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Blenders in the Grass - Montecito
1046 Coast Village Rd, Montecito
Phone: (805) 969-0611

Reviews by the General Public

Good same as the others ones without the line
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Good of course(its Blenders!), a bit out of the way so your wait will be less here compared to other Blenders, it had to be the quickest I have ever got a Blenders Shake.

YUMMY, not so nice
Reviewer: Rob from Montecito, CA
The smoothies are so refreshing and taste so natural. The staff is a bit too casual and sometimes they are rude. Once when I was getting a green tea smoothie, on of the employees made a discusted face at my smoothie; it was a bit offending. I called the owners and told about my expeirence. Although the employee isn't really kinder or more polite, I still go to get smoothies because they are so amazingly amazing.

The wave of the future!
Reviewer: Woolsworth Featherbottom from Montecito, CA
I must say that I was hesitant to consume one of these new-fangled "smoothies". Despite being 107 years old, I take pride in having all of my original chompers and grinders and have generally avoided liquid food like the plague of 1917. My date, the stunning Miss Abigail Chatterswick (who does not look a day over 75 I might add) was praising the virtues of "smoothies" so I decided I shall taste one for myself. Oh my! I placed an order with the counter girl for a pumpkin "smoothie" and was bombarded with options related to additional accoutraments. I settled on honey, after insisting that I receive it free of cost. Delectable! It was as if a mother hen ate a pumpkin and honey mixture and regurgitated it into my awaiting mouth in all its liquid glory, all the while making the concoction as cold as I was during the ill-fated polar expedition of 1926. Liquid food "smoothies" are the wave of the future!

#1 Blenders
Reviewer: Jason from Carp, CA
This is hands down the best Blenders of them all. The blue banana I almost always get is packed with blueberries everytime I come here, way more so than any of the others. There's so much blueberry I'm often picking seeds and skins out of my teeth for hours afterwards, and I'm not complaining! The flavor is reward for that. The service is as good as any of the others.

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