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235 W. Montecito St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 963-7600

Reviews by the General Public

a disgruntled sandwich lover
Reviewer: a disgruntled sandwich lover from Santa Barbara, CA
raising the price of the food by 5 bucks pissed me off... that is all...

No place I'd rather be...
Reviewer: Jeremy Borden from Lake Tahoe, CA.
This is my farvorite spot in Santa barbara. I have a good time every time. I can't afford $10 drinks alnight, but I can get atleast a break at the Neighborhood whether it is Happy Hour or not. Plus the health benefits of playing ping pong.

Best Bar in Santa Barbara, Best Prices and Great Food
Reviewer: Leah L from Santa Barbara, CA
I only wrote this In response to Aaron's bashing of my favorite spot. His ignorance is confirmed by his comments about the bartenders being fat, who says that? You can go to The Neighborhood 7 days a week and you will find a better crowd than most places in SB. Now they have 15 beers on Tap, Happy Hour until 9pm, The fun games, a cool friendly vibe you won't find on State Street, and oh yeah, the Nice bartenders who have been holding it down in the Hood for the last year. Sorry Aaron your full of it. The neighborhood is the BEST in SB, ask around.

What happen?
Reviewer: Aaron Jennings from Santa Barbara, CA
I use to visit this place on the regular. But have moved further uptown. I went in last night to eat with some buddies, but ended up going to the Brew House do to lack of service at the neighborhood bar. who ever the 2 new guys are they are sooooooo slow. "its like watching Sloths bartending." What happen to the other guys that used to work there? The slow bartenders wouldn't tell me. I have seen the cute girl bartender. but I think she is more for show and not for helping!(needs to go to bartending school!) This place fell off the cool vibe hard! not planning on coming back.

Last Saturday night....
Reviewer: Anne from Los Angeles, CA
I was at the hood for my first time, last Saturday night. This place is the sh#@t! Me and my girls got dressed up, to go downtown (clubbing.) We walked by, and saw the ping pong tables, and got sucked in from there. We ate a couple appetizers. (Thank god for chicken strips and curly fries.) After a couple of games of pong, we went downtown. (BORING!) Its just like every hip-hop video you wish you didn't see. So where do we return to? The neighborhood bar. So are night ended with cute bartenders a fun shot called Tweakin Puerto rican's , and I loaded the juke box with my songs (country rules!) P.S. Dear L.A. get a clue we need a hood bar

Addendum to tipping review
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
After writing the review on self-tipping there, I was contacted by both the owner and manager, who have been extremely apologetic and offered to make things right. So please, go eat, drink and be merry there. The bad guys are gone(got canned, apparently). It's all good there. And the food really does rock!

To Insure Proper Service
Reviewer: Marc Williamson from Santa Barbara, CA
I am a long time hood fan, and still am. The staff their rocks! I go there because they take care of me. They also know me by name, and welcome me and my friends when we walk in. (maybe it's there job?) But , at least I feel like cheers when everybody knows my name. Comfort? YES! Now as far as not tipping goes. I think tim is wrong not to tip, the food is CHEAP, and really good, and yes it is a restaurant so tipping is custom. Even when you pick up your own food. The hood Has never over tipped on me. but, then again I believe in TIPS! (To Insure Proper Service.) But I guess that goes to say "You have cheap food , then you may have cheap customers?) Hi I'm Marc, and I'm Hood for life!

Don't bother tipping
Reviewer: Tim from Santa Barbara, CA
The food rocks, but these guys have written their own tips in on my credit card slip twice now in the last 4 visits. It appears that tipping has now become so taken for granted that the customer is the employer and the servers just take their pay. This was not an error. I don't tip for placing an order and picking up my own food. Do you tip at Mcdonalds? Maybe that's next.

Great escape from the downtown scene
Reviewer: Vanessa from Santa Barbara
I love this place, the people who work here, the crowd and the food. It's simple and that's what makes it work. It's a great place to hang out, play games, listen to the juke box, and sit on the patio. The owner and staff are friendly and personable which makes the experience even better.

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