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948 Embarcadero del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: No phone

  • Category: Coffee
  • Hours: Mon-Thi 7am-1am, Fri 7am-11pm, Sat 7:30am-11pm, Sun 8am-midnight, during finals hours are 630am-2am everyday
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Reviews by the General Public

Wrong hours
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
Tried to go 12:30 at night. Closed. What a disappointment. The hours are wrong. They're not open until 2. They're not even open past midnight. Lame.

Overall, Pretty Good.
Reviewer: Student from Santa Barbara, CA
Caje is by far the best coffee spot in IV. THE SPACE: There is ample seating except for every 12-13weeks or so when finals come around and students cram into the shop for hours. The outside is lovely and they have space heaters on the side area. They are constantly rotating the art and the music is enjoyable. THE STAFF: As expected in IV it is staffed with college students. They are usually very respectful and work very quickly. I have seen them crank out continuous lines without a hiccup. Good job guys! They are not too knowledgeable about the coffee but know how to make it so it works out. THE PRODUCT: For their location, they provide a product that sells. Most of their customers dont mind what their coffee tastes like, but are more interested in staying awake and they provide that. Their Roaster (Zoka Roasters) is quality, but I find their espresso drinks to be inconsistent. All of their smoothies are delicious. I recommend the O-Strawberries. Overall: A good coffee shop with a solid product and and nice space. What more could you ask for?

Caje Card Dilemna
Reviewer: Anonymous from Santa Barbara, CA
Deborah, you may want to know that when you refilled your Caje card a week beforehand it would have been impossible for anybody to tell you the store was closing, because none of the employees found out it was closing until the afternoon that it closed. Therefore your anger towards them is unnecessary. Be angry at the owner if anything.

Flavorless drinks, clueless staff
Reviewer: Barbara from Goleta, CA
I am tired of Starbucks, so I chose Caje as an alternative in IV a couple of times. But each time my coffee lacked flavor, waiting time was really long (even if they didn't have a lot of customers) and they often made a different drink than I wanted. Last time I waited fifteen minutes for a single latte (not a fancy drink, is it?), because they messed up two previous orders. Won't give this place another chance.

Watch about about the Caje Cards!!
Reviewer: Deborah Weinstein from Santa Barbara, CA
Watch out about their CAJE cards!!, 9/16/2010 Reviewer: Deborah Weinstein from Santa Barbara, CA I live in Carpinteria and used to LOVE the Caje that was here. Unfortunately for me and for a lot of other customers, they closed up shop. It wasn't the fact that they were having money troubles that bothers me..I totally understand about that! It's that they gave their customers NO WARNING AT ALL that they were closing their doors. I was in there about a week and a half beforehand, and paid about $50. to fill my card up for future smoothies. Nobody said a word about the store closing. Very disappointing. A few weeks later I went all the way out to I.V. to have them refund the card and they "couldn't". They gave my phone number to Ryan (owner), who never called. I called him and left messages which were never returned. !!!??? I was so surprised as it always seemed such a friendly place. So that is why my title is "Watch out about their Caje Cards!

The Best smoothies and Mojo in IV!!!!
Reviewer: Jimmy J from Santa Barbara, CA
I gotta tell you that my name is Jimmy J, and I endorse the entire flow at CAJE in Isla Vista!! Not only do they have the tastiest smoothies and Mojo around, but the vibe that exudes from the peeps that work there, along with the ambiance, parallels no other in the entire village!!! Right down to the homemade molasses whip cream that would delight many if it was only bottled up and available for extracurriculars....LOL! Some places just want your money, but CAJE wants you to have a good experience as well....and ask for one of their cool stickers! They love to give them away!! Totally IV! Go Gauchos!

Excellent - they serve Red Blossom Tea!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Jenny from Santa Barbara, CA
Wow, this place is a real treasure. For any of you interested in the world of teas, this place serves tea from the famous Red Blossom Teas, China Town, San Francisco, need I say more. If you're a fan of Red Blossom, this is the only place around that brews up this speciality Chinese tea. If you're not a tea fan, yet, then this is THE place to be initiated into the art of tea! Enough about the glories of Red Blossom, CAJE is also THE dank spot in town - great food, great service, free wi-fi. I really hope this place sticks around and keeps it real.

Love it!
Reviewer: Tina from Isla Vista, CA
I love love love this place! Great study spot and everyone who works there is so sweet. Love the vanilla latte and orange juice!!

Superb Coffee
Reviewer: Nikki from Santa Barbara, CA
Caje simply makes great coffee. The Vanilla Latte is especially good, they make their own vanilla syrup on site and it is truly special. They take the time to make beautiful artwork in the foam which mirrors the artistic ambiance. Great coffee, location, internet and addition to Isla Vista.

Best orange juice, ever.
Reviewer: Jenny from LA, CA (now UCSB)
The bagel that I had tried was AMAZING. It was cinnamon walnut something or other. Their orange juice? Simply fantastic. It's fresh squeezed. It's REAL oranges, none of that concentrated nonsense. I highly recommend this place.

Love Caje - Agave
Reviewer: Priscilla from Santa Barbara, CA
So this place is the coolest study spot ever! you have art work free wi-fi and its open til 2am. It gets super crowded on some nights so be careful and btw the drinks are amazing. I go for the agave iced, iced blended, and hot. All are great you have to get whipped cream because they make it themselves. the workers are so friendly and know their drinks well. The smoothies are also great!!! I have been there many times and will continue to support!

Good Drink, assorted pastries
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Interesting place. Good Beverages, limited pastries. Nice servers. Limited parking. Good study spot for students apparently.

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