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Tri County Produce
335 S. Milpas St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 965-4558

Reviews by the General Public

The Way it use to be when one went shoping for ones food.
Reviewer: David from Pasadena
I first went here several years ago while on a break with my lovely bride. It reminded of the times long ago before the Chain Super Markets had taken over the grocery business. What with its quirky building that combine both the open air market that one sees in the Mediterranean area and the Old South of Georgia. Combined with functionality of a semi closed building like I saw in the US Army. This quirkiness and funkiness has really charmed me to say the least. I was also very impressed by its staff and their helpfulness and good attitude. Somebody has trained and led them well in my humble opinion. The goods and foods were very interesting and reasonably priced. they also were very fresh to boot. The prices were also very fair.

Great Selection- Highest Quality- Friendly Service
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
I ghave shopped Tri-county for decades. I have always found the staff to be friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. I love the selection of grocery as well as produce. Their bulk section is second only to Whole Wallet, and much more accessible. Great wine choice. Local and organic produce. Can only do better at the Farmer's Market or one of the local Farm stands like Fairview Gardens or Ellwood Canyon. Certainly the best small market downtown.

What would we do without Tri-County Produce.
Reviewer: JASON from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Tri-County Produce and have shopped there for years. They may not have everything you want but they do have most everything you need for a great meal, fresh and great prices on their produce. They have the best Salmon in town! Cashiers are always friendly and anxious to help you out. One of my favorites is their fresh squeezed juice. Don't know what we'd do without Tri-County Produce.

Service is just terrible, produce is okay
Reviewer: Stephanie from Santa Barbara, CA
The employees are incredibly rude and unfriendly. I go to this store often, and it is so rare to hear a simple "hello", "excuse me", or "can I help you". The only reason I still go, is because it is the only store near my work, but I have been trying to prepare my meals ahead of time so I can avoid going. Most items are just way too expensive, the same item at Trader Joes is 1/2 the price. If the employees were at least friendly, I'd at least be okay with it a bit, but I am trying to avoid the place at all costs.

What happened?
Reviewer: Chris from Santa Barbara, CA
I was extremely disappointed yesterday shopping at Tri County Produce. Most of the produce was NOT fresh at all, in fact it was moldy (bluberries, zuccini, garlic), wrinkly (bell peppers), soft (cucumbers), limp (sugar snap peas) sad and old. I should've walked out after the first 3 things were appaling but didn't have time to go somewhere else. There were nuts on the shelf packaged from January. Also prices seemed to be outrageous now. Used to be a great, fresh, inexpensive place to go. What the heck happened??? Makes me not want to go back.

A local Traders
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Its basically like a locally run trader joes with better produce and fresher(local) stuff like Debbie's Delights etc. Negatives are narrow aisles, parking that backs out on Milpas(dangerous), high transient area and elevated grocery cart ramp to get down to your car(may be hard for the elderly). With all this its definitely worthwhile to go there though and I agree with previous reviews of the good stuff they have!

Great Place Best Produce and Prices
Reviewer: Melodie from Goleta, CA
That about sums it up. If you need fresh quality produce then this is the place. It is always so reasonably priced as well! The fresh lemonade and almond butter are delicious! I definitely recommend shopping here for anyone!

Lots of Organic, Love the Bargain Table
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Everything is great. I love the apple cider vinegar. My only comment is to the baggers/sackers: Don't bounce the produce as you load the grocery bag. Ease the produce into the bag.

Where I shop
Reviewer: Meridith from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been shopping at Tri County since 1971. Now that I'm living alone I really appreciate that I can buy one of everything, and that they don't wrap everything in plastic and styrofoam. They have the best meat, fish, dairy. Fun things too like designer teas, and I love seltzer water which they sell. They have fresh ciabatta rolls from Our Daily Bread and lots of grains, beans, dried fruit in bulk. You can get shampoo, toothpaste, sustainable paper goods, it's the best! Oh and a fantastic wine selection.

Gorgeous produce!
Reviewer: Susan Over from Evergreen, Colorado
Every time we visit the beautiful town of Santa Barbara our first stop is Tri County Produce to pick up fresh snacks for the hotel room, wine and SB Pistachios. Living in Colorado we don't see such beautiful produce year round. We love this place. Close to our hotel. Even if we just stop by to pick up a bottle of wine we still walk through the produce just to look!!! I am just trying to figure out a way to have produce shipped to me in Colorado from Tri County Produce!

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