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Saigon - Downtown
1230A State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-0909

Reviews by the General Public

Food ok service not so much
Reviewer: Stanley from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was just ok. One of dishes we ordered was sent to the wrong table and we got hearing one one. We kept asking different wait paople for more water an soy sauce and it finally them. The service was poor. We would go back there

Surly Server
Reviewer: Arlene from Santa Barbara, CA
Came for lunch with a group. To be courteous, we sent our order in advance; even still some of the orders were wrong. Some of the food was sitting out on tables near ours when we arrived (we were a little early too), so the hot food was cold. The server started calling out the orders, ignoring us except for those claiming the order. The other half of the food came out many minutes later. No water was on the table, requests were ignored until the server snapped “Can you wait a minute?” Never came by to check on us, or fix wrong orders. She did linger over us as she waited for us to pay the bill…. I see they may have new ownership. Hopefully service will improve?

best price in town
Reviewer: Mike from Santa Barbara, CA
Food was tasty, the rare beef rice noodle was good. They gave me a fare amount of beef, no different then around town. Maybe a little cheape. The ice tea was light & fruity. I went when it was slow, the service was fast & good. The decore was light and inviting. I kind of liked the different colored lights in the ceiling. Will be back.

Saigon - Downtown
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Sally Spork reviews Saigon Vietnamese Restaurant Atmosphere: Spacious, nice comfortable wooden tables/chairs. Simple decor which I appreciate. Sometimes light Asian music is playing. Service: No matter what location I go to (and I've been to all three: Milpas when it was there and the two on State Street) I'm always greeted promptly and my food/drink order taken promptly. Food is delivered quickly as well. Food/drink: Everything I've ordered has been delicious and I've ordered extensively from their menu: spring rolls, curry rice noodles (all versions: chicken, salmon, duck, beef mignon), broccoli stir fry, papaya salad and of course the Pho. I find the food tasty and fresh. If I'm feeling sick or if it's cold out, I order Pho but usually get a heavier entree which I'm always satisfied with. Summary: This is one of my favorite eating places in Santa Barbara. I can always count on it for great food and service. My friends and I joked we wondered if the Vietnamese mafia was descending about SB when they expanded from lower state to upper and branched out to Milpas. I'm fine with that if they are bringing all this tasty, satisfying food. Glad they're here to stay.

Not the best pho in town, but not bad either
Reviewer: SLV from Santa Barbara, CA
Came here for lunch and ordered pho. The meat was perfect but the broth seemed to lack dimension. However, the service was quick and friendly, and I really enjoyed being able to sit near a window and watch people passing on State St. I'm guessing their other dishes might be better, as it seemed pho was not a focus for them as at many other Vietnamese restaurants.

Good for Santa Barbara
Reviewer: Elizabeth from Santa Barbara, CA
I agree with the reviewer who said the food is good for Santa Barbara, but doesn't really compare to Vietnamese food in other parts of the country. The menu is limited, the meat doesn't contain the tasty char or carmelization common to Vietnamese food and the flavor is a little bland. I love Vietnamese food, so keep coming since it's the closest thing I can get in Santa Barbara (other Vietnamese restaurants are comparable in SB). If this is the only Vietnamese food you've had and you like it, you'll be really excited when you try it in another city.

lettuce fix the spring rolls
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Cilantro used to be the dominant filler in the once-delicious shrimp spring rolls. This time it was shredded lettuce with mushy shrimp and barely a trace of cilantro. Removing the flavor is a terrible way to cut costs, and that's what this felt like. We'll try them again - after asking if the recipe is back to what it was.

Not Bad but used to be better
Reviewer: Carlos Herrera from Santa Maria, CA
I ate here with my girlfriend and had a good, not great meal. I ordered a rice dish with pork, while my GF had the rice vermicelli with salmon. Both dishes were good but my dish had just a little too little meat. The last time I ate here, about a year ago, the meat portions were noticeably larger.Her dish was good. It was a good meal for $40,including tip, with sake and hot tea, which is good for SB.

Reviewer: Lieu from Santa Barbara, CA
Most of my friends abosolutely love this place, but I have to say this restaurant is mediocre when compared to any Vietnamese restaurant in LA, San Diego, etc. and also when compared to Noodle City in Goleta. I think the high praise is mostly from folks who haven't had Vietnamese food before. Vietnamese food is some of the most amazing food on the planet and this restaurant just doesn't do it justice. And, at the prices charged, there really is no excuse. The servers have always been very friendly but the service is also very slow. Again-unacceptable if you have ever seen the speed demons at LA restaurants. Get better Saigon, 'cause I know you can!

Great Stuff like the other Saigons
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
You know you see people eating at the McDs across the street and you want to tell them come, come to a wonderful land of flavors. Oh well it is definitly more expensive than McDs but the food is really amazing. Pretty consistent food here as the other two Saigons. If you have not tried Vietnamese you are missing out. As said before this place has what the food looks like on the menu which is very helpful in ordering. The waiter was extremely nice. The ambience is Nirvana like, you feel like you are in a Zen garden with the music. Its a very big place too. The food was out extremely quick. Try the Thai Iced Tea, not on the current menu but seemed like the best one I have ever had(even if it was 80% ice). Get the soups where you get broth and you put your own stuff in but everything is good here I'm sure.

Reviewer: Lindsey from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this restaurant. I've lived here for several years, and I've gone to Saigon (several of their locations) more times than I can count. The food is delicious and reasonably priced. I have never had a complaint about the size of the dishes. My current favorite item is the shrimp rice noodle curry. It had a bite to it, but it's not intolerably spicy. I recommend this place!

Waiters not receiving tips
Reviewer: Dorian from Santa Barbara, CA
I think its important that people know this successful restaurant does not tip out their waiters. When customers believe they are rewarding the waiters for their service in tips, they should know that the servers never see that money.

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