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Due Lune Cucina

514 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 966-1388

  • Category: Mexican
  • Hours: Monday 3pm-Close, Tuesday-Friday 11:30am-Close, Saturday/Sunday 11am-Close
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Dinner
  • Reservations: Yes, recommended
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Reviews by the General Public

Great place to eat !!
Reviewer: Nan from Santa Barbara, CA
We have been going to the Sandbar for several years and it is always a treat. They have the BEST birthday meals deal in town !!!

Much better than anticipated!
Reviewer: Jaime from Santa Barbara, CA
I went in for happy hour and thoroughly enjoyed myself. Lillian, my server was the best server I think I have ever had. The Perfect Margarita that I drank was in fact PERFECT! And the chicken fajitas were pretty fantastic as well. All in all, I had a blast and I am a fan. I look forward to going back!

Excellent spot for Happy Hour & Brunch!
Reviewer: Alisa from Santa Barbara, CA
I go to Sandbar with friends quite often. Their happy hour is great (2 for 1 drinks) and their service is always friendly and quick. They have delicious signature margaritas and great food. If you stay late, they have a DJ and dancing with drinks specials every night of the week. It's a fun spot for dinner and super fun for dancing and drinks well into the night. I highly recommend!

Rip off
Reviewer: Jean from Santa Barbara, CA
My husband and I were in Santa Barbara. We decided to try this restaurant. It was okay food and okay atmosphere. When I got my credit card statement, they added an extra $5.13 to the total of my bill, rounding it up. I had already left a tip on the check. I called them and they did not even apologize, they just said that they would refund it back. This is only after they checked it out and I told them that I have the original credit card receipt, if I had not had it as proof, who knows. I wonder how many people have been overcharged at this restaurant without even knowing it???

They do not follow through with what they say
Reviewer: Gail Gower from Santa Barbara, CA
Months ago I completed a form to receive a Birthday Certificate. We were never told by the waitress that there would be an email sent out when it was entered into the computer. We went to dinner one night (to the Sand Bar) and I asked about the cards we completed and wanted to know when we would hear. She said they probably have not entered the information yet (odd since it had been a few months). I was in the restaurant a month ago and asked again and got the same information. I called today because my birthday is in 2 days and an owner said there was nothing he could do about it. He said it was against the law to give away free dinners without agreeing to their email. It was not his fault that my information was not logged in and that he thinks I did not write the information correctly on the entry card. I have very clear writing. I believe my phone number was on the card too so they could have called. Bottom an owner I would believe the customer and make it right. The owner was NOT helpful at all! If you complete those cards make sure your waiter/waitress hands them in and ASK what else you need to do. They should not be handing out cards if they cannot accommendate their customers. Very poor marketing........the owner(s) just doesn't seem to be concerned. There are lots of other good restaurants in SB.

3 days in a row
Reviewer: Jenny from Lakewood, co
This place is amazing! My husband and I spent the last week in Santa Barbara and we ended up going to Sandbar 3 times. We always had great service, food was great for the price and 2 for 1 drinks with our dinner sealed the deal for us. We tried some other places but we kept going back to Sandbar. Go early though because this place is busy. I read the reviews and I don't understand why people would assume they should get Happy Hour everywhere? Restaurants in colorado only offer happy hour in the bar anyways?

Reviewer: Wendy from Santa Barbara, CA
Too bad this place offers a great happy hour 2 for 1 and an awesome atmosphere but they kill it in the 100 rules they have to be able to just be in a nice environment and hang with friends. They would be the #1 spot if they would relax with their rules. Can't have happy hour out on have to be in the bar which is very limited in seating as it is even for just a group of 4. If you sit in the patio you have to order dinner and the happy hour menu DOES NOT apply which is simply ridiculous! What does it matter what you order from what menu as long as you are spending your money there. Another negative is the service. Rude service across the board, the food isn't bad its actually pretty good. Its difficult to want to spend your money at a place where you aren't received with a friendly smile. Too bad its such a nice place with such negative attributes. Management needs to reconsider.

Awful service + Got salsa dumped on us
Reviewer: Ian from Santa Barbara, CA
It was my first time here and my immediate impression was great. Really well kept place and was really cool to eat by a fire pit. My impression quickly changed due to slow poor service, our waitress forgetting about us entirely, and to top it off we got salsa dumped on us by a server without an apology, or any type of compensation. It was in our hair and all over us and they just threw some napkins at us without saying a word. I will never eat here again

Sandbar Night/Day
Reviewer: James from Santa Barbara, CA
During the day Sandbar is a great place to catch a meal and enjoy the prime State St. location. The prices vary, but for the most part are under 10$. Margaritas are great and the service is good. At night Sandbar is the place to be. Thursday nights are great for college nights, but if this isn't the group for you, don't worry, every other night of the week is great with live music, awesome drink specials and a good crowd. This is especially true for Saturdays. Side note, if you eat here it is likely you'll need a to go box, the portions are generous.

Weak drinks, tasteless food, too many RULES
Reviewer: Nancy from Santa Barbara, CA
Went two times recently, both on Friday nights, so this review will reflect both experiences, both of which were subpar. The first time, with friends, the "skinny" margaritas (ripped off from Bethenny Frankel's creation) actually had some tequila in them and were quite good. Seafood enchiladas were awful - a few HARD cubes of tasteless fish drowning in cheese and sauce. I think Swanson frozen dinners are ten times better. No one else at our table was wowed by their food. Lot of rules and regs about where you can sit based on if you are planning to eat dinner or just drink. If you eat outside, which is 90% of the tables, they allow smokers to sit right next to you and blow smoke in your face. Luckily the food is so bland it isn't a loss there, only to your overall health and well-being. Second visit we sat in the bar to have the happy hour margaritas again. I guess if you smoke, you can sit by the firepit and just drink, but if you tell the hostess you just want booze, they make you sit inside at the bar- again - all those rules and regs - not cool. This time the margaritas were all mixer, not a spec of tequila could be tasted. Didn't even get a mild buzz on an empty stomach, after two cocktails. Our quesadilla appetizer was so greasy it left a bunch of ORANGE grease all over the plate. No seasoning or flavor, just a lot of cheese and grease. There are a hundred better places in SB than this for good mexican food, and even more places that actually put alcohol in the margaritas. To that cute blonde young man who bartends on friday night - I am not sure why you are trying so hard to save the owners money on liquor, you are only hurting the business because I sure won't be back.

Happy Hour Rip Off
Reviewer: Scott M from Santa Barbara, CA
Sandbar has happy hour from 4-8 advertised, but doesn't honor it past 7pm AND if you pay your check after 7pm they will charge you FULL PRICE for your drinks. The waitresses will also stay away from your table at the end of the happy hour to again force you to pay for full price drinks. This has happened to me several times now. There are dozens of reports of this between Yelp, Santa and the other review sites. Either don't visit them or make sure you pay for drinks AS YOU BUY THEM!

Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
Management is rude because they are not greeting people with respect. We were refused service before we even stepped in the door because we wanted to sit outside on the patio...Lame!!!!

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