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Cuernavaca Taqueria
201 W Carrillo St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 564-1414

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Mon, Wed-Sat 10am-8:30pm, Sun 10am-7:30pm, Closed Tue
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Esa si es Comida Mexicana
Reviewer: Kay from Santa Barbara, CA
Food is AMAZING. I have to admit I didn't have any high expectations of the place, but last Saturday was my first time there and OMG I was blown away. The food was absolutely DELICIOUS. It's hard to find an authentic Mexican restaurant when you know there's nothing like Mom's cooking, but I have to admit Taqueria Cuernavaca is the best in town. I highly recommend TAQUERIA CUERNAVACA ;)

Best taqueria in town!
Reviewer: Gigi from Santa Barbara, CA
Came here a couple weeks ago for the first time, not knowing what to expect. I was impressed! I have been back twice and intend to come alot more. The tacos, although small, are the best I've ever had. And the chicharrone gorditas are so delicious, along with the amazing salsa bar. I'll try all their menu items in time - that is my goal. The price is reasonable, the environment comfortable and clean, the service excellent!

So much better than La Super-Rica...
Reviewer: Jordan from Santa Barbara, CA
In SB and looking for great Mexican food? Look no further. If you find yourself downtown don't bother with La Super-Rica Taqueria because you'll end up waiting an hour for food that is not as good! If you want authentic tacos for less than 2 bucks each or some incredible tortas or mixto plates, stop by and give it a try. DEFINITELY TRY THE AL PASTOR TACOS. They put a unique and tasty twist on their Al Pastor tacos that is specific to the owner's hometown of Cuernavaca. If you can't make it here maybe try out Lily's Tacos(similar in respect to authenticity but less variety). El Sitio is pretty damn good too.

Don't get the birria
Reviewer: Jamie from Santa Barbara, CA
The service was great and I found it clean just not impressed with the birria tacos (kind of flavorless and almost like dirt but not in a good way) also the taco de tripas I thought were terrible. I normally order them from the food truck at Goleta Swap Meet and they are AMAZING so it's hard to top that. I still left a decent review because my boyfriend liked them and ordered 5 more hah, almost a smokey dirt flavor. The guy next to me said his tacos de pastor were very good so I might try that next time. Oh - and the best birria EVER is the food truck on the corner of San Andreas and Micheltorena, birria burrito is only $4.75 and sooo freakin' DELISH.

Reviewer: ABBY from Santa Barbara, CA
everything on the menu is authentic, good quality and delicious!! the environment is friendly and there green salsa is a must try!

Yummy, spicy authentic tacos
Reviewer: Lesley from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is right up the street from my office, so convenient for a quick lunch "to go". The employees are nice, and they keep the place very clean in and out of the kitchen. I've only tried the tacos (served corn tortillas and meat, plus self serve salsa bar). The tacos are served the way I like them, with enough meat to make two tacos from each. Be warned, they do not tame down their salsas like most taquerias in town. I like spicy, and have never found a salsa in town that was too hot for me. Then I came here, and really realized what I gringo I am. They do have a nice offering at the taco bar, with plenty of choices, and salsa fresca chopped up nice and fine :). I'll have to try their other offerings, and will definitely return often to do so for an easy lunch.

Regular SB Taqueria with nice people
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Hopefully they will last longer than the last place. They have food closer to other tacquerias in town unlike the last place. People nice and food came out quick. The menu is a bit confusing for gringos like me. They have the Alambre(Skewered Meat I believe) and Antojitos("Street Snack" food I believe). The Mexican is first on the menus followed by English. Seems like a popular place according to the owner. Nit I have is no air conditioning in there in the afternoon as a greenhouse effect happens in there so get it to go. Worth a try, a bit better than El Sitio food but more expensive too.

Quick, pretty tasty, reasonable price
Reviewer: Brendan from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is two blocks from where I live so I figured I should try it out. The interior is small but nice-looking, with a clean and welcoming feel. (I got my stuff to go though.) The alambre I got was tasty and a good-sized portion (made about 7 small tacos' worth) for about $9. Service was quick and friendly. I will probably return sometime.

Great food
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
Friendly people and good food. The menu has several different options for tacos, alhambres, sopes and some other items, including daily specials with meat, seafood and veggie options. They were pretty busy and the line took a while, it seemed like everyone was reading the menu instead of ordering and nobody knew who was ordering. Food came out hot and tasty. The salsa bar is really good too and includes a really good avocado salsa.

Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
This is my first time visiting this restaurant. I ordered the Cubana Torta to go. It was inexpessive, huge and very tastey. I would reccommend it. The guy behind the counter was super friendly and smiley! I am looking forward to trying other things on their menu in future visits. I saw someone eating a Gordita (sp) while I was there that look very tastey too!

Tasty food that is quick and cheap
Reviewer: Spencer from Santa Barbara, CA
Apparently Cuernavaca has a popular spot but I had never heard of them so this was my first experience. I had the quesadilla entree, which is not what I expected at all. For all I know, the taco-like food I received was an "authentic" Mexican quesadilla. Either way, it was great! Some people might be bummed if they expected the traditional tortilla-cheese-tortilla quesadilla and instead received the soft-taco with unmelted cheese, lettuce and onions that I did. The service was friendly and the set-up is still exactly the same as when Tepeyac was there. A small amount of tables and a salsa bar. They have a good drink selection including horchata and jalisco. Will definitely visit again!

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