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Hollister Brewing Co.
6980 Marketplace Dr, Goleta
Phone: (805) 968-2810

Hollister Brewing Co. writes: Hollister Brewing Company: Named Best Goleta Restaurant and Best Brewery for five years by SantaBarbara.Com reader’s poll. Thank you! An exciting brewpub in Goleta featuring hand-crafted beers made on premises, an innovative, fresh menu with appetizers, salads, pizzas, burgers, fish tacos, paninis, daily specials and more. Full bar, wine list and seven wide-screen HD TV’s to catch up on sports. Sensational HAPPY HOURS Monday – Friday 2-6 p.m.: house beers, wines, cocktails, pizzas, nachos, mussels and wings. MONDAY night is PINT NIGHT: Most house beers $3.50/pt. TUESDAY is BREWER'S CHOICE: select beers $3.00 pint and $12 pitchers All DAY. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner.

  • Happy Hour: Mon-Fri 2-6pm: $3.50 pints/$12 pitchers plus wine and cocktail specials; $2 off all pizzas, $3 off chicken wings and beer braised mussels and Happy Hour only nachos.

Reviews by the General Public

Careless and overpriced
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta, CA
Went to a Birthday party at Hollister ( I avoid this place ). My delicious $14 burger was served with cold non grilled bun and cold fries. Waitress was shocked that I had a problem with this! ?? My friend's pot pie was tasteless wall paper paste, hardly any veg. or chicken. The waitress was rude when problem was mentioned. I guess she figured her tip was a 20% done deal, considering we were a big group, so what did she care if we were unhappy. I will never go to this place again for the terrible service, thoughtless food, loud and expensive.

Frustrated and Hungry
Reviewer: Kiyara from Santa Barbara, CA
After a friend twisted my arm to head to Hollister on our lunch break, I reluctantly agreed. The hostess was very pleasant and sat us immediately. Our server came by and we ordered our drinks and the hummus appetizer. 18 minutes later, we had not received the hummus and our lunch order had not been taken. I got up from our patio table and stood at the hostess stand for quite some time before she saw me and came to ask what I needed. I informed her that my friend and I only had a small time left on our lunch break and that our order had not even been taken. Our server showed up shortly after, took our order (we asked to take it to go) and then she proceeded to tell me that the “hummus was on the way”….WHAT? Seriously??? When it did arrive 5 minutes later, it was absolutely inedible. It looked like bean paste, was so hard the few pieces of tiny pita bread flaked off when “dipped” and the flavor was absolutely non-existent and disgusting. We informed our poor server that the hummus was downright awful, and encouraged her to “try it” so she could understand our disgust…. She sheepishly admitted that there have been many complaints and she will inform the kitchen. Really? This should NOT even be on the menu or served to guests… I just don’t understand. Now, the best part…. Our server was gracious and apologetic and went out of her way to get our food to go. I was disappointed, but figured that I would at least be able to eat my meal in my office. Well- again, I was wrong. I opened the box to find two fish tacos… that “LOOKED” o.k. and a pile of dark, burned fries that were hard. I then tried one of the tacos…. Not only was the fish burned (literally black) there were only about 3-4 huge cubed chunks that were rock hard. I took photos, and wish I could post them. Long story short… We wasted our lunch, had the most incredibly awful food and to top it all off… we are still hungry and out the money we spent on inedible food. Such a shame… we work so close.

Decent lunch
Reviewer: Steve Nelson from Walnut Creek, CA
Arrived in town for son's ultimate frisbee tournament and stayed at nearby Courtyard Marriott. Son and I had pizza; his a pepperoni swimming in grease and my pulled pork was light on BBQ flavor so we were underwhelmed. My wife liked her entree salad and my daughter said her fish tacos were good. Service was pleasant but waitress seemed distracted. Busy at 1:30 arrival but probably had as much to do with beer and patio seating on a Friday...

Great find for 'out of towner'
Reviewer: Deneane from Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Great find. In town for B-Ball game from the I. E. and wanted a good meal. Wings were great, Firehouse Merlot was smooth, steak salad was also good. Fries were so-so. Service was awesome!! Thanks!

