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Pee Bee & Jay's
1007 Casitas Pass Rd, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 220-6912

Reviews by the General Public

Customer Service Snark
Reviewer: Mariettea from Santa Barbara, CA
I went into the shop today and had driven by every day. The sandwich selection looked great, so I ordered one off the menu for my boyfriend and I built my own as well as a "large" soup (the size of two dixy cups). Upon my entrance, there was nobody at the register, just 3-4 girls in the back chatting. When one did notice me, she stepped to the register and waited impatiently and exasperated by my questions. My bill was nearly $30 with tip (which would have been fine). When I received my order, I immediately noticed the bottom of the bag had leaked soup and I pulled the items out to clean and repackage. The girls watched - seemingly amused, with no offer to help. It was at that time I decided to glance at the sandwiches and when I opened my custom, I realized that the cranberry spread I had requested was not visible and I looked as if the ki ire had simply been wiped off in the middle of the sandwich with one colorful inch long stain of pink. When I mentioned that I would like to have a little more cranberry on the sandwich I paid nearly $11 for, the girl at the register was confused, stated "let me ask" and then proceeded to charge me! When I questioned this, she gave me a really poor attitude and turned to walk away. I left- dissapointed and feeling really sad. I grew up in Carpinteria, went to school all 12 grades and now reside here with my son. I didn't appreciate the snark or lack of customer service.

One great sandwich!
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
On our way to the beach, pulled over to feed my starving kids and their friends ( they like Subway for some crazy reason). Noticed this cute little sandwich place next door, went in and new immediately that it was meant to be that we pulled over. The place is really cute and clean with a fabulous menu. I built my own sandwich, of Boar's Head rare roast beef, pepper jack, really fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, nice Foccacia roll, everything was really fresh and thoughtfully prepared. It was an $8 sandwich and worth every penny. I will be back on our Carp. beach days...the kids can get their $5 foot longs and I'll get my $8 sandwich from heaven.

Call in orders are almost always incorrect
Reviewer: Jane from Santa Barbara, CA
I called to place an order and they got the order wrong. The next time i ordered i stressed that the order be correct and they still got it wrong. Check your order before you leave the store if it is a special order that you called in! Other than that the food and service are both good.

Good Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
As was said on other reviews the food is really good here. I would most closely compare it to Panino on sandwiches. They do have some neat PB&J variations too(nutella, honey, apples etc.). Good stuff and worth a try!

pleasantly surprised
Reviewer: Chrystal H from Plainfield, IL
I happened to be in town for a business trip and my husband tagged along for a mini vacation afterwards. I wasn't feeling very well that day but was hungry and nothing sounded good...especially Subway next door. However when we walked past and I smelled the inside I decided to take a chance on Pee Bees and Jays. SOOO GLAD I DID! I can't remember what my husband ordered but I ordered the Turkey and Brie sandwich and it was heaven! Its been since October 2011 and I still crave that sandwich. The date spread they use is simply amazing. Can't wait for my next business trip out in california just so I can come back to this place! Yes a little on the pricey side but totally worth the money!

Wishing there were more locations
Reviewer: Sue from Nipomo, California
We are in Carpinteria only occasionally and tried PeeBee & Jays. We loved the food and unique menu of salads and sandwiches! I went online, hoping to find a location on the Central Coast where we live. We had delicious sandwiches and the service was just excellent. We love our visits to Carpinteria and this will just make one more plus!

Good but very expensive
Reviewer: Sam Tababa from Carpinteria
The food is good. The sandwiches are fresh and filling but they're all very expensive. I guess its now OK to charge over $10 for a sandwich for Pee Bee & Jays along with the newly opened Crush Cakes are both topping off with $9.95 sandwiches. Bottom line: Good sandwiches, great salads but too expensive to consider more than a couple times a month. Perhaps if they lowered their prices a bit or offered daily specials but the prices dont seem to fit the portions.

Not bad
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the choices of sandwiches. There's some slight variations on the standards. The name is a little confusing since it makes you think that all they do are Peanut Butter and Jelly. But of course that's not the case. The turkey sandwich I got was tasty, but it was stacked high with fresh chunky ingredients, which is great, except when it comes to putting it into your mouth. You have to get a good grip on the dang thing and even then some of it's going to end up on your plate, the table...or lap if you're me. The price is higher than what you'd pay at the Subway next door, but the quality is all on the PB & J side. Service-wise however, it's not much different than Subway. It's a "get it yourself" kind of place, more suited to take-away than dine-in, probably in part due to the lack of table space frankly. Also the counter help the time I was there would shout out every order when it was ready in the "COME AND GET IT!" style, even if she was the one who took the order in the first place. If there's only two or three customers is it so hard to remember a face for the five minutes it takes to complete the transaction? Overall though, it's a good start for a good place, and I will definitely try it again.

Refreshing new lunch spot!
Reviewer: Maureen from Santa Barbara, CA
Have been working my way through the menu several times a week since it opened and everything has been delicious. All components of the soups,sandwiches and salads are fresh and top notch quality, the restaurant is bright and clean, the staff freindly. The menu is very innovative or you can order a sandwich built to your preferences. They just got their website with online ordering and prepay option up today and it makes it super easy for people with a limited time for lunch to get their orders quickly.

Just what Carp needed!!!
Reviewer: Kevin from Ventura, CA
WOW. This is just what Carpinteria needed. I have been here about 5 times since they opened and haven't had a bad experience once! My first time I had the Italian sandwich hot on a soft roll...mouth watering. Yeah I had to wait a few extra minutes but it was sooooo worth it. My next fave is the Chicken Dressed Up Like a Salad sandwich on Whole Wheat Sourdough. HUGE and delicious...probably one of the most interesting and innovative sandwiches I have ever had. Yes, this place costs a couple bucks more than their neighbor Subway...but really...who can compare? Fresh bread, (they must have gotten rid of the rye), quality meats, friendly service and super clean surroundings.

Maybe some opening day blues?
Reviewer: Steve M from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered a chicken salad sandwich on rye. Bread was really dry and the chicken could have been good but was not quite there. My wife had the salad with chicken salad and a balsamic dressing that appeared to be a shot of vinegar. Going to come back and really test other items. Hoping for the best as Corktree (a sister operation) is excellent.

Savory Sammy sandwich was great.
Reviewer: Nell from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the Savory Sammy which is a vegetarian sandwich of basil, lettuce, fresh mozzarella cheese, roasted red peppers and some kind of sauce. I had it on focaccia bread. It had a little bit too much sauce, but once I scrapped some of it off, it was a great sandwich. I also got some salt & pepper chips and a Honey Green Tea which came to 13.32 with tax.

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