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The 805 Deli
135 E. Carrillo St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 962-5596

  • Category: Deli
  • Hours: Summer: Mon-Fri 6am-6pm, Winter: 6am-5pm
  • Price: < $10
  • Serving: Lunch
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Reviews by the General Public

Morning Coffee? FORGET about it....Horrible service
Reviewer: Marti from Santa Barbara, CA
BRING GINA BACK. She was the best thing about getting a breakfast burrito and coffee at the 805 Deli. Would love to see someone who cares about helping the customer in the morning. They have crammed so much product in the store you can't move. Would like it if the Owner cared about the morning crowd.

We need some dates on these reviews - New owners now
Reviewer: Lucella from Santa Barbara, CA
805 is under new ownership, and without dates on the reviews, there is no way to tell how old the comments are. Let's give them another try.

$ 8.95 for that?
Reviewer: John from Santa Barbara, CA
My partner and I were driving through downtown and the hunger bug caught us. Seeing the 805 Deli for years we thought to give it a shot. Ordered the "Lunch Special 8.95" Tuna melt(comes with potato chips & drink). By far the worst tuna melt we've ever had. Overdone toast & tasteless tuna and small portion. The two stars for service is because the girl that took our order could barely speak or understand English. BTW the whole deli looks like no effort and thought went into it's decor. That I can deal with, the food I could not.

Reviewer: Tory from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered the American Riviera. I find that with Italian-type sandwiches, most people don't put enough vinegar or vinegrette on the sandwich . It was perfect! Great for lunch on the go, or in. My Husband got the egg salad, which you can really easily make quite boring. It was fantastic with a perfect amount of mustard and pepper and perfectly textured eggs. I would definitely eat here again and would reccommend this place! The food is fantastic but I am stingy with my 5 stars

Veggie Sandwich is Amaz...
Reviewer: Tony P from Santa Barbara, CA
Love this sandwich. It is light and perfect for a quick lunch at the desk. The cucumbers, sprouts and mixes of cheese make it prety substantial for me. Wheat roll or wheat bread, it's hit or miss which one is better that day, i prefer it on the roll since it holds it in better. Salad bar is a GREAT deal, and they fill it with great stuff. Highly recommend.

Portions are smaller - prices the same.
Reviewer: Taylor from Santa Barbara, CA
That is it, I have had it with this place. So much that I had to find a place online to review it. Their burritos and breakfast sandwiches are all the sudden half the size they used to be yet the prices are the same. This place really needs to learn the meaning of consistent. I'm done.

excellent catering
Reviewer: Mary Anne from Santa Barbara, CA
I live in Canada and was looking for a caterer for a casual lunch after my son's wedding rehearsal in Santa Barbara. Several members of the wedding party had special requirements -- gluten-free, no sesame, vegetarian -- and The 805 Deli really came through. The food for the make-your-own sandwich lunch was excellent -- fresh and pleantiful. The salads and cookies also were excellent and the price was very reasonable. Anne was a gem -- even brought gluten-free cookies (not in the contract) and showed up at the end with containers for left-overs, which were perfect for the groomsmen on the morning of the wedding day. Thanks, Anne, you were a delight to work with.

Nothing is as it was before...!
Reviewer: Lindsay from Santa Barbara, CA
My co-workers and I constantly bitch at eachother when we come back to the office with something from this deli. It's so expensive, the food is not that great (very generic as a previous person said) but WORST of all it is EXTREMELY inconsistent! One day you get a tri-tip sandwich and the meat is shredded, one day it's day there is no mustard on your sandwich and THE NEXT day it's loaded in mustard so you have to throw it away because you can't STAND mustard and the only reason you ordered it again was because the FIRST time it had NO mustard!! If I were the only person that has experienced this consistency I would think that maybe it was just luck but the entire office laughs about it. OH and to top it off, I always get a veggie plate and TODAY they actually put SHREDDED carrots in there... yes, small little pieces of SHREDDED carrots. What? Was I supposed to stick my entire fingers in the ranch dressing along with the pieces of carrots? Every single time I have ordered the veggie plates there were mini carrots. I checked out the salad bar and they didn't have the shredded carrots. Give me a break! This place is a total joke...

Thank You 805 Deli!
Reviewer: Elsa from Santa Barbara, CA
Thank you 805 Deli! Due to our location and the amount of time we had for lunch, I had to find lunch at a reasonable cost for 60+ participants. 805 Deli came to the rescue. Their sandwiches, salads and cookies were fresh and absolutely delicious! Everything was delivered on schedule and even set up. I didn't have to worry about a thing and participants had nothing but positive comments about the food. Oh...and did I mention that the cost was also the best price in town!

Veggie Sandwich needs help
Reviewer: grace thomas from Santa Barbara, CA
I like the spaciousness of this place. Seating area is comfortable. Veggie sandwich needs to be more interesting; for the price it needs less greens and more of tomatoes, more cheese, less sprouts & cucumbers. Better bread . . .something substantial perhaps squaw bread. Too expensive or I would lunch here weekly. Service is usually good . . .

MOM and POP shops are the best!!!
Reviewer: Theresa from Santa Barbara, CA
First off let me say, the 805 Deli is a real mom and pop shop. The owners are a married couple with children. I love these rare shops with the home cooked soups and desserts!!! They also personalize your sandwich orders and have a huge variety! I'm a vegetarian but I always find something to satisfy my hunger! They have great service and the fellow who works there Gonz, always has a smile and delivers the sandwich to you so if you miss your name being called it's not waiting there like some other rude places have done with me in the past.

Too Expensive
Reviewer: Carrie from Santa Barbara, CA
805 Deli is right down the block from where I work which is the only reason I go there. I think they recently raised prices, the average is 8.50 for a sandwhich that is just average. I'll be taking my business to the new South Coast deli where the sandwhiches are better and a little cheaper.

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