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Trader Joes - De La Vina
3025 De La Vina St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 563-7383

Reviews by the General Public

Love the TJs on de la Vina
Reviewer: Donna from Santa Barbara
In addition to the friendly staff and great food, the customers are friendly as well. I shop in the morning and there is a group that congregates for coffee! I can't praise Trader Joes enough!

employee and customers too offensive
Reviewer: put off by arrogance from Santa Barbara, CA
Offensive manners and arrogance from a employee on three occasions he used his arms and hands to bother a female customer even after multiple objections and complaint Did not enjoy customers: a family shopping there with aggressive children kicking shelves and bothering my shopping cart messing up the bathroom etc T Joe employees should intervene on behalf of a shoppers to help against unruly and aggressive Some employees have sour faces but some are nice and helpful

So lucky to live nearby
Reviewer: Laura from Santa Barbara, CA
I'm so lucky to live so close to the Trader Joe's on De La Vina -- such kind, helpful, warm people work there and -- (except for the parking lot!) -- I only have praise for that store. It's clean,easy to navigate, well stocked and shopping there is always a pleasure. Great management: congrats!

great place
Reviewer: rhian from Santa Barbara, CA
I love trader joes, great choice , great service. wish we had some in wales , uk

Great Staff
Reviewer: Colleen from Santa Barbara, CA
Love shopping here, feels like home and the friendly faces never fail!

Greatest Business in Santa barbara
Reviewer: Daniel Burkhalter from Santa Barbara, CA
Easily the greatest store in Santa Barbara. The staff is insanely friendly and way fun to talk to when you check out. Their stock is always displayed nicely and the stokers don't get in your way when they work during operating hours. This store has a cheese sample table as well as frozen foods sample stand. I don't see the cheese sampling manned as often at the Milpas location (shopped at Milpas location for 3 years then moved to La Cumbre area and immediately consider it superior). I shop here 85% of the time or more. I have only ever had bad fruit there twice at once because of the season I think. Im fairly certain you can just bring something back if you didnt like it. Just the wrapper I guess. You dont even need the stuff in it still (especially if its messy). I did not go to get my fruit replaced though so not certain. The food has always been great. They had stopped making an everything pizza for awhile but they brought it back recently. Im very happy about that. I shouted and bought two... Also.... When I was like 6 years old I was shopping with my father at this store location (I think) and I stuck my finger in an operating mechanism of a cart while it was moving and as a result I hurt my hand. I was fine really but they felt bad and gave me a pie or something... The parking lot is my only complaint. While it is very easy to get around in the parking lot, the front entrance next to the store ALWAYS has people walking from and to their cars past that area, but its still an entrance and exit. There is very often a truck in one of the lanes and it makes 2 cars impossible to pass at once near the corner of the parking lot. At times it causes severe traffic, and makes me just try to find parking on the street somewhere. After 6pm its easier because the medical facility Trader Joes shares the parking lot with closes for business for the day and the other half area of the parking lot is open to everyone.

The trader Joe's experience
Reviewer: MIKE from Santa Barbara, CA
The Pro's: Check out frozen pizza, for 3.99 its a really good deal- The trader joes beers are also very decent for the price. And they are know for the best two buck chuck wine around. They also have a great frozen section, dig deep, the ones on top often dethaw. Most of the food is decent, some prices are very good- e.g. almond butter if thats your thing- The con's- 1. If its not frozen it probably isn't going to last half as long as the preservative laden super market food- so more shopping trips needed here - CHECK DATES like crazy 2. The parking sucks as most of the lot belongs to the surgical center - go on off hours 3. If you are into name brand food - this isn't the place for you- for the most part traders offers healthy-er-sometimes alternatives- at a cheeper than whole foods price.

This place doesn't get enough praise....
Reviewer: Paul from Santa Barbara, CA
The staff here are really great, they are always smiling and seem genuinely happy to see you. The food is always great, easy to make at home and I like how they have samples in the back so that you can get ideas on what to make. Still need a big supermarket like Ralph's, because they don't carry everything, but I like this market a lot.

Great Food/Service...Limited Parking!
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Only negative to this place is the very limited parking which seems like a theme with Trader Joes, I guess because its so popular, it does keep the crowds down inside for those who find a place! The aisles are surprisingly big here compared to other Trader Joes. The lunch items are great as are the goodies(chocolates/jerky/candy/etc.). Juices are good too. There is a very artful SB mural all around the wall at this place that you should check out too. Too much good food at a Trader Joes!

Reviewer: Marla wilson from Santa Barbara, CA
Staff is always friendly and of is nice and clean

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