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Plow & Angel
900 San Ysidro Ln, Montecito
Phone: (805) 565-1724

Reviews by the General Public

Just oddly expensive.
Reviewer: Allison from Santa Barbara, CA
The food was good but the impression that lasts is how freakishly expensive it was. 2 drinks + 2 appetizers = $106.00 I knew it was pricey going in but seriously? We picked up Mexican food on the way home.

Reviewer: Cmmbmw924 from Santa Barbara, CA
Expensive but worth it. this is our once in awaile splurge on dinner.

Love it!
Reviewer: Alice from Santa Barbara, CA
I had excellent service and the best chicken an truffle mac n cheese. The drinks are over priced but they are very good! My husband told them it was our anniversary over the phone and they made it extra special for us! Even brought us desert and wrote happy anniversary on the plate!

Romantic setting
Reviewer: Cheryl from Santa Barbara, CA
Valet service guys were very nice, even took our picture. Food was great, however the tortilla soup was way over priced $14. Staff kept refilling water and checked on us several times on a Saturday night. They even remade a drink 3 times for the table next to us for their liking, with no complaint. First time visit would go back for special occasions.

Plow and Angel
Reviewer: Tod Walters from Santa Barbara, CA
Love the location and surroundings. Food is way too expensive. Would come here much more often if they lowered the prices.

Not as good as it used to be
Reviewer: Kelly from Santa Barbara, CA
We used to love dining here because we are locals, and would always run into our friends here. SYR was the Pride of Montecito, but not so any longer. The food used to be award winning and exceptional. We have had dinner here twice in the last month. The service at the Stonehouse was very good, and our server made the entire evening worthwhile. Service at P&A, was OK, not great. My biggest dissappointment is with the food. It is not bad, but just not great like it used to be. And the prices have sky rocketed! $160 for the special margarita! You've got to be joking. $17 for a glass of wine. The beet salad is average, as is the mac & cheese (huge portion!). The scallops were exceptional, also the filet mignon, and the sorbet. We entertain friends often at our local restaurants. At this point, I will be spending my $ at Ruth's Chris where I can always count on an entire menu of exceptional food.

At Least the Parking Valets Care about Service
Reviewer: Michael from Santa Barbara, CA
Better Dining Experiences Not Far Away. Locals menu and Sunday evening prime rib; what could be better? Well, for one thing the prime rib and another, the service. Take a small flare pistol or brightly colored balloons to get your waiters attention. The wait staff likes to cluster and chat, forgetting their duties. Okay, slow service...but I want my drink! Slow to take your drink order, slower to deliver. There were 10-customers in the dining room. Order meal, meal comes. Prime rib, mashed potatoes, broccoli rabe and a salty thick sauce reduction. The sauce reduction is thicker than any gravy I have seen at any Thanksgiving dinner. You could mount small painting to stucco with this gravy. What I have seen with prime rib is au jus, a nice thin accompaniment. The prime rib was salty, the gravy was thick and salty. The prime rib was tender, but had flavor at level 2 on a zero to nine scale. Top dollar is what you pay, what you get is better than Carrows I would guess, but what you pay for one here would feed four at Carrows. I have not been here for a year as the last experience with another couple was equally grim for the four of us. I will not be back until I forget about this experience. Jamie West, come back!

LOVE the bartender!!
Reviewer: JS from Santa Barbara, CA
We went for my boyfriend's birthday last month and just loved every part of our experience. The mac and cheese is amazing and the bartender.."chris" i think his name hilarious and so entertaining. I can't wait to go again!

Horrible Experience!
Reviewer: Tara from Santa Barbara, CA
Went to this "lovely & story-book-like" Restaurant for an early Sunday dinner & ended up boxing up the food to go and headed down the hill for a smoothie at Blenders! Why, you ask? First off, the Hostess seemed to be very disinchanted by having to actaully do her job and seat us outside. Secondly, the server did not take our drink order until we "begged" the busser to get him (about 45min. later). After we finally got our drinks, (maybe another 20 min) & found something to order off their very limited (& rather unhealthy) menu, it was not until about 2 hours later, and a lot of "questioning" that our food (which was very unimpressive!) arrived. A smoothie at Blenders was a much better choice!

Reviewer: Bria from Santa Barbara, CA
We just had the pleasure of dining at Plow and Angel for the first time. Even though they were very busy (it was UCSB graduation night) the service was still exceptional. Our server was attentive and we never felt rushed. The mixed drinks were delicious (we liked the blood orange margarita) and the food was great (the tortilla soup and the mac and cheese are a must). The ambiance and atmosphere of the restaurant and the resort were beautiful! We will definitely eat at Plow and Angel again very soon!

Worst service we've ever had. EVER
Reviewer: Todd from La Quinta, CA
Evening started off great. We headed to the bar for a few drinks before dinner. Everyone was friendly and helpful. My wife even picked out a desired table to sit later, and the hostess was more then happy to fulfill the request. Drinks were good at the bar, and the bartender was very nice. We paid our tab, and sat down at the table. That's when the "service" stopped. Our server told us we should order from the more expensive menu from The Stonehouse. When we didn't, he should have just told us that that was the last we would see of him, because it was. No more drinks, no "is everything fine with the food". Nothing. I asked our busser to get the check for us. The manager stopped by, but only offered his business card as an apology for the service, or lack of. It's a shame that such a nice place would employ such a inept sever to handle guests needs.

Heavenly atmosphere
Reviewer: Liza from Montecito
Driving up its gravel driveway lined with olive trees one would expect a gatekeeper at this heavenly retreat - well there is - a live one at that. After being greeted we were let in with a smile and continued on our journey down the driveway to be greeted by the valet. [I don't believe they allow self parking.] We sat outside and experienced a lovely peaceful, heavenly delicious meal. As the sun started to set, the tables were lit by oil lamps and tree lights hidden in Gourds. It was like being in Mother Nature’s garden. The desserts were heavenly, and the price to heaven wasn’t cheap. The $20+ price rating should be more like $40+. We go back as often as we can. Please note, if you want outside seating you need to arrive before 6:30 pm to guarantee you a table, otherwise expect tables opening up again around 8:00 pm. [They don't take reservations for outside.] They now have two menus, one for the Plow and Angel and one for the Stonehouse restaurant – we had the option to choose from either one. [The Stonehouse restaurant is upstairs, a bit closer to heaven but it requires reservations.] If you’re going to plan your last meal on earth at a restaurant, this is it.

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