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Worker Bee Cafe - Carpinteria
973 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 745-1828

Reviews by the General Public

Food just the same as always, new owners much NICER
Reviewer: Ash from Summerland
I had a few really bad experiences here with the old owners and had no idea that the place had changed ownership. As there are very few places to go for breakfast in Carp, I figured I'd try it out and hopefully add another option back into my weekday breakfasts with friends. After vowing never to return after the last time, I was pleasantly surprised. The new owners make all the difference in the atmosphere. Friendliness goes a long way towards making a place seem like somewhere you want to spend money and time. And it definitely had a nicer vibe. The food was about the same, nothing that will win awards, but good pancakes and the fruit was very fresh. The old owners would grate their own potatoes for the hash browns and I'm not sure that's done anymore. But honestly, I'd rather have pre-packaged hash browns than a serious attitude problem the minute you walk in the door or people who don't return your smile and expect you to keep coming back. New owners rock!

Try it, see what you think.
Reviewer: Barb from Porterville. CA
The food was good & the staff nice. We went on a Sunday at noon. It was packed. Seating is too close, the chairs bump into each other. This was our first visit to Carpinteria, the name was catchy & since there were a lot of people thought it'd be good. The bad part was the wait. People who came in after us were given menus before we were, and were served sooner too. We ordered biscuits and gravy and 2 pancakes with 1 egg and 2 slices of bacon. Then we waited. We waited a full hour before our food was delivered to us. Waiting an hour for such a small order is ridiculous. In that time our drinks weren't refilled. There was no mention or apology for the wait, there really should have been. Sorry, but I probably won't go back. The locals seem to like it though.

Nice guys need to work like Bees
Reviewer: Mike from Carpinteria
The old owners were nice people, but the shop was a social engagement as much or more than a business. Service was horrible. I really want to like the new guys, but my experience remains the same. Yesterday, I waited forever for eggs, bacon and toast. The excuse was that their accountant dropped by and the cook would get to the orders when the meeting was over. My accountant knows when not to visit me and if I were a breakfast restaurant, he would drop by in the afternoon. Eventually, the food came and it was good. While I was waiting, the server told all the waiting diners about their pancakes. Like I wrote, I want to like this place. I waited 40 minutes for those two pancakes today. The excuse today was that the previous owners had dropped by and taken the cooks attention. Two days in a row? There were a half dozen tables waiting that 40 minutes... I was not alone. Pancakes were fine, hash browns were dead and I have more to my day than waiting out the service. You can tear the bees off the wall and get rid of the 50's music, but if it takes a "worker bee" an hour to eat pancakes..... ? Please hire a professional cook who concentrates his entire time on cooking. That was Oscars issue and it continues. Schedule meetings after you close, it's that simple. Lets hope this is a learning curve for the boys.

Tasty Fresh Breakfast
Reviewer: DeeDee from Santa Barbara, CA
Went for breakfast on Sunday 7am and met the brand new owners who were cheerful and sweet. My breakfast omelet was made with fresh ingredients, the home fries were great and the biscuit right out of the oven. Great breakfast - I will return - the new owners will most definitely have a new fan club if they keep cooking this way and treating their customers with such kindness.

New NICE owners, good food, get rid of the bees
Reviewer: Kathi from Carpinteria, CA
I have lived in Carp for 12 years and only ate at The Worker Bee twice because the food was greasy and the wife owner was mean and nasty. When I heard there were new owners I was excited. Carp could use more restaurants where the food is consistently good. I had a breakfast special (corned beef hash and homemade biscuit with eggs) and it was very good. The new owner/waiter was friendly and informative. But they need to lose the bees and kitsch. They are only dust collectors and make the place feel claustrophobic. I wanted to throw them away myself. I also hope they make the lunch choices more interesting. Carp needs new blood. Forget the nostalgia for the past. Wow us with something new!

Wonderful People, Excellent Food
Reviewer: Whitney from Phoenix, AZ
My husband & I visit Carpinteria every summer, and every summer we eat at Worker Bee Cafe! Friendly owners, GREAT service, consistantly GREAT food made from the heart!!!

