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Wahoo's Fish Taco - UCSB
At the UCen on the UCSB Campus

Reviews by the General Public

Awful service, awful attitude, and bad food - don't go there
Reviewer: Lori from Goleta, CA
These guys think they have a captive audience with UCSB students, and it shows. They charge too much and when they screw up an order, they don't care. All orders were taking at least 15 minutes, but to make matters worse they lost my order. After 15 mins. I asked the status, since people behind me were getting their food. They just shrugged. After 25 mins. I asked for my money back so I could go somewhere else to get food so that I wouldn't be late to a meeting. They ignored me and finally rushed out my food. The food was horrible!! They had let my enchilada and beans sit for 20 mins (I saw it sitting there after they had set it up) while no one grilled the fish for the taco. They tried to tell me it took that long to grill two skinny pieces of fish, even though I saw the guy go back to grill it only 5 mins. earlier. They were rude and did not care about my business. I definitely won't try their downtown store, either. These guys are plain bad.

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