I ate theere several years ago and we have never forgotten how yummy the food was! The best Mexican food I have ever had actually...I cannot wait to go back and we intend to soon !

Great Food, So So Service
Reviewer: Jeff Babb from Ventura, CA
I can kind of understand some of the other reviewers comments about poor service, but the food is fantastic. My family first went to Delgado's in 1966, and we have been going back for more ever since.

My parents especially love the place, but I hadn't been for a long time when I returned in 1991. I had issues with the service that day, and frankly, the food was less than stellar. I didn't return for a long time because I felt neglected by the staff, and the quality of the food did not warrent a return visit.

Still, my parents have been loyal customers for forty years, and have always loved the food. My parents are good judges of food, especially Mexican food, so this past Saturday, (3/17/07,) we decided to give Delgado's another try. I wish I had gone sooner, and I cannot WAIT to go back! It was like being a kid again with the great food, and wonderful atmosphere. I had a taco, cheese enchilada, and burrito. I was able to eat all except the burrito which I took home to eat the next day. When I finally ate the burrito it was so delicious I tried to convince my wife to go back that afternoon. We couldn't because of a previous commitment, but believe me, we will be back this coming weekend.

I think the best compliment, however, came from my wife. She is Mexican, and is a great cook. She gave Delgado's very high marks, and as picky as she is, that is quite the endorsment.

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