Once Was Enough
Reviewer: Cathy from Carpinteria, CA
I have lived in Carp for 8 years now and never went to Worker Bee Cafe. Went there today for lunch so I could try out a new restaurant. The blonde lady (owner?) has a chip on her shoulder. I overheard her tell a couple eating there that the man she works with is not in a good mood today and the couple chuckled. I was not amused though. If this is her reason (or his reason) to be impolite and condescending, especially when charging $9 for a tunafish sandwich, then they are not playing with reality. Tunafish sandwich is just as good at Cajun Kitchen without the dramatics the owners of Work Bee heaps on whomever they decide is going to be their scapegoat(s) for the day. I first asked if I could have the sandwich on texas toast and would pay extra. She said no -- I insisted she ask the 'chef', and she did --- I heard him answer her with a loud resounding NO. She came back and said "he said no". OKKKKKK....ordered it on regular bread. Tuna sandwich and fries came --- nothing wrong with the food except it was messy -- asked her for more napkins. She said I just gave you an extra napkin. I gave her a look that said: Well, then a 3rd napkin is now what I need. She gave it to me but was non too pleased. As I said earlier in this paragraph. Tried the restaurant 1 time and that's it. I am sure the food is OK generally, but will not return because of the attitude that this woman (and man) bestow upon their paying customers. We are not their 'audience' and never gave them permssion to undertake whatever role they want to act out on a given day. I work too hard for my money. I will not 'buy another ticket' for a 2nd performance.

Love the Worker Bee
Reviewer: Linda from Goleta,Ca
We drive down from Goleta frequently to enjoy this great little cafe. The owners are always welcoming and Oscar likes to come out of the kitchen and check on the customers and visit a little. There is no better place to get perfectly crispy chicken fried steak and homemade biscuits. The Worker Bee has a nice local feel and great food. Don't miss it!!!

It was great
Reviewer: Marna from Toluca Lake, CA
After reading all the reviews ... I wanted to see what it was like for myself. I was pleasantly surprised by the great service & nice owner lady. The chef came out of the kitchen to ask each table if they were enjoying the food (it was so good) & the busboy was right on top of making sure the service was good. I will be returning for breakfast!

Never know what you're gonna get!
Reviewer: Jordan from Carpinteria, CA
The food is okay, not great, but certainly better than most breakfast places in the area. The problem is the erratic service. Depending on the mood of the owner lady, it can be a pleasant breakfast or a nightmare. We recently took friends visiting from SF here and she embarrassed us by barking at our friends when he had the audacity to ask if they could leave something he was allergic to off his order. She thought he was asking for a substitution, a big no-no at this place I have gathered over the years. She really gave him what for and he was startled, but stuck his ground and explained that he had an actual reason for not wanting this item on his plate and that he was happy to pay for the entire order as it was listed, but if she couldn't accommodate his potentially fatal food allergy, he'd happily go elsewhere. She tut-tutted a bit and then grunted her approval and avoided us the rest of our meal. I just have had it with this bad attitude at this place. I'll never be going back again. Listen up, people: in a town this small, you can't afford to be nasty to your paying customers or eventually you'll have none left!

Arrogant and testy is good by default !
Reviewer: Charlie from West LA
I was in the cafe once and will never darknen its doors again. I ordered eggs and bacon for a bkst. and place was not busy on a Saturday at 11AM. It took 30-40 minutes to get served my order. At one point the grey-haired and I learned arrogant guy who is the owner & cook walked by me while he was cooking my eggs in back and said to me - - "I need to step out for a few minutes...I will be right back"...that was 10 minutes later. The 50 to 60-ish blonde wait lady had dirty finger nails and she was testy when I asked her "Is my food coming soon?" Her reply (and the cook had not returned as yet)..."We do all our orders with special attention and service sir..each order is specially handled! Well,I guess so. Meantime she was busy chatting up some young couple sitting 2 stools down from me covered with tattoos and nose and ear hardware, who were loud and making silly jokes. When I finally got my food it was good..but not ever worth going through that awful environment ever again. The WORKER BEE needs to work on its customer relations, service, not to mention moving up the ladder rungs on professional cafe management !

NOT small town friendly
Reviewer: Ocho from Oak View, CA
We have lived in this town all our lives. We never go to this restaurant but thought we would give it a try. The food was good but the service is horrible. I agree with all the bad reviews, they are not stretching the truth at all. I've also worked in a restaurant and I would never treat our customers like that at all, even if they were rude to me. The owners of this place also came into our restaurant in the Ojai area all the time after their stint at the local bar. Not the kind of people I want cooking my food or serving it to me, that's for sure

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