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Rockin' Yogurt
620 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-6190

Reviews by the General Public

Best place for fro yo and people watching :)
Reviewer: Veronica from Santa Barbara, CA
I love Rockin Yogurt! I come a couple times a week for an afternoon snack and love chatting w/ Mimi who runs the place. She and her husband are so nice and make me smile each time I walk in. They have the best quality yogurt too, I like original Plain Tart and the ones at Pinkberry & Yogurtland are too sweet. Plus, they're the only ones where you can get your fro yo served in a crepe cone! And they have a table and chairs set up outside, where you can sit and people watch on a nice day. AND they're a local business, which I love supporting.

I EAT Rockin' Yogurt EVERYDAY {^_^}
Reviewer: Stephanie Peng from Santa Monica, CA
i know that everybody likes Yogurtland, but i think that just for the young teens to go there have fun~ not for go there to eat the real yogurt!! Rockin' Yogurt has the best yogurt, i know the price is little higher than Yogurtland but if u want to have the real yogurt!! u must go to Rockin' Yogurt! P.S. n Rockin' Yogurt's owner~ she's very very nice!!

Best High Quality Yogurt in SB area
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
I'll add to all the other positive reviews and say this place is really good. Different than Yogurtland across the street in terms of no self serve here. I think these two place are arguably the best two in the area. Rockin style is high quality with store worker put on toppings. Nice people here as at Yogurtland. Win win depending on your style between these two places! Green Tea worked for me, expect tartness in everything here. This place unlike other national chains is a one store locally owned place so definitely support them!

Very good Overall
Reviewer: Melinda from Santa Barbara, CA
I went here specifically because all the other yogurt places in town have seemingly discontinued their Green Tea flavors, which is my favorite. I'd heard that Rockin' Yogurt had it and so I stopped by. I was very impressed with the service. The staff were friendly and helpful and I LOVED the fact that the toppings were behind glass and put on by a staff member. I felt that it was much more sanitary than the other shops where you see kids putting their dirty hands in the toppings you're about to try. It's just gross. But I found this entire shop (small though it is) very, VERY clean. The price was great, and my only disappointment was just that the green tea flavor really didn't taste like green tea at all. It tasted very much like a regular tart flavor, only green in color. I did taste a small, faint hint of green tea at one point, but overall, it was not what I'd have expected. I'd definitely go back and I'd recommend them to friends, for sure. I just would order another flavor next time.

Rockin' Yogurt Rocks!
Reviewer: Bette Standon from Upland, CA
My friend Sue and I often go to Santa Barbara, and never miss the chance to go to Rockin' Yogurt on State Street before our trip back to The Inland Empire. The yogurt and toppings are fresh, and the employees there are always cheerful, friendly, and very generous with their portions. The store is always clean, and the bathroom is even exceptional. What a great place! Sincerely, Bette Standon Upland, CA

Long Time Yogurt Lover, We only rock Rockin Yogurt!
Reviewer: Dave from Santa Barbara, CA
I always go to Rockin Yogurt, ever since they were the only yogurt spot in downtown SB. The owner is usually there and she is really nice. She prides herself on providing the freshest and most healthy yogurt possible. If you ask her, she will go on about "natural ingredients, no artificial syrups, fresh cut fruit etc" and you can taste the difference. I resist the corporate big heads and their streamline (and bottom line) approach. Rockin Yogurt has a local feel that i really appreciate, and they treat you like a local too. We are going there right now! YUM!

Refreshing, wholesome, delicious yogurt--a taste treat!
Reviewer: Noelle Clearwater from Santa Barbara, CA
The yogurt is wonderful and fresh. It tastes like it was just made and it is not overly sweet. It is wonderful with fresh fruit and other healthy toppings. I would have it for breakfast with fruit and granola--a regular offering there. It is refreshing and can even stand in as a meal. The service is friendly and the portion sizes are generous. The fruit is extremely fresh and is often being cut for your order. I love the Mango and plain together with kiwi, strawberry and banana on top. It is so delicious. I would definitely recommend this store over others. It is worth the price to get good, healthy wholesome real yogurt that isn't filled with sugar and other additives.

Yummy Yogurt Crepes!!
Reviewer: Val from Santa Barbara, CA
I Love Rockin' Yogurt! Their yogurt is the freshest compared to all the shops in town. I love the strawberry yogurt the best which Mimi the owner adds real strawberries. Tonight I tried the new addition to the menu: Crepes! They were wonderful! The crepes were not overly sweet and had a nice light crispy edge. I like how it was served in a paper cone, so it would be easy to eat on the go. And the crepe was large and the toppings as usual generous. The combination I tried was plain yogurt, strawberries and added whipped cream. I can't wait to go back to try another combination.

Best frozen yogurt in town!!
Reviewer: Monica from Santa Barbara, CA
We love this place and are addicted! I really love the mango flavor and my boyfriend loves the strawberry. The toppings are always really fresh and sometimes we even see them chopping them in front of us. Best of all is the staff. The couple that owns it are really nice and know us since we go in so much. They always say hi to us and this is something you definitely do not get at the chain yogurt places. Based on my experiences, this is definitely the best yogurt place in town. Keep supporting local businesses!

My only Froz.Yo destination in SB
Reviewer: Eric from Santa Barbara, CA
I've tried some of the others but Rockin Yogurt has the best quality around. You can get cheaper product elsewhere but that's true of almost anything. Quality is more important than price to me - and honestly the price difference isn't that extreme. I just filled my frequent purchase card two nights ago, time to get some free yogurt :-) EMI

better quality
Reviewer: Lam from Santa Barbara, CA
they definitely are more consistent with the flavor of their yogurt. I hope they stay in business with so many competition in sb now.

Best Frozen Yogurt!
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
This place is simply the best. I really didn't understand why all these yogurt places were popping up but I get it after trying the frozen yogurt here. The price is amazing ($5 for a medium w/up to to yogurt flavors and 3 toppings!) and the service is unbeatable. They are REALLY fast and VERY genrous with their toppings! You actually have to be careful because there are so many toppings they will spill out of the cup. The plain tart is the best, the strawberry yogurt is pretty darn tasty and the green tea was only ok. I went here two times this weekend and plan to go back many more!

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