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YoYumYum - Carpinteria
1005 Casitas Pass Rd, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 566-5929

Reviews by the General Public

It was okay...
Reviewer: Nate from Santa Barbara, CA
I enjoyed my three visits to Yo-Yum-Yum in Goleta, and the yogurt was pretty good. I found that some of the yogurt flavors were runny and icy-tasting...meh...and they didn't have much selection of well, the yogurt came out really fast so I got more than I bargained for...but the peach/apricot was really good! It's fairly priced too...Overall 3.5 stars/5.

If you like eating chemicals...
Reviewer: Allison from Carp
I thought the yogurt at this place was awful. I could actual taste the artificial ingredients that made up each flavor I chose. The toppings were fun but I won't get back just to fill up a cup of toppings.

Never Going Back
Reviewer: Serena from Santa Barbara, CA
On my way home from a beautiful day at the beach I decided to stop at YoYumYum in Carpinteria for yogurt. I had heard about it from friends and wanted to try it out. When I got inside I found that there were at least two customers sampling, with their fingers, directly from the yogurt machine, licking the yogurt off of their fingers, and then sampling, with their fingers again, from another yogurt machine. Yuck! If I'm seeing this while randomly stopping in the store on a Sunday night, how many other customers have done this throughout the day? The potential of catching some type of bacterial infection from the probable dozen or more licked fingers that have touched the dispenser throughout the day was enough to make me turn around and leave. I'm sure if the Health Inspector stopped by, this would be a big issue. I will not be going back. Pinkberry, with it's nice machines behind the counter and without customer interaction now look much more appetizing.

no more peanut butter!
Reviewer: Jessie from Carpinteria, CA
i really love this place. its quick easy and convenient but... they stopped serving peanut butter soft serve.. that was the only flavor i got there and i miss it! i hope they get the pb soft serve back asap so i can go back to yo yum yum and fulfill my soft serve needs!

More like Ho-Hum Yogurt
Reviewer: Minnie from Santa Barbara, CA
The service here was weird the couple of times I've been in. Once, I asked for the nutritional details/ingredients and the person I was talking to had to call someone who spoke English to help me. She had literally no idea what I wanted. It makes me nervous if someone can't speak/read English in terms of food safety and being able to take care of the equipment. I finally did get the info I wanted, but neither person was friendly (I was not unfriendly at all and kept my concerns to myself, so this was not a factor in their lack of friendliness.) The yogurt itself is okay, but the selections kind of left me cold, no pun intended. The vanilla was runny and drippy and I wasn't sure if it was supposed to be like that or not. They had green tea and toasted coconut when they opened, but no longer seem to have those flavors.

great food
Reviewer: Gina Tieso from Santa Barbara, CA
yesterday was the first time eating there and i loved it the food was deliousisand so was the survice.the thing i liked the most was that i new it was in a safe sucure place

Best-ever Yogurt!
Reviewer: Jerri from Corvallis, or
We visited during spring break and was very excited to discover this delicious, healthful desert. It is the tastiest yogurt I have ever had and cannot wait until we go back to visit in July!!

Great idea for a Yogurt Place
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The ability of do it yourself serving size and toppings(great selection!) is awesome. I look forward to it coming to Goleta. They have different yogurt flavors over the basic stuff too. Great place to bring kids and a nice dessert place to go on the strip mall there.

Reviewer: Cherry from Santa Barbara, CA
I never quite understood the fascination/excitement of Pinkberry since I think all frozen yogurt places taste the same. What I like about Yo Yum Yum is that I can control the serving size. If I just want a little sweetness then my portion isn't that big. If the next day, I want to gorge myself in frozen yogurt, then I can. I like that I can pay for exactly what I want. It's true that at times there are way too many noisy teenagers in there but weren't we all at some point?

Reviewer: Letizia from Santa Barbara, CA
Hi, I was an exchange student from Kaplan Aspect. My hostfamily was located in Dariesa street, Carpinteria. That means for me I looked around first in Carp. It was emazing when i found YO YUM YUM. I started to tell my other exchange student friends how delicouse your Jogurt is.. And we went nearly every day to take a Jogrt.. mhhh.. but anyway my point is, because I'm from an other country, (and you know other countries just know burger and that stuff) i can make a little bit advertisement.. and maybe who knows.. the YO YUM YUM could grow up.. so that was just an idea because that is really something that i will never forget from my time, when i lived in Carpinteria.. Thank you Letizia from Switzerland

best yogurt place ever
Reviewer: chris fedderson from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is so awesome; the best flavors, the awesome nice cashiers and pretty colors. Awesome toppings too.

Scrumcious Yo yum yum
Reviewer: Frank tarkington from Santa Barbara, CA
The place is uniqe it has its own style. The yogurt is pritty good but the flavors should change more often . . The service is incredible. Beckie is one of the sweetest cashiers I've ever met

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