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Chipotle - Goleta
270 S. Storke Rd, Goleta
Phone: (805) 685-1265

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Samantha Cruz from Santa Barbara, CA
I eat at this location when I get my lunch break around noon. My co workers and I walk there because our office is nearby. I love the food, I always get a chicken bowl with chips and guacamole and a small drink. The food is delicious.. I love the cilantro lime rice because you can taste the lime juice and cilantro. The corn salsa is spicy but is so good and the chicken is medium spicy and adding fajitas to it gives that sauté flavor. While standing in line, the staff are greeting customers and smiling. They have a lot of energy, because the line gets long and they are rocking and rolling. They also come by the tables and talk to u just like waiters, I mean they offered to refill my drink and took our trays and baskets. They are so friendly. They play good music and sometimes you can't hear it with everyone talking around you. We eat there everyday during lunch and they know us by our first name. We enjoy going to the Goleta location and we tell our friends to eat there too. So, I don't understand why people are writing bad comments. I think they should go back and give it another try. Also while ordering your food, you ask them what you want on it and can see how much you are getting on your burrito or bowl, so it's not their fault if you mess up. They are making it right in front of you. I give the crew two thumbs up for their hard work they are great.

Average All the Way Around
Reviewer: MB from Santa Barbara, CA
My family and I eat Chipotle Goleta once a week. The food is okay, nothing great. My wife decided to stop eating there because she thinks the food is too spicy. The service is good yet at the same time frutstrating. The employees are super nice. That being said, they have been trained to make a small burrito, and you have to continually ask them to put more of each ingredient. Last visit, they put a little bit of chicken on my burrito, and I asked for more. Then, they charged me for extra chicken. I was just asking for what would be considered a resonable amount of chicken, not extra. When you get to the register, the cashier does not list the items verbally as he/she is ringing you up, that is deceptive in my opinion. I was charged for extra chicken without even being told. The quesadilla has very little cheese, and when they make burritos, they put a miniscule amount of cheese. Bottom line, if you like to nag someone as they make your burrito, you will love Chipotle. I do not, so I will not continue visiting weekly. Worth an occassional visit though.

Please listen when I order
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
As a review further down said, it must be really loud in this place. I asked 3 times for sour cream and hot salsa on the side. The guy was in such a rush to complete my order, he ended up putting my sour cream on someone else's burrito. They ended up having to remake this guy's burrito. Please, instead of rushing me out of the restaurant, LISTEN to what I am ordering, then you won't have to remake someone else's food!

Surprisingly Good!
Reviewer: Katie from Santa Barbara, CA
I, too, do not know why this place gets negative reviews. The food is great/fresh, services is awesome, the place is clean, and I always feel their portions are bigger than the one downtown.

where is the love?
Reviewer: john from Santa Barbara, CA
First off, i would like to say that i give each employee at chipotle two thumbs up! I know how hard it is to put up with picky eater! and second, the store is really busy and you have to give the employee credit for their hard work, they are not machines so therefore if you are smart enough calling in or ordering online makes it easier.They are just college students who are trying to live the real world and to top it off people are saying very negative things about this place. I personally would not piss off the person who is making my food like shit. Instead of going in with a negative mind set, people need to be positive and maybe they will enjoy the food instead of critiquing it. My experience was good, they greeted me with smiles and asked me how my day was, when someone asks me how my day goes, it makes the rest of my day extra special because i knew they cared when they made my food, im just asking people to show some empathy for the employees at chipotle.

SO LOUD!!! (Listen up management!)
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Santa Barbara, CA
The food at this location is comparable to the one in downtown SB. I did find a few fatty, gristly bits in the last burrito I got, but that happens. The main problem with this place seems to be that they have the music up way too loud. It blasts into your ears when you're standing in line and it can't be too pleasant for the workers who have to endure it all day. They look miserable and have to shout to be heard. I usually have to repeat my order numerous times until they get it, and to their credit they always get it right. So I guess the negativeness in this review is directed at the owner/managers of the place. Turn the noise down and make it a better place for everyone!

Bad food, bad customer service
Reviewer: Rosa from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm getting very disappointed with this Chipotle. The burrito maker was a very intimidating guy not friendly at all. Half of their steak pieces still had fat and I was not able to eat them. The rice was cold and not properly mixed with the salt. I found in my burrito the equivalent of a salt shaker not even dissolved. That was so disgusting I'm not sure I will go back there.

Not an enjoyable experience
Reviewer: Manda from Santa Barbara, CA
I've only been once and I'm not going back. I've enjoyed the downtown location and the people behind the counter have always been nice. I wouldn't say they were overly friendly, but nice all the same. The people who work at the Goleta location, however, really don't have a problem showing how much they HATE their job. The 3 women involved in taking my order all seemed like they were so miserable being there that it made it miserable to eat there. No smiles, no interaction other than barking questions at you, and the woman in the middle literally tossed the tacos that I ordered to the cash register and 1/2 of my toppings fell out of the basket, with no one even taking notice or offering to fix it. Did I offend you by adding guacamole? Then, when I sat down to eat, I realized that everything was ice cold and very bland... I had to add ridiculous amounts of tobasco just to give it some flavor and there was NO WAY that I would go back to the counter and ask for them to re-do them. My first time at the register was intimidating enough. I just wound up eating 1 taco and throwing the other 2 out.

Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
Ready for cold, tasteless "Mexican" food? Look no further! When you enter, you'll first notice this place is decorated like a warehouse and is filled (to the brim) with future UCSB dropouts trying to cure their hangovers. Obviously we can't expect much from a burrito bar, but this is certainly the worst looking in the Santa Barbara area. Did I mention the service is also composed of 18-22 year olds? I didn't even see a chef in their kitchen. I have no idea how they prepare their ingredients - they mysteriously sit in big buckets lined up and down the bar when you arrive. The food itself feels fresh in the mouth, but is completely tasteless even with guacamole and their "hottest" salsa. Did I mention everything is going to be cold? The meat appears lukewarm before being served but will be stone cold when the other ingredients are added to your burrito. The chips will also be cold (and perhaps stale), but above all don't be suckered into ordering a side of guacamole (1 tbsp for $3). With La Carreta across the plaza, New Baja Grill less than a mile away, and El Pollo Rico between Chipotle and Santa Barbara, there's absolutely no reason to come here.

What happened?
Reviewer: Rachel from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here for the first time for lunch the other day, and got my a burrito bowl the way I always order it to go. None of the ingredients tasted seasoned. The salsas had NO spice, the steak had no salt and was terribly overcooked, the beans seemed undercooked and saltless. I order my bowl the same way at every Chipotle, and this was the first time it was really bland. Also, with only one person in front of me, it took me at least 10 minutes to get through the line and get my burrito. Guess I'll just battle downtown traffic for the "good" chipotle.

About the same as SB location except line longer
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Currently about a 20 minute wait in line to get your order but should die down as popularity goes down a bit. It is an assembly line type place similar to Freebirds. They use healthy ingredients and ones with a little more spice/flavor than Freebirds. The people are extremely nice and patient there similar to SB location. I found food to be not quite as good as SB location for some reason(tortilla was cold for one thing, maybe it was just waiting in line for so long that made it taste not as good?). The decor is not as swanky nor not as big as SB location. Other than that a place to try to see what you think, pretty good but the best burritos for me still lie at the Super Cucas.

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