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Chipotle - La Cumbre Plaza
3851 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 979-3808

Reviews by the General Public

Always a great experience
Reviewer: Megan from Santa Barbara, CA
Friendly, fast, and efficient every time! The food is always delicious and affordable. I will return to this location.

Meh. Not fast food, not fine dining.
Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Downtown Chipotle has been a secret vice of mine for a few years, but this location is a joke. Service is slow and during a busy lunchtime, one of the girls rolling the burritos kept breaking the tortillas and giving customers the option of a do-over or a lumpy mess of rice and beans held together with foil. I'd be OK with this if it was a one-off, but she left by the time I got to the front of the line and her replacement couldn't roll the burritos either! Add to that the fact that the replacement decided she'd handed out too much guacamole and spooned some OFF my lunch and back into the container, and you get the picture. Taken in separate parts, the food is reasonable, but it would be nice if the staff could assemble it with some proficiency.

Worst Chipotle Food Experience We Have Ever Had
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
I just had to write a review. I did a phone order on my way to the restaurant and the gal on the phone was very pleasant and got the order right. Part of the order was ready when I got there about 10 minutes after I made the call but they had apparently forgotten to make one of the burritos and the quesadilla. They got to it promptly when I arrived so no big deal but strangely the vegetarian burrito I got for my daughter was almost ice cold by the time I got home. That was ok as my daughter admitted the only thing hot in the burrito was the rice so ....anyway, I had a chicken burrito. It was overstuffed and already falling apart when I opened it. The worst part is the chicken was terrible. They apparently use all parts of the chicken as I got several inedible, fatty and grisly pieces. My wife had the barbacoa burrito and she said it was the worst burrito she had ever gotten from Chipotle. They are doing something wrong at this location.

A Combination of Subway and Taco Bell
Reviewer: Ginger from Santa Barbara, CA
...with a LOT more noise and, more cost. The staff were very nice, but too much noise and confusion. Ordering should not be repetitious. I was asked by two people at the same time about the same items. Plus, I had to raise my voice to be heard over the din of the area behind the counter. Definitely a place to phone in first. The food was very mediocre. The prices seemed high.

Overall good, out of some things
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The assembly line setup here is so fast they run out of things fast. They are definitely popular with a long line. I can see why they make money and now have three places in town. The food is good and its fairly fast so there you go. The workers were working hard to keep up with the line.

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