Beware, management is horrible!
Reviewer: Marc Cole from Santa Barbara, CA
Went here for happy hour and what started off on a good foot quickly went downhill. Our first round of drinks was good, no complaints but after we received our food our night took a turn. I ordered a sandwich that came with a side of fries, the sandwich was bland and very disappointing. However, it was the fries that made me start second guessing coming here to eat. They were rock hard little stubs that I could barely chew, not wanting to be that "picky" customer I decided to forget about the food and order another drink. My 2 drink was not at all what the description read and after getting the 3rd drink it became apparent that this was the wrong locale to partake in happy hour at. My last and final drink came with a little "friend" that I did not notice until I removed the lemon floating at the top. I let our waitress know of the last infraction and the very least management could do was give me half off on the drink instead taking the whole thing off. I won't be back here again!

Great Lunch!!
Reviewer: Foodie Dan from Santa Barbara, CA
Took my family here at the recomendation of a friend. The fish tacos were very good and my family loved the pizzas.You can tell the dough is fresh and has a light sourdough note to it. The beer was very good and our server Stephanie was wonderful. She checked back on us several times and was very nice.I wouldnt hesitate to eat here again!

Pathetic bartender...
Reviewer: V from Santa Barbara, CA
I made a joke about the bartender's little beer he was drinking as being girly, and he said I was cut off. I thought this was a joke until I ordered my next beer which he said I could not have, obviously because his ego was injured. LAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a

Always a disappointment
Reviewer: Charlotte from Goleta
The Hummus appetizer is terrible! It was hard and cold and was way over spiced with Cumin. Seved with Wonder Bread equivalent to Pita. I have never had such horrid Hummus in my life. We also had the pulled pork, Sorrano chili and onion pizza...the pork tasted old and was not pulled and there was such an insignificant amount of chilis and onion that we had to ask for more. Tasteless and thoughtless! Please get it together....Goleta wants you to thrive!

Burger on a doughy bun, so-so service, but good beer
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara, CA
I had the basic Hollister Burger - the burger patty has good flavor but it's served on a squishy, airy, and sweet hamburger bun which just doesn't have the right texture for a burger. The basic burger is $11 and add several dollars more for carmelized onions, cheese, bacon avocado. Dressing it up will make it around $15 or $16. The bun smashed flat with my first bite or two so it was just mush against the patty. If I got it again I would definitely want a different bread. The server who took our order seemed a little aloof. Fortunately they seem to use teamwork which saved the service from being one star. Good beer, though.

Reviewer: Ali from Santa Barbara, CA
Hollister has pretty much become my go-to place for dinner and drinks after work. That said, there are some things on their menu that I find not-so-great. Pretty much all the new additions under the "Entrees" part of the menu (ribs, pot pie, cioppino etc) are just meh. Where Hollister excels is their pizzas, appetizers, wings, salads, most of their sandwiches and their burgers (oh, and their warm brownie if you save room for dessert). If you're there on the weekend, do yourself a favor and order the pulled pork sandwich. Also the beer is exceptional- I've been to many a microbrewery and realize that this place is a gem. Not only are the beers affordable and delicious, but there's a huge variety so there should be something to please every beer drinker. This place is always busy (expect to wait on a Friday), but the servers are usually on top of things. Oh, and as for Curt below... I don't know why you're saying they "do not live up to their word". They advertise a discounted growler on Saturdays with a $15 purchase starting at 4pm, so, according to their "word", you *shouldn't* be eligible at 3:47pm (otherwise I would totally be showing up at 6:13pm asking for happy hour prices). Also, I don't see what running too low on some beers to fill a growler (which is 4 pints) has to do with their integrity... if anything, I think it has to do with the popularity of their beers!

Lack of integrity
Reviewer: Curt from Santa Barbara, CA
The place advertises a 2L beer bottle with a discounted fill up price on Saturdays afternoons if you spend $15. I went in for a late lunch and spent $19. I was told that the beers I would be interested in were "short," i.e., not available for fill up. Just keep in mind that they do not live up to their word. Also, I was told at 3:47 PM that the 4 PM discount (which I was not aware of) could not apply.

Guess What? NOT Employed Here.
Reviewer: Amanda from Santa Barbara, CA
Hollister Brew Co is fantastic. Aly and Dave and William and others.....I just don't get it. I WILL concede that the service can often be mediocre. But the food?! I guess if you want ranch dressing and Bac-O-Bits on your salad, a burger cooked 'til unrecognizable, and under-cooked fries, you'd be more suited to McDonald's next door. I can only assume that people who rate this food as sub-par are just too used to their favorites. Like my Grandma and her penchant for Cool Whip. There's no accounting for taste. Or lack thereof. Holli Brew Co is my favorite place to go - for the beer, the fries, the burger, the mussels, the hot wings, the jerk-chicken salad, and the STEAK MELT!!

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