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The Arbor
Davidson Library Plaza, UCSB Campus
Phone: (805) 893-4164

Reviews by the General Public

Overpricing , 10/28/2017
Reviewer: Torpedo Sandwich from Santa Barbara, CA
Not sure why the price for all the sandwiches, quinoa, and macaroni went up, the price was perfectly fine before. It's to the point where I'd rather just buy subway because the prices are almost identical, rather, will be identical if it keeps up.

Reviewer: Donny from Santa Barbara, CA
The Arbor is insanely overpriced. I talked to the employees and the said it was a way for the school to make profit due to its location by the library. The students need for food due to their studying, plus its close location means they have the ability to hike up prices. Students are broke and the UC system is trapping them. Terrible.

Great Service, but Profits > Student needs
Reviewer: Matt from Santa Barbara, CA
I love the Arbor for their great service, good vibes, and cute cashiers, but... a busy student, going hungry on campus is brutal because the Arbor is so expensive and often the only open place to get food. Like, really expensive. The profit margins at the Arbor reflect the administration's priorities of Profits over the Students, who often have to go to class or library hungry rather than pay a 100% markup for basic things. Its like you have to be rich to be accommodated here... A bit disappointing, and i'm not even struggling with money. - my $.02

convenient but overpriced
Reviewer: Jim from Santa Barbara, CA
I end up going here because i'm at the library a lot. they have an alright selection of snacks and drinks, but it is insanely overpriced. things are literally twice as expensive as there are in IV. it's like an airport convenience store. i would go there a lot more if it was cheaper.

Overpriced items w/ little to no selection
Reviewer: Maria from Santa Barbara, CA
There needs to be more snacks, in bundles that are affordable for students. The candy selection is poor and never changes, but the price (going up). Also, the lunch should be different each day, because the arbor houses food items that are always the same, who knows how long the food sits on the counter before being sold? There is the usual, three kinds of salads and 3 kinds of wraps, that are not well made. The soup---let's not go there since it NEVER changes. More brands (aka) selection needs to be introduced. There's no incentive in visiting the store these days.

Nice One Stop place for Food
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
The have a Subway inside along with locally made sandwiches and salads. Also they have locally made pastries. Nice layout and wide selection of drinks and snacks also. Next to the library and Woodstocks(get your drinks here).

The Arbor is essential!
Reviewer: Niki from Santa Barbara, CA
Ok, so I have no idea why people are reviewing this, but hey, why not? I love going to the Arbor when I have a break from my classes. They have really yummy kombucha and vegan pastas and stuff. The quinoa salad is really good. Of course, the cashiers are students who could care less about you, but hey, they ARE college students! Anyways, check out the kombucha, seriously!

Quick and Easy
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara
This place is perfect for killing an hour in between classes, snack attacks and a great way to save money. There have been finals weeks for me that I survived solely on food from the Arbor!

amazing! incredible!
Reviewer: greg deangelo from goleta
i love the food here.

Torpedo Nation
Reviewer: Torp Killa from Isla Vista, CA
Hands down, the best meal you can possible have in IV is at The Arbor. For a measly $3.75 you can get one of the most satiating subs in Isla Vista. The Torpedo. This review does not do this sub justice. After one bite you will be hoooked. Grab a nice cold water with it and hit the books!

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