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Blenders in the Grass - Isla Vista
6560 Pardall Rd, Isla Vista
Phone: (805) 685-1134

Reviews by the General Public

Bad customer service!
Reviewer: Carmen from Santa Barbara, CA
The blonde girl working on the night of October 30, 2016 at 9:00pm was extremely rude. I ordered a green tea, and it tastes like vanilla ice cream! One of my two friends ordered power greens and it tasted like pure pineapple. The other ordered blue banana and she put a scoop of strawberries which blue banana does not contain. This all happened after she threw my friends card on the counter after she paid. She even threw the trash out between orders and didn't wash her hands. When more customers arrived, she rolled her eyes at them and kept looking at the clock. Worst customer service i've ever received in IV. I understand that employees have bad days, but it really sucks receiving negative attitudes.

Great cashier but terrible cleanliness
Reviewer: Brenden from Santa Barbara, CA
Walked in and was greeted with A Big smile. But before speaking to the cashier, I had tingles on my head. To find out it was Nats bothering me, leading to look up at the ceiling. And ohh boy.... they were everywhere. They covered the sealing and walls. All I had to do was look. Worries me knowing they keep the ice cream and sorbet out with no lid ever. All in all, Great service. Terrible cleanliness. Tasty beverage.

Disappointed in your service
Reviewer: Jan from Isla Vista, CA
I've been to Blenders before, and they're always pretty satisfying. I was extremely disappointed in the service, however. I understand that serving a late customer is undesirable, but if the store is still technically open and the register is still on "but about to be turned off" the customer should be served, especially if orders are still being filled. I wasn't only denied service, I was done so in a very demeaning way. The experience left such a bad impression on me that I do not see myself returning in the future. Please train your staff to be respectful.

Good stuff as usual
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
Have not been to a Blenders I don't like. Nice, refreshing as usual. This is an outdoors seating place. I think if you say "for here" they charge you extra so say "to go" if they ask.

First Location
Reviewer: John Dickson from Santa Barbara, CA
Blenders in the Grass opened it's first store at this location in Isla Vista. I like the Chocolate-Peanut butter when I feel like having a carbo-blast.

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