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French Press - State St
1101 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-2721

Reviews by the General Public

Spicy chai latte at FP
Reviewer: Andrea from Truckee, CA
I am enjoying a chai tea soy latte at FP and reading the reviews. I think it is a little too overbearing on the cinnamon , i added a little honey and that helped . I think it could use a little fune tuning of the spices and tea . It is the most expensive cup of chai latte ever at $ 4.65 !!! But i am glad thay are using their own and not a pre-mix powder or syrup.

Friendly helpful staff, great chai
Reviewer: Valerie from Mission Viejo, CA
Sarah was great explaining how they make the chai from loose leaf. We ended up buying loose leaf rooibos blends and black teas and Sarah was helpful again when I called back a few days later to clarify the ingredients and the brew times.Definitely will go back and recommend to friends.

If I could, I would marry French Press.. .
Reviewer: Betsie from Santa Barbara, CA
First of all, it is a coffee shop. The coffee is seriously mud. The best mud in the world. The espresso is awesome. Best drink though- The iced tres leches. If you are looking for something sweet but not sickeningly sweet, try it!! Sooooo good. And everyone there is super nice and the location is perfect. Yay for FP! :)

Best Espresso
Reviewer: April from Ventura, CA
Best espresso- that's it. My favorite espresso con panna...they make the whip cream fresh. Wonderful, friendly staff.

Best cappuccino in the US bar none
Reviewer: Joe from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is absolutely the best. The best espresso I've had stateside, and the best cappuccino I've had stateside, if not beyond. For serious coffee lovers, this is the place to go in Santa Barbara. I have yet to find its equal, even up in the Bay Area.

Best mocha latte and Arnold Palmer, bar none
Reviewer: Emiliy from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't drink Arnolds or have a mocha latte at any other place - they are justy too good at the Press - Em

Best coffee ever! And served by hipsters!
Reviewer: Donovan from Santa Barbara, CA
The French Press in the past year has become Santa Barbara's downtown hipster hang out. With fixies parked outside both entrances and all of the staff members wearing vintage/urban outfitters/american apparel type clothing one might think this is not the place to be if you enjoy the occasional "mainstream" music, ride a single speed road bike or prefer a real beer over PBR. But these kids working the coffee know what they are doing by making the best cup of coffee I've ever had. I've recommended this place to many people and all have thanked me for it. Don't let the indie musically inclined-mustache wearing people who hang out here intimidate you due to the fact that you may be wearing a brand name t-shirt stop you from having the best coffee/tea Santa Barbara has to offer!

Another Chai Addict
Reviewer: Chai from Santa Barbara, CA
Hello chai lovers :) Have you tried the chai at Flavor of India? I would say that it is the best in town and, at approx. $1.95 and unlimited refills, it is probably the best deal in town. Naan Stop in Isla Vista also has a small chai for just 60 cents. I think the issue with many coffee shops is that, even if they use good ingredients (as French Press does) they do not properly steep the chai. They pull it like an espresso shot and therefore it lacks flavor. Coffee Cat makes their own liquid chai mix that is sometimes great and sometimes a bit weak (but better than FP). Hopefully the folks at FP will read this and will consider looking into preparing chai the traditional way.

Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Yep the Coffee Bean on State and De La Guerra was really good for me in terms of Chai and cordiality(I think my wife at the time said the coffee was really good too) and I recommend that one. I think from what I am hearing though the coffee at French Press is to die for so look to others like apc for reviews on that, maybe they should take the Chai off the menu or make it a whole lot spicier and sweeter. This website is also about giving feedback to the owners who hopefully read these things.

Coffee Bean Chai!
Reviewer: a p c from Santa Barbara, CA
Coffee Bean does make the ultimate chai latte; nobody's here to contest that (I hope). I actually stopped at FP yesterday just to try out their chai and the only criticism I could give is that mayyybe it could have been sweeter, but maybe that's just me. I go for the espresso, anyway.

Reviewer: Chai Lover from Santa Barbara, CA
Maybe you should both meet up and hash your differences out at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf. They use REAL tea for their chais and their service is awesome!!...Just sayin'.

Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Say what you really feel apc! I throw it out there just like you do regardless of the popular tide but maybe I'll throw some mofos in like you do next time if you want. Starbucks uses the Tazo Chai syrup apparently. I think all Chai tea is supposed to be diluted as its really strong right? So not sure how else to make it be it tea leaves or otherwise, maybe you can inform me as I guess you work in the industry(wondering if I dissed the place you work at maybe?). My point was the Chai here was one of the weakest I've had in town so not exactly sure if they diluted it too much? The cordiality was also one of the worst I've seen in town(been to 30+ other coffee houses in town)but sorry to dis your fave place, the ambience and pastries did bring it up to an "Ok" rating for me.

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