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Jane - Downtown
1311 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-1311

  • Category: Californian
  • Hours: Mon-Sat 11:30am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10pm
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Meh, a mixed bag, 10/28/2017
Reviewer: David from Santa Barbara
Food was OK, not particularly noteworthy. Overpriced and smallish portions. I had the Ono, which came swimming in a thin, oddly sweetish cream sauce and didn't taste especially fresh. A less-than-generous glass of red wine will set you back north of $12. The deal-killer, though, was our young, stylishly bearded waiter, who exercised the personality of a stop sign. He would routine come barging in, interrupting our conversation, without regard to the moment, with such essential communications as, "Food should be here soon," and "Food good?" and "You want more wine?" Plus, he had a habit, perhaps a nervous tic, of constantly running his hand over his close-cropped hair as if to make sure it was all in place. Really annoying. Doubt I'll be back anytime soon.

Delicious dinner and great service, 8/2/2017
Reviewer: Christine from Santa Barbara
Reservation for party of 6 on Monday night at 5:30, we were going to the NY Philharmonic show at SBCC and had a tight schedule. We were the first to be seated as they opened, and service was attentive to our needs, and quick for us without being pushy. Everyone enjoyed their food. I had an entree salad of lettuces with grilled shrimp and seared ahi, 3 of each. The dressing was a very light, citrus and sesame concoction that was fresh and delicious. Local wine was enjoyable, and a generous pour. Whenever I eat at Jane I feel like I get such a great value for the price, and I taste something new and fresh. So enjoyable!

Reviewer: Steve from Santa Barbara, CA
We went to Jane for the first time based on all the great reviews however our experience was disappointing. Our waiter was friendly but had too many tables so service was slow. Our appetizer and dinners were average at best. To top it off, our bill came with an error on it. We are locals and won't be returning as there are much better dining options nearby.

Lovely Lunch
Reviewer: Melissa from Nashville, Tn
I had lunch here today and the food was very fresh and tasty. I had the Idaho trout salad. Even the cucumbers were good. The service was also very good. I will definitely return.

Not that great...
Reviewer: TakenCara from Santa Barbara, CA
Service was slow, food was lacking flavor, atmosphere was good, this was my third time here.... Not a fan, there are much better places in Santa Barbara to eat! I give it 3 stars

Nice place
Reviewer: Renk from IJsselstein, Netherlands
We were heading for another place wich was full, so we got here. Nice place! Food is very o.k. And service also. We were positivly surprised after reading te reviews.

Food was good, service was terrible
Reviewer: Elle from Santa Barbara, CA
My boyfriend and I just recently dined at Jane for my birthday, and we're very disappointed. We had a reservation and got a little table squeezed against the wall. The noise level was extremely loud; we could barely hear each other from across the smallest table. Lastly, our server was incredibly rude and not personable at all. She didn't introduce herself, and was extemely short with us. She only came to our table twice the whole night. The other times we had to call her over. Which we did: when our food took an hour! We were shocked and ready to walk out. If the food is going to take that long, it would be a smart idea to have servers ask if customers would like their soup or salad before their meal. Our server continued to not ask us if we would like more drinks, and didn't ask if everything was okay until we had finished our meal! We had to ask for a dessert menu although we had called previously and let them know it was my birthday. If I ever go back I will be sure to request to sit in the upstairs dining and make sure I do not get put in that servers section. I am writing this review in hopes that you will evaluate your service, you have a nice restaurant with amazing potential.

Stumbled upon an amazing anniversary dinner!
Reviewer: Stephine from Santa Barbara, CA
We were planning on going somewhere near the harbor since the weather has been so lovely, but lo and behold, the weather changed and we ended up downtown. Thank goodness! The staff was very nice, they sat us upstairs on the "Romeo & Juliet" balcony. Each table up there has its own little heater if you get cold (we did towards the end of dinner) and the view onto State Street is fantastic. The fried brie and apple fritters salad was amazing. The seafood stew with coconut milk was very large and delicious, as was the duck breast. Good size portions for the money. And of course, the coconut cake was to die for! We will definitely be back.

Good food, too noise
Reviewer: biljana from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was good, and service was OK. It was too noisy for me, and they could consider setting tables differently so that there is more space between tables.

Great restaurant and love the name!
Reviewer: Jane from North Tustin, CA
I happened upon jane by accident, about a month ago. My husband and son, who goes to college nearby, were off to some biking and left me to shop for a few hours and dropped me off right in front of the restaurant. I rarely eat by myself, but after shopping for a 1/2 hour, walked back to it. I was intrigued with the name, because my name is Jane and it looked so cool inside! :) Well, I couldn't have had a better lunch! I had the Idaho trout salad, which was incredible!! I ate at the bar and loved the ambiance. Great service as well. Had a delicious desert, but can't remember what it was now! Tried to make a reservation for Mother's day, but unfortunately they are closed on Sundays. Just made a reservation for June when we go back up there and I can't wait to taste the coconut cake which a friend told me is "to die for". I love this place! It will be a stop every time we visit the area for sure! I hope they open one in Orange County!

News for Beth
Reviewer: Jose from Santa Barbara, CA
A quick note to Beth...Jane is designed and marketed toward adults. I have kids and take them to nice restaurants now that they are pre-teens but would never think of taking infants to a place like Jane. Think of the other diners. Anyway, I have been to Jane numerous times and really enjoy the food and atmosphere. Keep up the great work!

one of the best
Reviewer: norm and joan from New York City
we had no idea of the wonderful dining experience we would have when, totally by good luck, we found a parking spot right in front of the restaurant and said, "hmm that looks like a more interesting choice than our intended destination..across the street"...pasta dishes were exceptional and the shrimp and tuna in salad ware outstanding ...we are used to very good food in nyc, and Jane compares to the best..sorry it is 3000 miles away, otherwise we would be there every week...and jane herself is a wonderful hostess..thank you for memorable evening...

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