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Killer B BBQ and Bar
731 De la Guerra Plaza, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 845-2254

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Mike B from Santa Barbara, CA
Ordered the "Downtown Dinner Package" from the "Catering Menu". Ordered 4 of them but it was easily enough food for 6. I ordered through a woman named "Liz" and she was awesome! Helped me through my questions and assured me that my order would be ready at my specified time. Thank you Liz. All of the food was great, especially the wings & ribs(beans and mac&cheese were great also!) Would definitely recommend!!

Killer B BBQ and Bar
Reviewer: Nick from Santa Barbara, CA
Killer B's on State, was not that great. After recommendations from friends of mine who frequent there, I decided to try it out with my wife. Brisket sandwich was less than desirable, bread wasn't grilled properly, a couple slices of beef brisket layered with some slaw. Beans were very good, however, had to send the mac and cheese loaf back twice, because it was cold in the center. Riblets were tasty , but some were like grissly, food was lukewarm, like it was preheated. $34 later.....sorry not a fan.

Bar...(long pause)...BQ
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Sports bar first, bar nibbles second, sandwiches and salads third, then tasty side dishes; BBQ pulls up the rear. Despite the noise, service was swift, attentive, and professional. The baby back ribs and brisket, however, were disappointing. Despite very generous portions, the ribs lacked flavor and were more like roast pork with a char than succulent BBQ. Somehow, they'd turned the brisket into planks of dense meat that required a steak knife to cut, not the moist pull-it-apart-with-a-fork style. None of the four sauce options worked well with the pork. Good fries and salads.

Reviewer: Mike F. from Santa Barbara, CA
One reviewer wrote 'the ambiance is relaxing' did we eat in the same place? Inside it was so loud I could not hear the server. This was on a Tuesday night. The food was OK and the staff was nice. My advice is to eat outside.

Tasteless tri tip
Reviewer: Sally from Santa Barbara, CA
Came for a salad with tri tip on it. Not sure how tri tip can be so tasteless... I had to constantly reach for the salt shaker just to give it some taste. Wouldn't eat here again.

E X C E L L E N T ! ! !
Reviewer: Dave Forbes from Van Nuys, CA
First time, on way to Lobero (awesome) to see Hot Tuna (Awesome!!), so needed a snack and a beer to calm down a little for the concert! Super service, great sliders...just perfect. The the owner stopped by to see how everything was going, and we fell into conversation about first year being the hardest. Very pleasant, personable guy. I will be back each time I come to SB. You guys R O C K !!!

I'm Crazy: I keep coming back...Help!
Reviewer: Steve Walker from Santa Barbara, CA
I have been here since 1985 and OK Jeffery, I never went to FatBurger so lets move on. Killer B is a new safe fun spot and they do excellent lunch, soup, drinks, beer, corn on cob, their menu is huge and the food gets out fast. KillerB Hickory Burger is in top 3 for SB. I know all the locales to catch the sun and this is the place to relax on front patio and kick it up, reminds me of Vail, CO. Ok, the chef is always available to talk/discuss menu items and this is gourmet bbq food with sauces and licks. I love sports and I can always watch anything I want to here with no grunting or headaches to change the channels. Take a look around, family with kids, gals, college, business clients, etc. and the servers are Killer too. Congrats on a big change, making it thru Year 1 and now year 2.

Great Experience!!!
Reviewer: alex from Santa Barbara, CA
First time i have ever been to Killer B BBQ and it was amazing! the sliders were great and the mac n cheese puffs were to die for. All of the staff was very welcoming and friendly. I will be back again. Keep up the good work!

Ice cold BBQ sauce...?
Reviewer: Jeffery Shepherd from Santa Barbara, CA
Killer B's BBQ and Bar shouldn't even be in the BBQ category. All I saw was a bunch of grilling and stewing going on.... This place is just another State St. destination that people only eat at because they offer cheap happy hour drinks and food. It gives off the vibe Lettuce B. Franks used to give off- a bunch of regulars sitting at the bar who get the hook up from a too-cool bar staff... and then the rest of us sitting at uncomfortable chairs along a wall...back to back and ass to ass against the table behind you. Just another wannabe "gastropub" that doesn't care enough about food because booze is easier to sell. I give it another year until people stop going. Constructive criticism? Ok, Pull out all the chairs, leave tables along the wall or make a long bar along the brick wall that only comes out 8-9", don't seve entrees at all, just serve small portion appetizers and pretty much just be a bar. Dos Equis and Modelo Especial both on tap? Huh? Bring back Fatburger.

Thumbs Up
Reviewer: Richard Lambert from Santa Barbara, CA
Monica's experiences notwithstanding, I received prompt service along with a tasty pulled pork sandwich while sitting at the bar watching the USC game last Saturday. Management seems on top of things and the staff polite & attentive.

Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara, CA
The first time I tried Killer Bís I loved the food but was hesitant to return given that the service was horrible. First, it took 30 minutes to be acknowledged (it was not busy) then it took 45 minutes for the food to come all while waiting for soft drinks to be served. We finished the meal and the cokes never came. When the checked arrived we were charged for 2 cokes we never received even after numerous requests. We went a 2nd time just to see if we went on a bad night. The service was worse than the first time. When I requested to speak to a manager the server rudely stated there was no manager on duty and if I had a problem with the service to email the manager then stormed off. FYI there is no section on their website for emailing comments. Needless to say I will not return. The food is good but not worth the hassle of horrible service.

Awesome place to come,both if local or like us, on holiday.
Reviewer: Donna mauckz from Santa Barbara, CA
First time, so totally awesome. The chef was superb and food was amazing. Everyone should make an effort to come, dat, drink and be merry. This is our Cheers..

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