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Crushcakes & Cafe - Carpinteria
4945 Carpinteria Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-4300

Reviews by the General Public

They use CRISCO!!!!
Reviewer: Eva Lopez from Santa Barbara, CA
I was sitting with my husband eating breakfast when I noticed a Crushcake's kitchen employee walking in through the back entrance holding a giant tub of Crisco!!They advertise organic and local whenever possible on their menu, not cool.

Reviewer: Sam & Sally from Santa Barbara, CA
Sam Says: Atmosphere: Casual breakfast-cafe cupcake eatery. Large communal table, funky art on the wall. Fun and low-key. Service: I have already been a regular customer in the SB location, ordered large orders of cupcakes for events. So after a weekend vacation in beautiful downtown Carpinteria I came expecting to enjoy a relaxing breakfast. I sat down at a rustic table and sat there wondering why the waitress didn't come to take the order, realized I had to do it myself and ordered at counter. After the food was delivered, it was less than relaxing as I was running back and forth getting the silverware, napkins, sugar and refills of coffee. At one point when I asked the server for napkins she pointed to the area in the front of the eatery. I went there: no napkins. I went back told her there are no napkins. Her next gestures were reminiscent of Tweedledum on Alice in Wonderland: both arms outstretched in two opposite directions to point out the two areas of napkins in the restaurant. I was no supposed to go to the end of the aisle to fetch napkins. No likey. Food: Was pretty good, besides the skin on potatoes (a pet peeve of mine, and I should of asked) . Sally was keen on the gluten free bread (thumbs up.) Was it an amazing breaky? Not really. Summary: Call me crazy, call me weird: I like a relaxing breakfast: from the ordering, serving and 'extras' of accoutrements needed to enjoy it. I feel the prices warrant the service. Would I return? Sam says: "I will not, it was too chaotic for me." Sally says: "I will/do return to both locations as I enjoy the atmosphere and food."

Reviewer: Cher from Santa Barbara, CA
I came in as they were closing. I had cash...they had cupcakes...they said that they couldnt sell them to me because they just closed. It was my birthday. I would have gave them cash and bought all they had. They sent me to Santa Barbara. SB had four cupcakes...and were proud to tell me that the cupcakes leftover in Carp would be donated..Wow...a store that would rather donate or throw out than please a customer on her birthday...

Try the Red Velvet Pancakes
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Went here for breakfast. The Red Velvet Pancakes are something you will want to try, really good. The rest of the breakfast was on the average side. The cupcakes are good here. People are nice and the space is nice with indoor front and back seating.

small portions, very cool decor and art
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
Had the half chicken salad sandwich and tomato soup today. Probably 1.5 - 2 oz of meat in the sandwich, whole wheat bread a bit dry, a few cranberries and celery in it... way too much money for so little. I can easily whip up better chicken salad at home. The tomato soup was fresh and flavorful - just too pureed for my taste - like eating a bowl of marinara sauce. It's just not my personal taste - Holdrens or Silvergreens make it so much better. The restaurant itself is very cool - love the painted concrete floors and huge art work on the walls, the patio, the sense of SPACE! (unlike the SB location which is claustrophobic). Wish the food was worth going back for...

delciousness every time
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I haven't had a bad experience here yet - I find their food and the cupcakes to be quite awesome. I've never had any issue with the lighting as the reviewer below describes, nor with the wait staff. They are always pleasant and welcoming. Thanks CrushCakes!

You shouldn't be selling out that fast!
Reviewer: Christy from Carp
The first time I went there it was barely 3 in the afternoon and all of the cupcakes were sold out. It just seemed weird...they should've started baking more cupcakes when they noticed they were running out. It was one of the first couple of weeks it was open. Also, the ambiance isn't that cute. You walk in and there's barely any light, just natural light (but not enough of it). The cupcakes are good but I wouldn't get food from there. It just wasn't a good place to settle down and share a cupcake or latte. Plus the girls who work there aren't very welcoming.

Nice food and coffee but too pricey
Reviewer: Sam Tababa from Santa Barbara, CA
The good: Coffee is great CupCakes are great The Bad: The food is very expensive. Sandwiches are all right around $10 and are not very big. In fact they're small. I had a panini that was served cold. Yes, its a panini that means its supposed to be grilled and warm! But not this one. Even the cheese was cold. And to top it off it was tiny... $11 out the door for a cold, small sandwich. But the desert and coffee are good, albeit overpriced. $2.50 for a med drip coffee that's self service. You can do better!

HURRAAAYYY!!!, but awkward?
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Santa Barbara, CA
The new cupcakery has opened! It's always nice to have a new place to eat in Carp, so I'm glad they modeled this one similar to the SB location, including the cafe with non-dessert food options, as well as coffee and pastries too. Granted the cupcakes are what this place is all about, which means their sandwiches are not to die for, they're just adequate. No real complaints food-wise though, I've just never been bowled over, not here nor at the other spot. And the service is always very attentive. It would be hard not to be attentive with half a dozen girls behind the counter when 2 or 3 would suffice, but I'm not complaining! The real issue I have with the Carp location is the awkward lay out. When you walk in you have to turn a 180 to see the menu board. There's paper menus too...somewhere on the vast countertop. Also, when you walk in all you see are cupcakes, you have to go around to the side and look down under the counter to see the scones, cakes, etc. So a person new to the place might walk in, think that all they have are cupcakes and walk out if that's not what they're in the mood for. I've seen a number of people do this since they opened. Every time I envision a little old timey cash register go "Cha-ching!" and ring up a "NO SALE", a no sale due to confusion. So sad, cuz it's a solid place in so many other ways.

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