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Del Valle Grill
5746 Hollister Ave, Goleta
Phone: (805) 683-1719

Reviews by the General Public

Our go-to place!
Reviewer: Ben from Santa Barbara, CA
We like the food! We consistently order the taco combination, one with beef & one with pork. Just now branching out to one of their burritos.

Extraordinarily cordial, good food, inexpensive
Reviewer: Max from Goleta, CA
I grab a taco or two there a few times a week. The Taco Salad is good and I've had burritos also, all were just fine. The food is plain pretty muchly, but they have some different salsas that you can season with to spice it up. If I'm really tired in the evening I can watch the soccer game or news, work on my Spanish and take some time and enjoy the meal. The atmo is always friendly and cordial. There really is no downside to the place including the prices, a soft shell taco is a whole $2 or so.

One word that you must have more then one of - TACOS
Reviewer: Matthew from Santa Barbara, CA
The owner is awesome! Super nice friendly atmosphere, real authentic whole in the wall type gem. The tacos are really really good - trust me you won't be disappointed. My roommate used to go at least twice a week (and of course I would slip in my order!) . Check it out!

Fresh and Authentic Mexican Food Made to Order.
Reviewer: Hermenejildo Lule from Santa Barbara, CA
I enjoy my lunch at Del Valle Grill, because their platillos are of great taste, fresh and at reasonable or better yet, moderate prices. I enjoy their service and the welcoming atmosphere. I encourage others to check it out and enjoy un pedacito de Jalisco - Buen apetito, enjoy!

mmm, tostadas
Reviewer: lemonjelly from santa barbara, ca
I really liked the ceviche tostada served here. I don't know what is truly authentic or not, but this one came with a light slather of mayo on the tostada shell, then the ceviche, and vegetables, and some big thick slices of avocado. Instead of being strongly tangy from the citrus, it was mellow and creamy. And I liked that a lot. Price was $3.00. My dining companion got a shrimp taco plate, with 2 tacos, rice and beans (whole beans, not refried), for $5.85, a great price, imho. Tacos a la carte are around $1.85. Chips and salsa are complimentary, although the texture of the chips wasn't my favorite. Really friendly people there, too. But the place can be hard to find, there was no front signage.

Ok food/service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Food was Ok, kind of a more "wet" burrito, I tend to like the tortilla drier. Salsa was really good. Service good with some language barriers. Food out pretty quick. Parking issues is the big problem on Hollister though it looks like you can park in the Kragen pkg lot possibly. No self serve soda fountain option.

Best kept secret in Goleta
Reviewer: David from Goleta, CA
There are so many Mexican joints in this time and just like a bell curve, 10% suck, 10% are great, and 80% are average. I think Del Valle is definitely at the top of the class. The service is friendly but since I normally get food to go, I am more concerned about the food and that's where it shines. All the meats are great and I always get the taco platter but I ask them to make the tacos "super tacos" which means sour cream and guacamole. The horchata is hit or miss but the meat (I've nearly had them all) is right on. My friend Brian told me about the place and I told my roommates and we all go at least once a week.

Great Food and Owners
Reviewer: Jon from Santa Barbara
With an office in Old Town Im always on the look for new haunts. I would have to disagree with a previous poster, and this is a step above a taco stand. The Place was very clean. New Counters and Uniformed Staff that was friendly. Well Priced and Great Variety of Items. Have had Chicken in a Burrito and in a plated dinner both times chicken was moist and nicely flavored. Beans are REAL not mashed out of a can. a huge improvement on the previous place. Best of luck to this people.

More of a taco stand...
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara
Than a restaurant. The interior is sparce and the menu is limited. I was hoping for a new mex restaurant,but what I found was tacos and burritos. We were the only gringos in their, I thought,that can be a good thing!But alas, my carne asada plate was tough. My wifes chicken tacos were a little bland. The beans and the rice were good, but thats about it. You order from the counter and can get chips and salsa from the chip bar. I want to try it again and see if there is any redemption.

My new favorite Mexican Restaurant
Reviewer: Val from Santa Barbara, CA
I can't get enough of this place. I just had dinner there tonight with my husband and the food was excellent. The carne asada taco plate is superb. The meat was very tender and spices are perfect. The portions are plentiful. Also, the rice and the pinto beans are very flavorful. Everything that I tried so far (5 visits-3 visits ordered the taco plate) always taste very fresh and it's nice to eat mexican food that is not drenched in sauce like some restaurants I've tried in order for the food to taste good. I'm definitely looking forward to my next visit to try the other items offered on their menu.

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