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Baskin Robbins
3611 State St, Santa Barbara
Phone: (805) 682-2296

Reviews by the General Public

Closed EARLY
Reviewer: Chelsea from Santa Barbara, CA
Also have visited this location to find it closed several times far before their closing time. I plan to call the corporate office to complain.

Terrible! Always closes way before 10!
Reviewer: Greg from Santa Barbara, CA
I have now showed up there 8 times in the last two months anytime from 9:35pm-950pm and they where closed already! I wait at door until they finally open it and only once did they turn lights back on and make me a shake but only after I said hmm doesn't look like it's ten pm to me and threaten to tell manager. So stupid. I know of at least 50 people who don't go there anymore because of this. Lots of money they are loosing and apparently from looking at other bad posts which there are many of, I'm suprised the manager hasn't corrected the problem clearly stated many times on every review site. Manager should be fired.

Reviewer: Rex from Santa Barbara, CA
The guy who works during the day is awesome. The ice cream is awesome! The parking lot is the WORST!!! And why don't they have Rocky Road???!!! The guy at the counter told me that, "The owner doesn't want to carry it." uuummm...

Birthday Ice Cream Cake
Reviewer: Lee Blake from Greenbrae, CA 94904
I called this Baskin Robbins 6 days in advance of my daughter's birthday to order a mint chocolate chip ice cream cake. I went over the order at least 3 times with the person on the phone (Leslie). Baskin Robbins then called me the day before I was to pick it up to confirm the order and I gave them my preference again for icing color and what to write on the cake, etc. I again repeated everything at least twice. The next day we went to pick up the cake, the one guy working said the cake was NEVER made (he waved the order in front of our face so we know they had it), the icer was off on Wed. the 16th of March also, but he would sell us a pre-made mint chip cake which was covered in hideous blue icing. We had no choice at that point but to buy this cake. When we cut the cake that night, it wasn't mint chip but a plain vanilla cake with blah vanilla ice cream. Worst service I've ever had from a BR and I had to pay $36 for a cake not close to what I ordered. Whoever owns this franchise should have his license revoked.

Terribly overpriced. Go to Mconnell's
Reviewer: Aaron from Santa Barbara, CA
I ordered a regular (aka medium) sized cherries jubilee and couldn't believe how little I got for my $2.50+tax. Every ice cream place's idea of a "scoop" is a little different, but Baskin Robins' regular size portion is on the small end of the single scoop spectrum. To my surprise the ice cream tasted quite good, but was certainly not worth the price. Had I known how little I was going to get I wouldn't have ordered anything. In the future I'll be going to McConnell's where the single scoop is about twice as large, and tastes better.

Ok Food/Service, Terrible Parking
Reviewer: Glenn from Buellton
My two scoops hot fudge was under $5, did they change prices from last review? Nice kid running things. Big Minus is the parking which is terrible most of the day. Large selection of ice cream type cakes available there. Best Ice Cream for me so far in SB is "Spoon" but this is Ok, esp to reminisce of when this was "the" place for kids.

Go to Coldstones!!!
Reviewer: Jordan from Santa Barbara, CA
I cannot believe how expensive this place is, especially compared to Coldstones. I got 2 scoops of ice cream with hot fudge and it was almost $7.00! The service here is horrible-the lady working was in the back talking & even when she saw me, she told me to hold on & then kept talking. She was extremely rude. In comparison to other ice cream chains, the prices here are ridiculous and the service horrible!!! I would definitely prefer Coldstones or McConnells.

Consistent food AND service
Reviewer: Nicole from Santa Barbara, CA
I've only been here a few times but one of the times was a charity night, 50 cent scoop night. The place was packed with a line out the door! The counter was beyond busy but they maintained a professional and fun atmosphere. Kudos to them for keeping their cool!

Poor Value, Customers Come Last
Reviewer: Amy from Santa Barbara, CA
Several times I have arrived at this store before 10pm, only to find the doors locked. The staff inside just ignores the customers outside, even though it is clearly posted that the store is open until 10pm. I used to like BR peanut butter and chocolate flavor, but after giving it three tries here I give up. The pre-packed container has about 5-6 bites of peanut butter, and the rest is all plain chocolate ice cream that has been whipped with air. If I wanted plain chocolate I would get it for much less money in the supermarket, and it would be just as good if not better. And if I want a cone McConnell's is much better quality. Don't waste your money at Baskin Robbins. And if you still want to, be aware they will probably close before they said they would.

Best Ice Cream
Reviewer: Darcy from Goleta
I love baskin robbins ice cream! they have the most amazing ice cream cakes. they just remodled so its cleaner and more modern look. great place to go for desert after dinner. its the only basking robbins in santa barbara now.

To Mary
Reviewer: Huyen from Santa Barbara, CA
Hi Mary, I think there is a Baskin Robins in the Vons Shopping Center in Montecito..

Awfully unclean
Reviewer: Mary from Santa Barbara, CA
Of course we love 31 Flavors Ice Cream, but this outlet is so dirty it's impossible to ignore. Yck! Sticky and dirty floors, unwashed tables, etc. I keep going back because I love the ice cream, but it really is getting to be too distasteful. If only there were another decent Baskin Robbins in SB other than driving to Carpinteria!

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