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La Tapatia Bakery
832 N. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-2318

Reviews by the General Public

Horrible expirence
Reviewer: John Ransom from Santa Barbara, CA
I went to eat at this premecise and boy is it horrific. There's flies flying around trying to pick at your food it's horrific. The restaurant seems awfully dirty would definitely not eat there again.

Best Tamales and the Barbacoa is to die for
Reviewer: Derek from Santa Barbara, CA
I live in Santa Barbara and I had never been to La Tapatia bakery before until a friend told me about them. We went on a weekend which is when they serve their special,The Barbacoa which is lamb! The Barbacoa (lamb) iwas served in two tacos made with fresh homemade tortillas and with a side of soup accompanied by onions and cilantro and juicy lime! It is by far the best I've ever had! Once you try it you will love it! Service was good and the employees are really nice too. Not very spacious but the food is worth it! It is family own and it is not the only location, they are also the owners of Daniels Bakery in Santa Barbara same food and everything!

Good Stuff
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
This akin to other places in town that have the telemundo on in a cramped eating area but the food here was very good! Definitely try anything with those corn tortillas like carnitas tacos! The tamales were decent. They have the sweet bread items here also, definitely worth a try for a good hole in the wall experience! Order taker was nice too.

mole and pan dulce!
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
I was certain that my favorite mole con pollo was in a different part of town, but now I have to revise that. La Tapatia Bakery has a kitchen pumping out pan dulce, but they make hot savory food as well. I first went in for one of those butterfly pastries, and it was delicious. A little crisp on the outside, but dense in all the pastry folds - and it doesn't crumble into pieces when I bite into it. All their pastries are about 75 cents each.

I returned a couple days later for the hot food and tried a small carnitas taco and the chicken mole. All the tortillas are made fresh to order, they are warm, soft and chewy. A small taco is about $2.50, a large is $3.50, comes with cilantro and onion, and green salsa and lime wedges on the side.

The chicken mole was cooked perfectly, looking like a firm thigh but so tender that I could pull it apart with pieces of my tortilla. And the tortillas served with the dish were the largest corn tortillas I'd ever seen. The sauce was sweet and richly complex with a kick to it. There's a small portion of rice and beans served with the dish. I so thoroughly enjoyed the mole that I saved the last spoonfuls of sauce to enjoy over rice at home.

Delicious Food and Sweet Bread
Reviewer: Jenn from Santa Barbara, CA
I've gone to La Tapatia Bakery a handful of times and I've never been disappointed. Their food is delicious. They make a delicious mole (which I was told is made every 2 days) and their homemade corn tortillas are made to order (you can see them being made). They also have quite a selection of Mexican Sweet Bread which they bake in their kitchen daily. Try the Pambaso. A torta where the bread is dipped in red sauce and lightly fried. SOOO Good! Don't forget to try the corn tortillas. They are the best I've ever had!

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