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Nutbelly Pizzeria & Deli
915 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: 805-566-5954

Reviews by the General Public

great lunch
Reviewer: Christine! from Santa Ynez, CA
I attended the Carpinteria Sea Glass Festival this past weekend- HOT weather and lots of folks in town, leaving every business packed with people ( a good thing!). I wanted to try The Food Liason, but it is closed on the I wandered into Nutbelly. So glad I did- even though it was steamy hot outside and inside, the Purple Lovers Pizza caught my eye- eggplant and light cheese with a nice sauce to bind it all together- coupled with a Island Brew Co blonde- it was a great lunch. Sat under a fan, enjoyed the beer and relaxed. The gal who took my order was able to explain everything on the menu I asked about, and was quite nice. I would not hesitate to return, loved the bicycle theme.

Identity crisis?
Reviewer: Janey from Carpinteria
They have one of the best kitchen in Carp. Yet they don't seem to have a clear vision. Even for staffing. When I went in one time Only, no need to return, there was a help wanted sign . Inquired what position needed to be filled? Not sure, the manager says. We are waiting to see what/who shows up. Huh? Limp cold bacon in my wrap. Awful veggie soup. Tasteless watery broth with a hunk of corn on the cob sunk on bottom. Where is the deli? Where are the meats, cheese, pickles and fresh breads? Where are the aromas of pizza smells wafting outside? Garlicky tomato sauces? Baking crusts? Good luck. Hope the friends who write good reviews and tourists can keep your doors open. Female owner not open to customer feedback. Became combative.

still waiting to try this place
Reviewer: Jill from Carpinteria, CA
I was excited to try this place, especially since they are advertising vegan cheese. Went in after farmer's market. The sign said "Please Wait to be Seated." Waited. Finally the waitress looked over and told us to seat ourselves. We sat. Waited. Waited some more. There were two only other tables with diners. One table already had food and drinks. Waited some more. Two or three people working there were on the phone. No one ever came over and greeted us or asked us if we wanted drinks. The other people who came in after us were still waiting when we got up and left.

Good food but nothing unique
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta, CA
My husband and I ate here tonight and while we both enjoyed our menu selections, neither of us were wowed. Service was good, but the prices were pricey for what is essentially a pizza and salad joint.

growing pains...
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Crust was different and good and the cheese was fine... what this pizza misses is a rich tomato sauce to compliment the corn meal. If Nutbelly had Giovanni's sauce (or better) the pie would be the best in town. I'm not sure how many pizza places can ignore a good sauce, but they do. Yes, the service was amateur, but trying and should get better. If the pizza had more flavor, no one would complain about the prices. At this point, the crust makes it barely better than Rusty's. And this town desperately needs a good, clean pizza place that replaces the place on the corner.

Nice new addition to Linden Ave
Reviewer: Ty from Carpinteria, CA
I've been to Nutbelly twice and the pizza is great. Not too greasy with excellent cheese and crust. The Caesar salad is also great, maybe a little too much dressing, but I'll get it on the side next time. Prices are higher than other pizza places in Carp, but the quality is better. Definitely recommend you try it for yourself.

I thought it was good
Reviewer: Jo from Santa Barbara, CA
My family had lunch there. My sandwich was good - the bread was fresh and very tasty. My daugher created her pizza and it was outstanding. My husband asked for a meatball sandwich, which was not on the menu, but they kindly made it for him - it was good. Waitress inexperienced but very nice and accomodating. We will be back.

Great birthday lunch!
Reviewer: Abby from Santa Barbara, CA
I just went here for lunch today with a group from work for my birthday. I thought the pizza was good- not NY style, which I am always on the hunt for, but they have a unique style that I liked. Our waitress seemed a bit new to waitressing, but she was really nice and got our order correct, so I can't complain. She also overheard my co-workers telling me I should pick the pizza since it was my birthday and brought out a piece of delicious tiramisu with a candle in it after we finished our meal. We will definitely be back!

Amazing beer, great pizza, but they need better waiters.
Reviewer: Morgan from Carpinteria, CA
BEER: Our first impression of Nutbelly was the EXCELLENT beer list; they have a great selection of craft beers, some straight from Carpinteria's own Island Brewery. I've never seen a better beer list, everything from a nice Red Nectar Amber to a Stone IPA.

FOOD: I genuinely LOVE their food. I really don't know what the other reviewers ate there, but I work in a fine dining restaurant in Santa Barbara and I have absolutely love everything I've tried at Nutbelly. Just today I got a "Besto Pesto" Pizza, and I think it's my new favorite, though the "Nutbelly" is a close contender. Their bruschetta, ingredients straight from the farmers market, is absolutely to die for.

SERVICE: Now this is where the restaurant is lacking. The waitresses are obviously inexperienced, and while I know this is from being a brand new restaurant, it's a bit of a turn off. Hopefully this will improve with time. For now, they are a little too casual to match the high quality of the food and drinks served there, and they seem to lack the organized rhythm of a well-established, high traffic restaurant.

Overall, I keep going back for a great beer and some delicious food. In a few months I'm sure their service will improve. I hope.

Was really rooting for them but left so disappointed
Reviewer: Jess from Santa Barbara, CA
I visited Nutbelly Pizzeria today because I wondered how pizza could have earned one star on it's first review. Now I know. When you charge premium dollar for pizza, I expect quality ingredients and culinary finesse. Unfortunately, what I got was Costco style pizza at twice the price! Also, we ordered a large cheese pizza with salami and it was sliced 1/4 inch thick! We also ordered the a small bbq chicken pizza ($14) and was very disappointed with the sauce (bad flavor and not enough) and the size. Maybe if it was $8.95 and came with a side salad and drink I wouldn't have felt taken advantage of. The crust was very cornmeal-y and folded over at the edges. Very odd. Also the menu seemed to lack a specific vision.

Learning Curve
Reviewer: Diana from Summerland, CA
I would give it some time. Opening a restaurant is just like a training period for any job. Even if you have tons of experience, the new location, new employees, new suppliers, new menu all make it take a bit of time to get your sea legs no matter how much you prepare for the opening day. I have not been there yet, but have had some contact with the owners, and I think that it will achieve greatness. I have my own restaurant, so I know that some growth pains are normal.

Left hungry and unhappy
Reviewer: Nancy Leon from Santa Barbara, CA
After anticipating the opening of this resturaunt for weeks (the sign looked so cute!) I am very disapointed to write that it was not what my boyfriend and I were hoping for. The hostest sat us and took forever to come back and take our order. We were a little upset but hoping the food would save the deal. Unfortunetly the Nutbelly pizza was underwhelming at best. Very dissapointing.

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