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Ca Dario

Pho Bistro
903 Embarcadero Del Norte, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-3610

Reviews by the General Public

Reviewer: Victor from Santa Barbara, CA
Just a tittle clarification, Recently New Owner/Management 360% degree flip this restaurant New Menu, New Foods, New Drinks. You got to try it, You be surprise with the new taste./services.. Shock me as well

Reviewer: disappointed from Santa Barbara, CA
terrible "vietnamese" food. Not much variety and egg rolls are a rip off! $3.25 for two tiny egg rolls. Not worth going there.

Not great
Reviewer: Curtis L. from Santa Barbara, CA
This place doesn't serve authentic Vietnamese food, but this is America so it doesn't have to in order to have good food. Sadly, the pho is a complete disappointment - just bland MSG soup, cheap meat and noodles. Also, whereas at most Vietnamese restaurants one can get a huge jumbo size bowl for under $8, medium size bowls cost more than that here. It's to be expected in an area with no real Vietnamese competition, but I just can't recommend eating here.

only veggie pho in goleta
Reviewer: Janus from Santa Barbara, CA
The Pho is about as good as the other places in Goleta, except for some reason only Pho Bistro seems to carry veggie Pho, which is a plus.

Not very good food/service
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Though I like Vietnamese in general this is not a great place. Food not good for the price. Service with a bit of attitude, a wait for food, order wrong/food missing, not a lot of seating. Conveinent for IV people I guess but for Vietnamese I would suggest they make the attempt for either Noodle City in downtown Goleta or Saigon Noodle House by Kmart. Also they need to take the "Grand Opening" Sign down, been up a year!

Not authentic Vietnamese food, ironically.
Reviewer: Jenny from LA, CA (now UCSB)
I tried this place once and was highly disappointed. Since the owner was Vietnamese, I figured the food would be good. It was, but it didn't really taste like pho. I've had better pho in LA where the restaurants were owned by Koreans. Also, my friend's Vietnamese and her mom makes AMAZING pho. I know it isn't fair to compare, but I can't help but do so. It's good but mediocre.

Reviewer: Sarah from Isla Vista
I really really like Pho. It's fast, delicious, reasonably healthy and cheap. I have only ever tried the vermacelli with shrimp because it was so good I never wanted to try anything else. I get cravings for Pho. I actually have one now...

Reviewer: Karen from san francisco, ca
the food was good, but it wasn't exciting, something i can find at other vietnamese restaurant in san francisco, where i live... the service was lackin a bit.. not too much people were there and it took a bit long but all in all its all right... not absolutely great though. i just wish they would something else thats eye catching on the menu and the restaraunt alone.

Ever hear of the phrase "you get what you pay for"?
Reviewer: Phil from Santa Barbara
I see a lot of whining about taste and etc. etc. The meal is less then 10 bucks, and it's a ton of food. Honestly, it tastes pretty good, at least the chicken does. Want a bit more flavor? Add some of the sauce provided at the tables...honestly, I think the food is simple,tasty, affordable, and one of the healthier things you can eat in IV. If you want higher standards, sure there's the place on Milpas, but you'll pay for it. I shall continue to frequent this place as long as it's around.

Disappointing meal
Reviewer: Eric from Montecito
I have eaten at all the local Pho houses and this is by far the worst. Aside from being a tiny place, the food was not very tasty, the service was incredibly slow despite only two other tables being served and the waitress who made my thai iced tea was visible behind the counter licking her fingers as she prepared it. It was rather gross (despite her being cute) I'll stick with the other two places and leave this one to whatever fate lies in store for it.

I love it
Reviewer: Jennifer from Goleta, CA
First of all, the atmosphere is great. It's really calm, clean, and there's wireless internet. Second, the food is fantastic. I'm totally hooked on the spring rolls and the pho. I go there once or twice a week and have never had a bad experience. :)

Reviewer: sarah from IV
The Noodles for both the Pho and the Vermincelli were over cooked.The service is to attentive to customers however.....but in the end, if the food sux then thats all that matters.

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