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Los Tarascos - Downtown
314 E Haley St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (866) 898-0529

Reviews by the General Public

Hidden gem!
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
Really good chicken tortas, turkey tortas, turkey sandwiches, chicken ranch salad, fresh fruit. Lots of baked goods and coffee, the only drawback no coffee made after 11am on weekdays ???huh???

Ok food, people nice
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Not really into tortas and that looks like their specialty. The sandwich I had was just not there. Smoothy was just Ok also. Can't really recommend the place with so many better places on Milpas. People were really nice but looked like they are after more of a Hispanic clientele as it was hard to communicate. Some varied hard to see menu items posted around the place so check that out before you order.

Absolutey wonderful!!
Reviewer: Maria Elena TorresJuarez from Santa Barbara, CA
I have had the pleasure of eating there many times since I work real close to Los Tarascos. The tortas are fabulous and not to mention the salads. I love pan dulce and at Los Tarascos I can truly say that the pan there is "As Good As It Gets!!" And the Arroz con leche--OMG to die for!! The coffee is just right, and the smoothies, and fruit plates..I can go on and on!! The service goes without mentioning--very curteous and attentive staff and the owners treat you like family or friends!! If you haven't been there, you don't know what you've been missing out of.

Delicious Sandwiches!
Reviewer: Nicole from Goleta
I just had a sandwich from there last night, the "La Tarasca" for $6.50. That's about the going price of a sandwich down town but this was so much better. The bread is homemade and the sandwich is pressed, like a panini. The sandwich itself is filled with: cheese, avocado, beans, jalapeno, roast beef, turkey, ham, egg and bacon. I couldn't believe how much meat they put in there. This is one of the best deals in town and the owner is always really nice and recognizes us now! If you haven't had the pleasure of going here yet, get down there ASAP. The ratones y boliquesos are also to die for.

So delicious and great service!
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
This cute little place is amazing! They have the best buns filled with cream cheese and jalapenos. The sweets are delicious too, I love the little "ratones" (I think) which is pie crust filled with flavored cream cheese. They are cute, cheap and taste amazing, try the kahula and cinnamon if you can! I plan on coming back again and again.

Nice Place
Reviewer: Mari from Santa Barbara, CA
I really love this place, I work nearby and I'm there all the time. They have a good selecion of bread and make some great tortas. The staff is friendly and the food is inexpensive.

nice, clean, happy place
Reviewer: patrick from Santa Barbara, CA
I visit Los Terascos a few times a month, mainly in the afternoon, when I need a little pick-me-up and I stop in for a pan dulce and a cup of coffee. The guy at the register, whom I assume is the owner, is always very friendly and helpful. The pan dulce is as good as it gets, and the coffee is fine. Great, wallet friendly place to get a snack. I'll try to remember to stop in for a sandwich sometime...

sandwiches! yum!
Reviewer: Beatriz from Santa Barbara, CA
I work close by and have tried quite a few of the other places in the neighborhood, this is by far the best if you want a sandwich! They have fresh baked bread they use and they can toast it if you like. It's great, they always accompany it with either fresh fruit salad or a green salad. It's really great~! :O)

Cheap and Tasty....
Reviewer: Aubrey from Santa Barbara
I am super happy with this place. I get sweet breads and other treats from here daily. I go at night when they are hot and fresh. Its nothing fancy, or is it spot clean. You get a tray and tongs and pick out your breads and pasty then pay. I love it. Went there last night, enjoying a chocolate dipped delite right now.

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