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Giannfranco's Trattoria
666 Linden Ave, Carpinteria
Phone: (805) 684-0720

  • Category: Italian
  • Hours: Wed-Mon Lunch: 11am-3pm, Pastries: 3pm-5pm, Dinner: 5pm-9pm, Tues Closed
  • Price: $10 - $20
  • Serving: Lunch & Dinner
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Reviews by the General Public

Great food.....😉
Reviewer: Joyce/John Martin from Carpinteria CA
We eat here often & food is always great.....good service & family owned....the wines are good & desserts are delicious ~ love the patio area but indoors is good too...go early & savor the entire dining experience ~ PERFECTION 😉

Reviewer: Sophia from Santa Barbara, CA
Ate here on a Sunday night, and the restaurant was almost empty. We had heard glowing reviews of this place from friends but the food really left something to be desired. There are great Italian restaurants nearby - Olio e Limone, Ca'Dario, Via Maestra - but this did not come close. The ravioli was drowned in butter and too sweet, and the penne arabiatta my husband had was very bland and too cheesy. Service was regimented and attentive but this didn't make up for the boring food.

Over rated
Reviewer: George from Santa Barbara, CA
Small portions. Bread for table is mediocre and difficult to get. Oil for bread is not olive oil. Owners seem like prima donnas. Not sure what the attraction is here.

Great place for a date night!!
Reviewer: Jesper from Carpinteria , CA
Amazing food all made from scratch! Don't come if your in a rush, as the food is all made to order and is given lots of care to flavor and presentation! Father and mother run the place and son is the chef! Pasta dishes are amazing as are the panini sandwiches for lunch! We have been here many times and have never been disappointed by the food. If you've been to Italy you know that meals are meant to be enjoyed and not rushed so order a bottle of wine and enjoy your company and a great appetizer and salad before dinner, and you won't be disappointed. We usually save this place for nights out without the kids as they wouldn't really appreciate the quality of it! Don't hesitate to come because of any bad reviews, best quality food in carpinteria.

Giannfranco's Trattoria
Reviewer: Jon from Summerland, CA
I ate here a year ago, and any kind thoughts about this restaurant vanished when I saw the bill. There was a seafood with pasta on the menu and an unpriced special of seafood risotto. The descriptions were identical except for the starch so I ordered the risotto, finding out when the check came that it was $10 more. I have a very bad feeling about this restaurant and would never go back. For these prices I want to leave a restaurant with a smile on my face.

Lovely Patio & Delicious Dinner
Reviewer: Denice from Santa Barbara, CA
We had a lovely evening and dinner at this quaint restaurant. The owners and staff were very hospitable. It appears to be the nicest place to dine in Carp. Our dinner was quite delicious and we would definitely go back again.

Terrible experience
Reviewer: Mark from Santa Barbara, CA
Went with a group, including children. 1.It was a warm night and we were seated inside. Over time, the heat was so unbearable that we were actually sweating. We were told that there was no AC, just two ceiling fans for the whole restaurant. Noticed that there was a portable AC on the bar counter, pointing directly toward an employee (whom we later found out was the owner) and asked that it be faced towards us so that we could cool off a bit and enjoy the meal. Waiter said OK, but the owner refused. Later confronted the owner telling him that it was like being in a "hell hole". His only response was that there was nothing he could do because he needed the portable AC to cool the kitchen (which was about 20 ft away). 2. An empty glass was knocked over by my wife, breaking on the floor. Owner's wife assumed it was one of the children and threw a "hissy fit", clearing the table of the glasses and rudely saying, it's "not the cost of the glass, but the difficulty in sweeping the glass pieces off the floor". Truly a real class act to have the table cleared without our permission and making us feel that we were unwanted patrons. 3. There is minimal walking space in the aisle that leads from the front of the restaurant to the back patio. To access the patio, guests must squeeze between the chairs of our table and the chairs of the bar. The owner's wife/hostess, in an attempt to create more space, without notice, pushed my wife's chair (with my wife seated in it) abruptly, forcing her into the table. Without apology, she just said that they needed to pass by. We are Carpinteria residents but they probably thought that we were just tourists that they would never see again and that they could get away with this unacceptable behavior. We have been there before and the food is quite good but unfortunately their uncaring and less than courteous attitude ruined the meal and the family experience.

