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Corktree Cellars Wine Bar & Bistro
910 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-1400

Reviews by the General Public

CorkTree Cellars
Reviewer: Sally Spork from Santa Barbara, CA
Atmosphere: Located on Linden, a good sized wine bar and restaurant. There are couches, a bar and tables and chairs scattered throughout. A large case of wine bottles adorns the wall. Service: We were seated immediately and the waitress was very attentive. Our drinks and food came out in a good speed. Food/drink: I ordered a wine wine and my companion ordered a beer. (So note, they do offer beer) We ordered the lobster mac and cheese, delish. We then split the bruscetta sandwich which comes with Parmesan french fries. It was tasty. My friend is a vegetarian, hence the sans-meat choices. Summary: CTC is a wonderful place for a drink with a friend or a tapa or a fuller meal. With an extensive menu, there are plenty of interesting options to choose from. I'd return.

Good wines, bland food
Reviewer: Micheline from Carpinteria, CA
The service here is friendly and there's a good selection of local and international wines (and yes, you can buy them to take home and the prices are better than Vons and Ralphs and close to TJs prices for wines.) The wine flights are great if you fancy a couple of different tastes or are with a party. I haven't had any bad experiences with them serving wine at room temp, like others here have said. But the food isn't great. I ordered the fish of the day once and it was still frozen inside, with ice crystals. I rarely send food back, but I had to. How can a fish of the day be frozen? And more importantly, how can it be served half hot and half icy? Weird. Also, their cheese platter is great, truly nice cheeses but it's ruined by having stale, store bought ritz crackers served with it. Whomever is in charge here needs to just go the extra mile and ramp up the food quality. People WILL come here and spend the money, but they don't seem to realize they are driving local business away by half-baking (literally in some cases) things where the food is concerned.

Better than ok but not great
Reviewer: Sammy b. from Los Angeles, CA
We went for happy hour and sat at the bar. Didn't find the service to be particularly friendly, but it was adequate. Guess we were looking for more small town local charm. We weren't crazy about the selection of hors d'oeuvres on happy hour. Everything was fried or heavy, so we ordered from the tapas menu instead. grilled shrimp with polenta was okay. The flavor was good, but the shrimp were a little overcooked and chewy. The polenta was good. Drink specials were okay too, 4 oz pours of wine for 6 or 7 bucks if you don't choose a flight. think the flight was a better deal.

Good for the kids too!
Reviewer: Butterfli from Pacific Grove, CA
The food is always excellent and the service is just as good, no matter whether you are doing wine flights or taking the family out to eat. They have an eclectic menu while not extensive, it certainly has something for everyone. The service is always patient, courteous and prompt. Well done in the kitchen, presentation, and service.

Cork Tree Cellars
Reviewer: Tom Anderson from Carpinteria, Ca
Our first visit after numerous accolades on this place from friends and relatives over the past year or so. Nice ambiance and then it was downhill. Pleasant waitress with limited knowledge on food and wine. White wine should not be served at 42 degrees. Artichoke dip should have some moisture in it so that you do not need a steak knife to cut it out of the dish. And I should mention the tortilla chips and toast rounds that came with the dip were yesterdays throw-aways. And then their signature dish and our reason for coming, mac&chz, with lobster......totally over cooked and welded to the plate I am sorry that I wasted their and my time. As a true foodie this is one of the worst meals I have ever had in a supposedly respectable place. Oh, did I mention the salad..forget it.

Loved every single bite and sip! I will be back!!
Reviewer: Hattie from Santa Barbara, CA
I was lucky to find this place on this website, I was looking for a new place to go and try. Wow was I over the moon pleased with Corktree Cellars. The service was friendly and prompt. The dining room and lounge area are very nicely decorated and comfortable. The food was AMAZING and the wine was delicious! Great prices too! I left happy, full, and I will return again and again!

Still Good Stuff!
Reviewer: Jason Koivu from Carp, CA
I've been back numerous times since they opened (and since my last review) and Corktree is still going strong. They've changed the chef, and though the menu has stayed the same, I can taste the difference in the food. It went from generally sweeter to more straight forward and on one occasion, a tad too salty, but still solid nonetheless. Ann, who never seems to get a day off, is a constant friendly face who enlivens the bar area. Laptop and lounge friendly. TV volume (usually a game is on) is kept down. Relaxing neighborhood spot.

Pretty Good Little Place
Reviewer: Krista and Tony from Goleta
We've been to Corktree a couple of times now and We've found the food to be both creative and consistently good. As Wine Bars go Corktree is particularly unpretentious, really serious winos may mis-interpret this and feel that Corktree isn't up to snuff but really its just simpler and a bit more casual. They don't have a massive wine list but they definitely do offer great examples of approachable wine from many regions and in many varietals. The wine flights are fun too and a great way to compare and learn about those different regions and varietals. On top of that prices per glass are pretty good when compared to many other places. Food wise I've always enjoyed the Corktree menu and I prefer to keep to the simpler bistro style items when tasting. To me that's the way a wine bar should be. The only negatives I observed were that sometimes the service staff doesn't know enough about the wines they serve (or wine in general) and to pick a purely personal nit, I wish they'd ditch the disguised fluorescent lighting in the dining room and install simple down light like they have at the bar. We'll still be back though. T

Our favorite lunch spot
Reviewer: spacechic from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is one of the gems in Carpinteria. We love Jessica and her staff, especially love the chef too! Food is perfectly proportioned & savory. The wine list is excellent for our frequent visits but Jessica is the best. Hostess with the mostest!

Yummy Food, Warm Atmosphere
Reviewer: A Garcia from Santa Barbara, CA
I somehow don't make it into downtown Carp much, but when I have taken the time to go to the CorkTree I have always left satisfied and pleased. The food is really tasty, I've had memorable glasses of wine there and the staff seems to really like each other and are super friendly. I recommend this place and will continue to!

Great little restaurant
Reviewer: Sandy from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the decor, I had been there for dinner before and loved everything from the fantastic meal to our server, who was very attentive. We went there for the brunch by a friends recommendation. The food was fabulous! Especially the eggs Benedict. My only criticism would be that the server we had this time seemed very overwhelmed by the three tables she was tending too. It actually made me nervous watching her. I will definitely be back, everyone has a bad day.

our fav new place!
Reviewer: chris from Santa Barbara, CA
Food prepared flawlessly and with an attention to detail. Great staff. Prices are fair. I really appreciate what this restaurant is trying to do. It feels like a part of a community. It has a personality and a sense of humor. We came here on a lark and then ate twice here while being evacuated in the Holy Jesusita Fire. This place should be supported.

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