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Renaud's Patisserie & Bistro - Upper State
3315 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 569-2400

Reviews by the General Public

Croissants, 4/9/2018
Reviewer: Louise from New jersey
We travel every year from new jersey to Santa Barbara. One of my first stops is Renaud's for the almond croissants. A bit pricey, but worth it. If I were on the show "the best thing (pastry) I ever ate". renaud's would get my vote. Just ate 4 last month, March and they were fabulous. Do not know what customer is talking about the shape changed to a hot dog.

What happened?
Reviewer: Lily from Santa Barbara, CA
For the last several years Renaud's has been my go-to place for amazing croissants. Today I picked up 6 croissants (2 plain, 2 chocolate, and 2 almond). They were not the usual flaky, crispy exterior with soft interior that I have loved on prior orders. Instead, they were soft and tasted like they were already a day old. We ate them immediately upon getting home, and they weren't hot/steaming when they were placed in the box. This isn't a case of user error. Very, very disappointed. I am sorry to see other reviews also indicating a downward slide in quality. I hope that things turn around again quickly!

Disappointing This Time
Reviewer: PJ from Santa Barbara, CA
This is the third time I've eaten breakfast here and this time was not good. My sandwich was not very warm. My breakfast potatoes were burned and cold. My friend's bacon was very greasy and under cooked. I was surprised at the lack of attention to detail and it wasn't crowded.

Changing the Almond Croissant's shape
Reviewer: Christian from Santa Barbara, CA
I've been to Renaud's many many times, the service is OK at best but when it's busy well "oublier ša" the pastries are great especially the almond croissants which is what me and my friends always get along with a cafe au lait but now the owner has decided to change the shape of the croissant it looks like a hot dog now, it's ridiculous, don't fix what's not broken, they have taken away the small pleasures of sitting at a French patisserie and enjoying a cafe and croissant, it doesn't feel the same anymore, I will not be going back.

Avoid if crowded...
Reviewer: jhc from Santa Barbara, CA
Great pastries and good coffee... but if there is a big line you should expect terrible service. Yesterday AM there was one server for 20-plus tables. Lots of tables went un-bussed, lots with no place settings or napkins and none available from the dispensers. After a long wait we got our croissants (delicious) but the waitress dropped one on the floor next to the table... she promised a quick replacement, but twenty minutes later we had to intercept her to inquire about the pastry she had clearly totally forgotten about. Several minutes later we finally got the croissant but by that time the dregs of our lattes were room temperature. To be fair, anyone can have an accident and this girl was so obviously hassled that it is tough to blame her for the bad service, but this is the second time in our last three visits that the cleanliness and service were simply awful. This joint is good, but too pricey to put up with sub-par staffing levels. My advice, if it seems crowded, forget it and go elsewhere.

Wonderful lunch, if you get there before the crowds
Reviewer: Kaye from Santa Barbara, CA
I've eaten at Renaud's many times and love sitting outside. The trick is to go early or late to avoid the lunch crowd. My favorite is the ratatouille, and their salads are very fresh with just the right amount of viniagrette. On my last visit I had the raviolettes which I found to be a bit dry because they had less sauce that the last time I had them. One of the staff told me that some people had complained of too much sauce before, so I could ask for extra sauce next time I order it - problem solved. My husband had the roast beef sandwich which he said was the best he had ever had. We took home a slice of the apricot tart which we shared for our dessert that evening - delicious! We're so lucky to have this bit of France in town!

Better than France
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
After spending time in France this summer our group of seven long time locals voted Renaud's pasteries superior to any we had in the multitude of French bakeries we visited in many French towns. We would purchase the same selection,then share them to compare to Renaud's in SB. Renaud's won hands down! Tres Bien! The owners of Renaud's are visible,friendly and helpful. It IS a popular meeting place for an amazing breakfast,lunch or coffee so of course it is crowded at peak times. After reading a previous comment we find it offensive that any review would be allowed to be printed that referred to a person's "perceived appearance". As frequent customers we have found the staff professional and helpful even when dealing with the seldom seen but sometimes rude, arrogant and/or demanding patrons.

great pastry. bad service
Reviewer: Sam from Santa Barbara, CA
I love this place, but on the last visit I was having a discussion with an employee about a product and what appeared to be the owner (heavy woman with very long brown hair) interrupted and was being very rude. The younger girl was doing a good job but the woman ruined the experience. Some people do not belong in the front of the house.

Great + Bad
Reviewer: richard from Ithaca, NY
The croissants, coffee and service are tops, but a large chocolate tart we bought to take to a dinner party was very disappointing. I have reliable info that the breakfast is "yummy". I am leaving now to get the best almond croissant in existence - from Renaud's.

So pleased
Reviewer: Meridith Moore from Santa Barbara, CA
I drove a friend to the airport early this morning and on the way back to town stopped for Breakfast at Renaud's at Loreta Plaza. Croissant with two eggs and fresh fruit salad. Their croissants are excellent, crisp, warm and accompanied by their handmade strawberry jam. Farm fresh eggs cooked just as I liked them and the fruit salad was watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe, figs and strawberries, ripe and tasty. Best breakfast dining out in SB!

Reviewer: Celine from Santa Barbara, CA
Best French Toast, Almond Croissant , Chicken Sand and Apricot tart. Friendly service. Lovely atmosphere but not enough seating during peak hours. Ate at Renauld several times. I highly recommend it for the quality of their food and pastries. Only wish they extnd their operating hours.

Hard to beat
Reviewer: Meridith Moore from Santa Barbara, CA
We are completely addicted to the Quiche at Renaud's but yesterday tried the grilled chicken salad and cannot get over how delicious, fresh and beautiful it is.

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