Love this place
Reviewer: Ron from Santa Barbara, CA
The wait staff are always friendly. It is our favorite restaurant in the Santa Barbara area....The food is excellent and served perfectly with a smile. they have alot of local wines... my wife and I try to eat there once or twice a month.

I won't be back!
Reviewer: Bess from Santa Barbara, CA
I have dined here several times, but not recently, until this experience on 8/16/14. This dinner was a special treat for my grandson and his girlfriend who were visiting. They are both graduate students at Berkeley. We had a reservation for 8 PM which was the earliest available. When we arrived there was no record of our reservation. Seating was found for us in the rear garden area, but with the attitude that they were doing us a huge favor to find a place for us. While choosing a bottle of wine, our waiter repeatedly attempted to guide us to the the most expensive wines. We first enjoyed three wonderful antipasto selections. When we were still dining on our entree plates, several employees began to dismantle the umbrellas from all of the empty tables, put them in cases and cover the tables with plastic for the night. I found this to be very annoying and a display of extremely thoughtless behavior while we were still eating. I told our waiter how I felt. A few moments later an older woman, apparently the owner, marched up to our table, told us that if this was not done now, the help would be gone and she would have to do it herself. This message was delivered in a very stern and unfriendly manner. She abruptly turned and walked away. Now if this were a hamburger joint, I would have thought nothing of the help "closing shop" around me. But when I pay nearly $190 for a dinner for three people, I expect thoughtful and considerate service. Even though the food was excellent, antipasto through dessert, I will not be returning. I would advise the owners to think about whether it might be worth their while to have one helper stay on a little later.

Wonderful Father's Day lunch
Reviewer: Marna from Toluca Lake
What a wonderful dining experience on Father's Day ... the patio is lovely & we sat at a table by the fountain. The service is great & the food is well ... amazing. The couple who own the restaurant came around to each table & asked how we were enjoying it. Thanked everyone for coming in ... personal attention that made you feel welcome. We will return!

My Absolute Favorite Italian Restaurant
Reviewer: Barbara Liss from Carpinteria, CA
I love to eat here. Sometimes its very busy and the service gets slow, but the ambiance of the place and the warmth of the people, not to mention the fabulous food, make the wait worth it. I've tried many offerings from the menu and lots of daily specials and haven't yet been disappointed. I feel like a member of the family when I show up -- always greeted warmly and with real smiles. Anna will talk wine with me as long as I want and I enjoy bringing out of town guests often. I love the patio in good weather and the dining room when I can't sit outside. I've eaten at the counter, too. Feels like home, only I don't have to do dishes!

Reviewer: Susie from Tustin, CA
I am from out of town and have dined here maybe three or four times. This will be my last visit. When a restaurant charges as much as they do for food, the service should be out of this world. I ordered a caesar salad. ($9!) I expected for the price for this to be the greatest caesar salad I've ever had, but alas, it was iceberg lettuce with croutons and dressing. Really? A nine dollar salad should have anchovies and maybe a few 50 cent pieces to make up for using iceberg lettuce. Then we come to the service. Atrocious. One server for the whole restaurant, running around like a chicken with his head cut off, he was set up to fail, there was no way one person could adequately or satisfactorily serve all the tables. He came back to "check" on us after we had our entreÚs. I asked him for a refill of my iced tea, a water for my mom, and more bread. He acknowledged these requests and then promptly forgot about them as he had to make special coffees for another table. So I went through the majority of my meal without something to drink. And then I can't forget about the bread. The bread is doled out to you a la sugar lump fashion. You are asked if you want one piece of bread or two. Never in my life, have I ever heard of such a thing. They are small pieces of AVERAGE foccacia bread but treated like they are giving you gold bricks or something. I also heard the table next to us ask for bread and they were also ignored or forgotten about. Then I witnessed the table next to us also received the wrong bill. I spoke to the "manager" or whoever he was and he claimed he didn't know how many people to expect today so that was the reason for the poor service. They need to learn how to delegate tasks (ex. have someone go around and do refills) and work as a team. This restaurant needs Gordon Ramsey! I wholeheartedly recommend them to his Kitchen Nightmares show!

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